Writing For Abundance: How To Manifest By Putting Pen To Paper


The pen can be a powerful tool for many things – from letting go of the past to designing new futures. Today, we look at how the pen can be used to bring more wealth and abundance into your life in 5 different way:

Write down limiting beliefs

A good place to start is by identifying what your current beliefs are around money. Try writing down some of the following beliefs – and as you do tune into how each one makes you feel.

I don’t deserve to be rich
I can’t get rich following my passion
More money means more stress
Money is the root of all evil
There’s never enough Money
I can’t live a spiritual life if I am rich
Money doesn’t grow on trees
Rich people have done bad things to get rich
The world would be a better place without money

Once written down, go back through each belief and give yourself a honest score.

Write a number from 1 – 10 next to each belief: 1 meaning that you do not resonate with the belief and 10 meaning you resonate with it strongly.

You can then take each of your high scoring beliefs and use your pen to answer the following questions:

Where did this limiting belief come from?
How has this belief been limiting you?
What would you rather believe?

You can then take a new page and write down your new empowering affirmations around money – this can be stuck on your wall, pinned to a fridge magnet or set as the screen-saver or background on your computer or your phone.

Draw a Mandala

Draw a large circle in the centre of a page, and in that circle depict your future visions and dreams as if they had already come true – what would your life look like with unlimited wealth and abundance being attracted to you? Whatever you see and feel – draw it within the circle whilst focusing your intention into each line.

These 5 methods can be used by anyone – at any time – to identify and begin to reprogram limiting beliefs around money.

Negative beliefs about money have been ingrained to each of us since we were a very young age. Because our beliefs create our reality – it’s really important to examine our beliefs around money and reprogram them so that we can live a life of true lasting abundance and prosperity.

These negative beliefs have been passed onto us by our parents, by our societies, by our banking system, by the mainstream media and by various other means. There isn’t a single human on Earth who won’t have experienced some sort of negative situation relating to money at some point.

Overtime the experiences created by the beliefs we are programmed with, lead us to having a difficult time with money – which further cements the negative beliefs and associations into our subconscious mind.

Money is simply an energy that was created in this world to allow us to make exchanges on a national and global level. It is a tool that – in the right hands – can be used to do a lot of good things.

So take a step today and pick up your pen to begin allowing the unlimited wealth and abundance flow of the Universe into your life, more and more and more, each and every day.

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