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Welcome one and all! What a lovely turnout.

Thank yourself for showing up and for coming here today.

I can’t promise you anything, but I can promise you that you will get exactly what you came here for, whatever that may be.

Some of you know now that one of my passions is the pen – and its power for several things.

Today’s session is going to be looking at how the pen can be used as what I think is the quickest tool of turning a thought, the intangible, or the non-physical, into the physical. It’s takes split seconds and you can tune your own fork – boom! And it goes from nothing into something – you know this, physical something. A statement of your intention. A statement of your desires.

So, today we’re going to be going through a guided visualization. We’re going to be using this glorious quartz crystal singing bowl, which has been tuned to A sharp which connects to the pineal gland, or third eye chakra. For those that don’t know, that is the chakra that connects you to your higher wisdom and to your higher self.

Before I go any further, I just want to take a quick moment here and now, for us all to land in this place. For us to land in this space. Take a big deep breath in through your nose. As you sigh out for through mouth, allow yourself to release anything that doesn’t serve you as you go through this session. Do two more breaths like this: in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Continuing to let go of any stress, any strain, and any pressure that doesn’t serve you as we go through this session. One more in through the nose. Then, really release this last bit of residual tension and anything this does not serve you as you breath out.

Giving thanks now to your higher mind, and to your higher self for guiding you through this session. Giving gratitude in advance for whatever guidance it brings for you today.

Strip yourself of all expectations.

Just know that whatever experience you have today is just precisely, profoundly perfect for you.

In a minute, we’re going to start with this visualization. I encourage you to get comfortable. I encourage you to sit up rather than lie down. If you feel the need to lie down, that’s completely fine, too. But it is nice to be attentive. It’s nice to be present with this.

We’re going to be calling in the power of the elements, essentially, through this crystal bowl. The vibration will affect you on a cellular level. It will take you to a place where you can really connect to your higher self and to your highest wisdom.

Then, setting that seed of gratitude in advance for these wonderful precious gifts that the universe has given to us to be able to be here and now: together, growing, evolving, progressing, learning.

We are the blessed.

And we’re even more blessed because we recognize that, or we wouldn’t be here.

I invite you to get as comfortable as you can be. If it feels good to you, then you can bring one or both hands to your heart. This visualization will be maybe 5-15 minutes. If at any point your hands get tired, or your arms get tired, you don’t have to stay connected to your heart. But at least to start with, it’s nice to come back into that place of presence – into the heart space: the home of your emotional intelligence, the home of your highest intelligence. Take a few deep breaths into the heart space now before we begin.

In this journey we’re going to activate our senses.

The higher mind, the higher self, is going to take you to a future vision of your life.

In that vision, you’re going to be encouraged to really tune into the senses and what you see in this future place: what you feel, what you can hear, what you can touch, what you can taste.

Give yourself the instruction now to really tune into that as it comes to you. Knowing that this might not come to you as a vivid vision. Sometimes it may come as some sort of knowing or a feeling. It might come as shapes, colors, sounds or not at all. And that’s completely fine, too. Just allow this experience to be whatever it will be for you – trusting that it will be perfect for you.

Once again, giving thanks in advance for the perfection of this moment.

In a few minutes you’re going to hear the tones of the bowl. If you haven’t already, then I invite you – if you’re ready to go into this experience – to allow your eyes to softly close, and to keep your eyes closed for the remainder of this journey.

Giving thanks to the intelligence of your higher mind and of your higher self.
Giving thanks to the four elements of life.
Giving thanks to the miracle of your physical body.
Giving thanks to the holy trinity of your mind, body and soul.

Now as you feel your presence in this moment, here in this space – just giving yourself permission now to leave this space. To leave this place.

Giving the instruction to your subconscious mind to take you forward in time. Taking you forward to no particular time, but some place in the future.

It may be just one week from now. May be a month from now. Could be a year from now. It could be 10 years from now. Just trusting your higher mind to take you to whatever future vision you’re supposed to be shown today.

When you’re ready to go there, just allowing yourself to drift off into that place in the future.

As you begin to land in his future vision wherever you are, just beginning to notice what you notice. Beginning to tune into your five senses, now, in this future place.

What kind of things are you seeing?
What kind of feelings are you feeling?
What can you hear in this future place? This future space?
What are you saying to yourself?
What do you hear other people saying to you?
What can you taste? What kinds of flavors are in the air?
What kind of food do you see yourself eating?

Allowing yourself now to activate your olfactory system and noticing what kind of frequencies are around you.

Allowing your higher mind to conjure up all sorts of images, feelings, and sensations in this future place. This future space.

Noticing what’s different: what’s changed. Who you may have become in your journey to this future space. What characteristics or what attributes you may have gained on your journey there.

Noticing the expression on your face.
Noticing the quality and the vibrancy of your energy.
Noticing whatever you notice.

If you feel complete in this place, perhaps taking these last few minutes to give your higher mind the instruction that: if there’s any other place, any other vision, any other space that it would serve you to visit today, to be taken there now.

Then, to take yourself through the same process of tuning into your five senses and noticing what you notice.

Become acutely aware of the people around you, and the energies that surround you.

Allowing yourself to feel the emotions that you feel in this place.
There’s no right. There’s no wrong.

Beginning to give thanks now to your higher mind
To give thanks to the intelligence of this universe that brought you here to this place. To this space.

Making a promise to continue to connect with this power of your mind.

Giving your subconscious mind instruction to recall and to remember anything that’s significant for you to take from this experience.

Giving yourself permission to become present back here in this space, in this moment, in this place. Leave whatever place you were taken to. Know that wherever you went and whatever you felt, that it’s just right for you.

Taking a big deep breath in through your nose. Releasing through your mouth.

When you feel ready to return to this space, just allowing your eyes to softly open, to come back into this place.

I know that each and every one of you there would have gone to different places and different spaces. Some of you might have gotten some visions. Some of you might not have got any visions at all. Maybe you faced some resistance. Maybe you faced some frustration, thinking, “I’m not getting anything.” Know that it was right for you.

Now what we’re going to do is use the pen and paper to start the process of manifestation: turning the intangible, the non-physical, those visions, those thoughts, those feelings, the things that you picked up on, into the physical. Into something that you can look at, reflect upon, and use to set your seed of intention, in a physical way, into the world.

If you didn’t get a vision, if you didn’t go to a particular future place, then in this moment, just make it up! Just make it up. Because as you put pen to paper, something is going to channel through you. It’s the action of putting the pen to paper. So, make it up. It doesn’t matter.

Even if the future vision is something that you don’t really feel connected to. It’s all about writing and letting your higher mind channel through you.

Sometimes our future visions are so far removed from what we expect of our future, or think of our future; that it seems ludicrous to entertain it. But actually, you have to have trust in the process that if you felt anything in particular, if you saw anything in particular, that it’s significant. So, tune into those five senses.

You could do this in loads of ways. You could do this like you’re writing a newspaper article: headline, front paper news! And this is what you saw or felt. You could do it like you’re writing a letter to a friend. You could do it like a journal entry – just recording what you saw.

There’s many different ways that you can record it. You can play around with this. The essence now, is to put pen to paper.

If you feel called to draw instead of writing words, that’s fine as well. But in some way, record your senses: what you picked up on; what you could feel; what you could see; what you could taste; what you could touch; what people were saying to you; what you were saying to yourself as you looked in the mirror; all of these things. Allow yourself to channel. Let go of rights, wrongs, or any judgments.

If you didn’t go to a particular place or a particular space, allow yourself to put pen to paper and start writing anything down. It might be about your plan for tomorrow. It might be about your plan for the next week, or for the next month. You’re all on different individual journeys here.

You could also dream about what you would want to see, what you might want to feel, or where you might want to be.

We’re going to bring that exercise to a close so, make sure you feel complete. Make sure you’ve picked up on everything that you could feel; everything that you saw, heard, tasted and touched. Allow yourself to go back there. Make sure that you’ve picked up on everything and have recorded everything that’s of real significance to you.

Giving yourself permission to finish that last sentence now. Knowing this can be a work in progress. If you didn’t quite get to finish everything, then you can come back to this, and I encourage you to do so.

We’re going to offer you one more exercise before we close.

We’ve gone into a future vision. We’ve seen what we saw. We’ve recorded some of the things that we felt with our five senses. Now we’re going to tap into the vibration of gratitude. More specifically, using gratitude as a tool, like the pen, for manifestation.

In my own personal experience, gratitude is an extremely powerful tool for manifestation. When you give gratitude in advance, or when you put out that statement out to the universe of pure faith, pure trust, and pure belief that whatever came through to you in these visions is yours to create. That you saw those visions because they’re already existing right now in the future. They’re there for you to create.

So when you give thanks in advance, you send out a vibration to the universe that you truly believe, and that you know, without doubt, that the universe will provide whatever you need to be provided with.

Sometimes these visions can be pretty big and it’s like, “Shit, how am I going to get there? That seems like a bit out of reach for me, from where I am now.” Perhaps your finances right now don’t permit that vision. All sorts of things can get in the way. But this next exercise is about just having faith that you don’t need to know how you’re going to get there. What we need to know is why: why you want to make that vision real. Why is it important to you?

So, I encourage you now to connect to whatever you feel most comfortable referring to as: the infinite intelligence that you know as life. I call it “God” quite a lot. I’m not religious in any way, but “God” is a powerful word for me. You might like to call it “Shirley,” I don’t know. Perhaps you want to just call it “The Universe.”

We’re going to spend this next 10 minutes giving a sincere letter of gratitude. Consider what you would be thankful for in these future visions.

Are you thankful for the way that you feel? Are you thankful for the support and the love around you? Are you thankful for everything that had to happen for you to get to that future vision? Knowing that you will be provided exactly what you need, precisely when you need it?

Tune into what you would be truly be grateful for in these future visions. And write a letter now to the universe, to God, whatever you want to call it, and say thank you. Express your gratitude in whatever way feels right to you. We’re going to have around just about eight minutes to do that.

Making sure you’re really recorded everything is so goddamn grateful for. Maybe it’s the way that you’re feeling. Maybe it’s something you’ve achieved. Maybe it’s the people that you’ve called into your life: might be love, might be career.

Making sure that you complete these last few minutes knowing that this can be a work in progress: this letter to the universe. If you don’t feel like you’ve had enough time to be fully complete in these next two minutes, making a promise to come back to this and to finish it.

There we go is 15:55, three fives you know what that means! It’s time to feel alive. Time to come back here into this space to finish this.

Thank you, all of you so much. It’s one of my greatest joys to bring people into spaces like this, and to watch people put pen to paper. It’s magical for me and it wouldn’t happen without you guys here – it would just be me here, by myself. So, thank you very much for co-creating this experience with me. I really appreciate it.

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