The Recording of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ In Momentom Collective Residency – By ATMA


In residency at Momentom Collective, we set the stage for you to become the lead character in your dream life. By creating a space for community to thrive, connect, and collaborate, the creative potential is limitless. Below is the testimony of Atma, who joined Sound Residency in March 2022, and was able to create and share with the world, the most beautiful gift- her fully expressed self.

“During March 2022 ‘Music Production and Sound Healing’ Artist Residency, there was the possibility to book some time in the local home studio for private sessions with the producers present.

I wanted to record some of my songs with J.Pool and Mose, and Om Namah Shivaya came up naturally as James, a dear friend in the residency asked me if I could record a Shiva song for his Shiva avatar on, a virtual space to connect a global community of modern yogis – offering events, content, and NFT collectibles to thrive spiritually and engage socially.

I started to work with J.Pool. He opened the session in a very ceremonial way, we prayed that the song be made with the most beautiful intentions, being present, that it may touch people’s hearts. The place became empty of its noise, my heart was full.

The tone was set!

We then set up to record the guitar and as I was having a hard time to play it with the metronome, Joe played it for me.

I then laid my voice on it and the session was over.

When I asked Mose for some time with him in the studio, I was thinking of working on another song but for technical reasons, we kept going with Om Namah Shivaya. 

Mose also started the session with similar intentions, calling upon blessings to raise love and consciousness, and touch those who would listen to it. He then started to insert his iconic drums and bass, my heart was exploding with joy. The sounds I was dancing and singing on for years were now being played on my song! I couldn’t believe it. I asked him to pinch me and tracked my day since I had woken up to make sure I was not in a dream.

The 2 hour session was over and it was a great start, but also frustrating because I knew we could add much more.

We went to look at the studio planning to book another 2 hours session. Unfortunately, it was almost fully booked by other residents and MOSE was not available on the remaining free slots.

I was looking at the page with much disappointment when our luck appeared in the form of John Early, one of the Momentom co-founders/ multi-talented artist, who happened to have a slot booked in the afternoon, and generously offered it to us.

We spent those next 2 hours choosing different sounds and vibes for the song. MOSE offered me to play some shakers, and some instruments on the keyboard of the melodies I was having in mind, like the duduk at the end of the song, I sang new harmonies, and at the end of this session, we had a song!

Later on, J.Pool played a beautiful flute and sang some background vocals that add such a nice depth.  It was a total collaboration.

A few days later, in a talent show for all the residents, MOSE and I played/sang the song and we got great feedback. 

At the end, MOSE told me that it was a nice confirmation about the feeling he had about the song and that he would be happy to spend some time producing it soon, when he’d be back home in Guatemala.

I don’t remember if I laughed or cried. 

As a matter of fact, I don’t count the number of times I’ve cried, living and remembering this fairytale. As I’m writing, my heart is humming and my eyes are wet again.

Few weeks later, he announced to me that he was happy with the result and offered to add his name next to mine on the track to get the exposure I wouldn’t have on my own.

Oh God… tears and tears…

I joined him the following month in Guatemala to finish the mixing with him and we released the single in July.

Working with Mose is literally a dream come true. 

I was listening to his remixes for years. 

Chris, a friend of mine on Maui / Hawaii, had sent me 4 years before a link of his remix of Naturaleza from Danit. Chris liked my voice and had told me I should collaborate with Mose, who he had met in a residency (I didn’t know by then that it was also a Momentom Collective one).

I could have tried to contact him at that time but somehow didn’t feel ready.

But this year, without looking for him, Mose came into my life.

In February this year, I went to an ecstatic dance at Ikal in Tulum/Mexico, that J.Pool was offering. He was super fresh, light, high vibe and embarked us on a great journey with playfulness and dope music. 

At the end of the dance, I went to thank him and started to follow him on Instagram. 

The day after, he was posting on an IG story the flyer of the next Sound Residency at Momentom Collective in Nicaragua. In the lineup was his name, other beautiful artists and producers, like NAOBA, Margaux and Matute…, and Mose.

I stopped. 

Meeting Mose was not a remote possibility anymore, an idea… it was getting real.

I literally felt my life could change at that moment.

When I got the welcoming email from Momentom Collective, I received it with an explosion of joy. 

I was finally feeling ready and willing to dare going for my passion. As far as I can remember, I was always singing. I had recorded and sang here and there but was almost never going all the way. Somehow anxiety, projections were keeping me out of the game, and I’d very often back-off projects before they materialized.

I’m so grateful to have finally found the courage to listen to one of my deepest wishes, so grateful for the well-named Momentom Collective, which is indeed a great launching pad for artists who need the momentum and power of the collective to thrive. I got the confirmation that it’s together that we can take-off, that we can step out of our fears so that we can share our inner world with the outer world.

At the time I’m writing these words, the song has reached more than 50K views on YouTube and almost 100K on Spotify in 4 months. This wouldn’t have been possible on my own, that’s for sure! 😉 

I’m overflowing with gratitude for Mose, his pure heart and humility, his service to the world. Seeing him flowing so effortlessly and just being has had a great impact on me.

J.Pool’s authenticity, talent, depth, dedication and passion have also touched me in many ways.

I have met brothers. And a whole family at Momentom Collective.

I’m so glad I’ve listened to my heartbeats, dared to go all the way, and made such beautiful connections.

Next chapter is gonna be in November for another Sound Residency with Momentom, this time about Vocal Activation and Sound Healing with Porangui, NAOBA (with whom I’m currently working on a track), Margaux and Matute. I’m going without expectations, but I’m excited to see what kind of magic is going to be woven this time.

I feel so blessed. I hope this testimony will give the courage to those who feel blocked in some way, to go for their dreams, as whenever I have tried, the red carpet of life has been rolled out in front of me.”

—- ATMA 

In this reality that we create together- NOTHING is impossible, because we are all guided by a conspiracy of miracles.

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