The Garden of Eden: A Founder’s Vision for Costa Rica

As I am boarding this plane, I am sandwiched between the past and the future. On one hand, I remember what has always been known to me: traveling freely, at my whim, anywhere, anytime. I book a ticket, get in a taxi, I get to the airport, check my bag, wait in line and board a plane. Easy. 

But something is off. Reality sinks in. Masks. Fear. Lockdowns. Unemployment. Economic Collapse. Doubt. Disconnection. Waves. Second waves. Chaos. I realize that the unknown is sinking in quickly, and with it is the future of travel. Where is this world going?

As I contemplate this and wait for the plane to take off, I drift away into dreams of a child. The dream of the Garden of Eden. 

The Garden of Eden was one of the first stories I was told in pre-school. It spoke of a beautiful young couple in an abundance jungle filled with luscious trees and fruits. Animals roamed freely. The air was crisp and clear, there were fresh waterfalls everywhere. The story spoke of an ecosystem in complete symbiosis, an earth that resonated in homeostasis. Adam and Eve, the protagonists of the story, fully in love and in connection to the earth. 

Until one day, the snake of temptation came to Eve with a beautiful luscious red apple. She could not resist temptation and foolishly bit into the juicy apple. Because of this decision, Adam and Eve were drastically expelled out of the garden of Eden and were sent down to earth to live as mortal in scarcity. 

I never really liked the end of the story. Who was this snake? Why was Eve the one who was weak in front of temptation? Was there not a possibility that this heaven could be found on earth? With years under my belt of traveling the world, it dawned on me later on in life that the Garden of Eden does indeed exist here and it is everywhere. It exists first in the way we perceive our world: are we in abundance? Or are we in scarcity? For me,  it exists deep in nature. 

Nature holds a deep intelligence. We can see the way the elements interact, in the way the animals cooperate, in the way everything is a symphony with each other. Nature holds the secret to ancient wisdom. And in Costa Rica, the jungle is WILD, PROTECTED and ALIVE. 

With C19 on a nightmare repeat, the ball is in our court. Do we stay to be told what will happen in our future? Or do we make a move? One thing is for sure, and that is that we are not going back to the way things once were. This 5G, the masks, the isolation- it’s dangerous and inhumane. 

We have an opportunity to recreate the Garden of Eden as a community and that is exactly what we are doing in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica has become a permaculture and conscious community Mecca of the world. With 20+ astounding community projects which centre around permaculture, regenerative farming, plant medicine, environment conservation: I am manifesting for our garden of eden to be established right at the heart centre of Costa Rica.

We are going into the Green Residency as residents ourselves. Open-eyed, curious and with open ears. We are taking part in conversations over how to build the future of the ultimate regenerative community. We have created an epic container for thought leaders who are ready to make actual change with actual actions, to share space, ideas and come together to unite forces to design the world of our choosing. Guest teachers from all walks of life and with massive experience under their belt, will show us the way. 

With the knowledge in hand, and ideas that will be generated, we aim to purchase a large piece of land in Costa Rica with a group of investors that have a like-minded vision for a community health oasis. There, we can sit on the land or decide what to do with it. The future there will allow us to explore connection to nature, radical health and altering states of consciousness. This will be open to those who are willing to invest financially or energetically. With what we will have learned in the Green Residency, we will have a place to call home in Punta Mona AND deep on the mountains in the Jungle of the Children. A home for the children of the future.

Costa Rica is safe to travel to. As of a few days ago, you don’t even need a C19 test to get in. If you have the financial capital and are ready to cocoon yourself in one of the most powerful incubators that is happening in our day and age. I hope you apply. For those already coming, I can’t wait to shape the future with you. 

It’s time for a permanent location for Momentom and for other creative communities that want to make a shift. It’s time to become sustainable, autonomous and free of the matrix. I knew this day would come, but seeing the present unveil itself into what I had imagined would take place much later in life, I realize, this is exactly my mission for the next component of my life: to build the garden of eden. For myself, for you, for my kids, for my family and for my community.

At Momentom, we’ve loved using fantasy to ignite the imagination far beyond what we can conceive with the intellectual mind. In residency and in festivals, we use folklore, dance, song, movement, clowning to learn how to express what words can’t express. We learn that everything is a story, whether movement or word, what we are living is but the physical embodiment of the stories our minds tell us about ourselves. Are you ready to write the new story with us? 


May all beings be happy, 


Gabrielle is a co-founder of Momentom Collective and the visionary force behind the Green Residency in Punta Mona and the oasis project at the Jungle of the Children in Costa Rica. To know more about her vision or to take part in the process, book your residency here https://www.momentomcollective.com/residencies/costa-rica/ Or get in touch directly at [email protected] 

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