Top 10 Moments of Green Residency December 2022


Gracias Familia. Gracias.

We just finished our 5th Green residency with Momentom Collective this month.

Green Residency at Macaw Lodge was fuelled by an intention to create a multi-generational experience that allowed for all participants to unveil and fine tune their perspective through the eyes of Gaia and deepening our relationship with her.

Nestled within Macaw Lodge, our hidden oasis, we dived deep into our signature offerings, namely Sacred Geometry, Highline, Permaculture, Herbalism, Dance and Yoga. 

30 humans from all calibres and corners of the world, came together and arrived as strangers and slowly and surely, we connected as friends and seekers on the same path.

The residency was a deep, transformational and spiritual experience. As we opened the portal on the first day, we all felt the magnitude of insights that would arise and shift our lives forever. These insights flooded through, insights about who we are, our sacred WHY’s, and insights around what is important for the next steps in our lives. 

Here are our top 10 moments of Green Residency December 2022:

1. Sleeping next to the fire.

A cultural offering at Green Residency is a fire we keep burning for 14 days. We learn the language of fire, we clarify our thoughts and psyche by coming and tending the fire. Most residents spent at least one night sleeping next to the fire.

2. Septolocation.

During one of the many permaculture classes with Sycamore, we dove into the intelligence of water. Sycamore explained that water can septolocate, meaning that we can be in 7 different places at once. Later on, in Sacred Geometry, when Fernando taught us the language of flowers, and we drew the flower of life, we understood that all centres are interconnected, and that the centre of the flower of life is one circle with 6 subsequent flowers around it. We understood Septolocation and that we are also beings made of water who can be in multiple places at once.


3. Blindfolded Mushroom ceremony.

Blindfolded, and guided through a sacred ceremony of magic mushrooms while Beyond Dance DJ-ed, we were transported through the realms of Gabo’s mycelium world. 2 hours in the deep bamboo shala, we connected to the essence of the fungi and the messages it delivered to our heart.


4. The Venezuelan Drum Princess Arises.

During Opening Ceremony, Juliana, one of our residents and scholar artist, took the sacred space to another level, by bringing out an ancient African drum and singing to the fire and to the earth.


5. Nairobi and the precious RioAgua.

As part of our intention was to be multigenerational, two of the little ones accompanied our journey. Bringing in chaos and cuddles, we were reflected, our patience was tested, but we understood the importance of staying in our child state, our playful state, and not take things too seriously.


6. Troy falling off the stage.

Imagine this: a passionately untalented cabaret show. The show is ON. The singers are on stage. And all of a sudden WHAM!!! We turn around to find Troy’s feet in the air. He had fallen off the stage. The only thing that was missing was his signature MEOW.


7. Building the Temazcal.

As a community, we built a Temazcal under the guidance of our in house medicine man. We understood the personality of bamboo, cut and strung the Inipi in which 30 of us sat in: One of the hottest and profound experiences that cleanses are attachment, our judgement and our impurities as a communities.


8. The Food. The Food. The Food.

Every night a feast of delicious food baked, cooked and whipped up by Frankie and JP and the local staff. Greeted by the smiles of the team, we could feel the love in our bellies.


9. Highlining over a waterfall.

We train the mind, we purify the chaos of the mind by walking the line over the magnificent waterfall. A unique experiences only offered by the green residency, we were hosted by the recluded beautiful Sacha to teach us how to walk the line.


10. Miguel Fire show.

Pyrodanza’s one and only fire wizard/ monk, residents were enthralled and exhilarated by one of the world’s top fire performers in an untalented cabaret show. The residents then were invited to join a flow jam taught by Miguel the next day where the inner dragons came right out.


The Green Residency was born as a collaborative idea between Puntamona and MC when we realised that consciousness was shifting en masse.

We are all wanting to participate in a future we believe in and to do that we need the right tools.

Growing our own food, getting our hands dirty, taking radical responsibility- all of this is necessary for our growth, and our allyship with the earth.

Thank you for another beautiful experience and keep in touch for the next one.

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