WHY TELOS? MMTM NFT Launch by Cripto Willy


We are Building NFTs on the Telos Blockchain,

Because the universe says so. 

Momentom Collective is jumping into the web3 space by creating their own NFTs with the only goal of empowering artists in all possible dimensions. From our physical residences to the digital space, whatever it takes to onboard artists into new possibilities of monetizing their art and create value structures that are fairer, include everyone’s voice, and give back to the community, the art, and the earth. MMTM NFTs hold Momentom’s values at their best, while providing the chance to educate our community in the web3 space, incentive art, spirit awakening, and get us all closer to The Earth.

To do so we leverage Blockchain technology, and some important decisions had to be taken to start with: Which is the Blockchain that will serve as infrastructure for our NFTs?

Today we are going to review some of the reasons that brought us to choose Telos as the Blockchain to mint (create) our NFTs on, rather than Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, or other industry standards. One has to realize that building on a more common Blockchain may provide easier traction and gather more audience straight away. Also, it may make it easier for people to get involved because a greater percentage of the population already has Ethereum or other high market cap cryptocurrency.

Then why take another route? Because we are here to stand for our values. We think that projects must be wholesome from the ground up, and we constantly welcome radical reflection in all our decisions. It’s a fact: Telos is the Blockchain that we found is more aligned with our goals and values. The ongoing projects that are built on this Blockchain resonate more with us and our mission. We believe in building from excitement, and the flavor of a better world is tattoed in many Telos-related projects (Hypha, Seeds, The Universe, etc.).

We believe in technology, but not in following trends blindness.


We are here for the magic, to create a better and fairer world.

Let’s see some concrete reasons that make Telos our cool winner, but first hear about our building manifesto:

Building in a space like Blockchain should mean standing for the values of decentralization, safety from the manipulation of a chosen empowered, fairness, ecology, and inclusion. We want to work towards giving a voice to everyone, to stay as greener and respectful to the earth as possible, and we believe in creating teams and partnerships based on harmony and resonance. 

We don’t want to bypass some considerations. It is not in our intention:

  • To ignore or try to sidestep web3’s inherent energy consumption problem, 
  • To increase financial risks for at-risk population, who may have high entry barriers with issues such as high fee costs.

We do want to:

  • Leverage current social impact frameworks and networks that have been designed by new-earth thinkers, activists, and change-makers with lived experience and awareness of the harms that unconscious technology may provoke. 
  • We are here to advocate for real transparency, using technologies that stand for clear and fair human interaction, using tools for better community governance in the world of DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) and DHO (Decentralised Human Organization).
  • Invest in new-earth creation experimentation, through collaborating with technology partners that actively envision and build tools for better human understanding and evolution


So Telos wins because:

  • It is a Layer 1 Blockchain able to provide infrastructure for Decentralisation and fair distribution of value and digital assets (including NFTs).
  • It is boldly greener than other technologies, based on dPos (Decentralised Proof of Stake), not PoW (Proof-of-Work), achieving energy consumption in the scale of 100.000 times lower than Ethereum
  • It is built on top of some of the most used technologies such as EOSIO and EVM, making it compatible with industry-standard and welcoming applications from other platforms to migrate in.
  • Their efforts lay on pushing their limits further, being faster, cheaper, greener, and overall more scalable than other options.
  • It is technically fairer than the competition (No front-running)
  • It is built focusing on community governance, social problem solving, and human organization
  • There are multiple projects built on it that are aligned with how we see the world (Seeds, Hypha, The Universe,…)

Overall, we think that it is not only about being easy and obvious, it is about being true to ourselves. Blockchain is a technology that wants to be shown, not hidden, and we believe that the process to onboard on Telos will only be beneficial for the education of our community, and its integrity. 


We are not here for the short term, we are here for the love term.

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