It was our first Digital Nomad Residency – a Momentom experience more focused on business, brand building, vibrational frequency and other big ideas in our creative community container. This list is not about the regular experience, however, it’s about those golden moments between the lines – the unexpected magic. The experiences that are often more impactful (and accompanied with a belly laugh) than what’s written on the schedule. What an amazing season, and looking forward to the next!

1. Dr Diego vs Misty Moss.

What do you get when you cross a Boudoir Photographer / Professional Stripper with a Cirque du Soleil Artist / Mexican Shaman who prides himself in being the best lap dancer in Central America?  One helluva lapdance showdown! Not only did Misty Moss host one of the most powerful workshops on sensual vulnerability of the season, but it was followed by the most fierce and hilarious lap dance show down with Diego Chiko-MandalAmor! Part Deux next season??

2. Sunset ecstatic dances w Mose & Tamara Montenegro.

Imagine the setting: A private beach. Sunset glistening your skin. Sandy Feet. A building soundscape from your favourite music producers resonating throughout your body. Two of our guest teachers, Mose and Tamara Montenegro – some of the world’s biggest inspirations in the music production and sound alchemy world – providing a powerful energetic container for movement and expression. Free flowing in this state is nothing short of magic. Even with teaching workshops from sound production to ‘lessons in the music business’ and creative mastery to hermetic alchemy, these guys rock the boat on nailing energetic vibrations in any setting!

3. The impromptu pillow fight with Tony Tobias.

Have you ever walked across a jungle suspension bridge to head to community dinner, and suddenly ambushed by a Guatemalan ninja videographer and parkour expert? Have you ever been randomly thrown a pillow for an impromptu pillow fight duel without expecting it? No, neither had we. Hence, the extreme terror that was felt before almost peeing on the ground in laughter. Thank you Tony Tobias for your sporadic flash mob of childhood fun! It was definitely a gratitude circle of giggles that preempted dinner that night.

4. Experiencing some of the world’s best bioluminescence.

Living in a private beach bay has its obvious perks, especially during new moon. Not many people get to experience the mind-blowing magic of swimming with the ocean’s little microorganisms that light up the night – especially as powerfully they had come out in early April with so little light pollution. Like swimming in a sea of underwater aurora borealis and painting white and green brushstrokes with your hand across a watery canvass…all of the locals and world travelers in residence agreed, it was the brightest bioluminescence anyone has yet to experience.

5. Sacred Clown X Yogic Chakras X Paclow.

Montreal’s Paclow was originally brought in to help the Momentom team at our Circus Theme Camp at Envision Festival master the craft of Artist Roving. It became clear we needed his quirky and magical sprinkles of pixie clown dust at our Digital Nomad Residency to further separate our co work space from the norm. Along with his unique take on marketing and branding, his weekly sacred clown workshops were powerful for people to tap into their true, authentic self. Particularly his workshop merging the sacred clown while coaching people through the emotional elements of the chakra system…it was nothing short of brilliant.

6. Sunset Turtle Release.

Living so close to nature – as we had been in Aqua’s jungle treehouses overlooking the beach – creates a special connection and appreciation to the natural world. To witness a giant olive ridley turtle lay a nest of eggs on our beach, out of season, and facilitate the sunset release as her little miracles set off to take on the ocean was a powerful moment for everyone in residence.

7. Kawahe’s nightly dinner descriptions.

Momentom has become known for our daily gratitude circle to bless our food and day by sharing a word of thanks together. However, a new tradition might have been created when our food and fire alchemist from El Salvador, Kawahe, begun to artistically describe the nightly buffet spread like a master storyteller. From his Mayan Calender of vegetables, Gluten Galaxy of Pasta, guacamole volcano or the ongoing romantic affair of rice and beans (are they together or separate?)

8. The Full Moon primal beach impromptu sensual shakedown. 

Here’s the scene: post sunset cacao ceremony on the beach and now well into the moonlit night. Tamara Montenegro’s 3 hour set is peaking from its slow and tribal build up. Next to the giant bonfire in the wet sand, everyone suddenly gets on all fours and begins to be as sensual and sandy as they can get. Primal jungle energy permeates these flowing carnal bodies. Like lustful leopards pawing at each other and ready to pounce. Once the bass drops, everyone is back on their feet in full swing and full laugh. You just can’t plan for that.

9. Social Circus at local Nicaraguan school project CREA.

As a continuation of Momentom’s Social Circus initiative across Central America, this was a highlight for both residents and staff alike. It was Momentom’s first time at CREA in rural Popoyo – an amazing project that provides textbooks and classes from elementary to high school students. From clowning to singing and acro yoga to face painting, there is no better way to connect with the local community then through sharing laughs and new ways to appreciate art, music and movement. ​

10. Johnny’s freestyle announcement rap with Neisha interpretive dance.

Waterfaaaaaaaalls! Ok, anyone who’s attended a Momentom Residency is well attuned to our morning announcement routine to cover the day’s workshops, community updates and other shout outs. But when the announcement call happened right when Neisha picked ‘Interpretive Dance’ from Chris Taylor’s Cards of Connection at the breakfast table, Momentom co founder John Early was quick to jump in with a freestyle announcement rap with Neisha coinciding with interpretive dance. If only all daily news was delivered in freestyle rap and movement!


11. The local racoon Oreo addiction.

Living in the jungle always has its interesting interactions with the local animals. From the forest frequency of the cicadas’ vibration, the beautiful call of the uracca birds, to the morning howler monkey growls – the jungle here is very much alive. But the ongoing story of Oreo theft in the rooms by the local raccoons made for quite the laugh over breakfast when John or Diego would walk in to shout ‘They got another pack of my Oreo’s those masked bandits!’

12. Accidental chocolate experience.

What happens when your Guest Teacher accidentally eats someone else’s personal stash of mushroom chocolates before morning yoga? Well, results may vary… and like said Guest Teacher, it just might change your life for the better with powerful downloads and intensified connection from Mother Nature herself. Looking back it feels like fate called someone to that freezer!

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