The Profound Awakening: The biggest astrological event of our lifetime by Therese Lowton


Artwork by Momentom in-house designer, @aephiclesjourney

The Profound Awakening: The biggest astrological event of our lifetime

21st December 2020: Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction
10:21 PST at Zero Degrees of Aquarius

Words by Therese Lowton


This Solstice, December 21st 2020, there will be an extremely rare happening in cosmology that may be the largest cosmic event that occurs in our lifetime. The great benefit, Jupiter and the great malefic, Saturn will align, or conjunct at zero degrees of Aquarius. The conjunction of these two planets is a HUGE cosmic event. It also marks the movement of Saturn from Capricorn, where it has been for the last three years, into Aquarius where it will remain until March 2023.

All of this happens just days after the total Solar Eclipse on December 14th, which opened a portal to a brand new beginning and a stream of high frequency energies to Earth. The Great Conjunction aids to amplify this portal energy. Many consider this also to be the dawn of a prophesied New Earth.


How will the Great Conjunction affect us?

Jupiter passes Saturn every twenty years or so, but at this time they will achieve their closest alignment since 1623, and is known as the Great Conjunction. The energies of these two planets will have a moment to calibrate and blend together. It represents a changing of era, and a time where we shift our way of viewing the world. This has a significant impact on society as we revaluate and realign the ways in which we approach things. While this happens every couple of decades, the 2020 alignment opens the door to an even bigger cycle.

For the last 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn have been aligning in Earth signs, but this year they will align in the air sign of Aquarius. This shift represents a huge realignment in our world view and the era we are about to embark upon. 

Saturn represents restriction and the stern areas of rules, regulations, governance and the traditional way of doing things; while Jupiter represents expansion and the softer blessings, spiritual insights, and new ways of seeing things. There will be tension between these two energies over the next year as they move through Aquarius.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is known as “The Lord of Karma” and in true form will give us mixed results. Saturn demands us to step up, do the work and evolve. If we have done the work we may see souring success in our growth, and on the other hand if we haven’t been integral to our true path, we may experience epic derailments.

This is time to let go of old, rigid ways of doing things and welcome new insights and bring forth ideas coming from a new spiritual depth. Ask yourself what area of life do you need to take ownership for and turn around? This is the moment to take action.

As Saturn forces our hand into shifting gears and awakening to our true calling, Jupiter will give us insights and blessings to remind us that we are on the right path.

During this mass awakening, which will be felt globally, there will be a profound shift in the collective consciousness. Aquarius represents the collective, and there will be a sense of rebellion against the old paradigm. The people will start to rise!


The Great Conjunction and the Age of Aquarius

There is a great deal of debate about when the Age of Aquarius actually starts, but what we can agree is that many Age of Aquarius themes will be present at this time as we are injected with Aquarius energies.

We may see a great shift into community based living. Rather than big governments and big businesses for support, we will instead turn to smaller, community-run organisations and small businesses.

There will be a sense that we all thrive when the collective thrives, rather than competition between individuals. Past conjunctions happening in Earth signs have pushed focus towards ambition, big government, and big business. There has been a big focus on material wealth and possessions as well as creating and building tangible things for the future.

The shift toward air signs will bring our focus to the collective, and a community-based approach. Humanitarian efforts and technology will rise in importance and we will see more things created online than in the physical world.

These energies will connect us beyond our material experience on Earth and we will start to open our minds to higher levels of consciousness that understand that there is no separation between us.


The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is considered to be the dawn of a new era, and is perhaps the largest cosmic event of our lifetime. Why?

  1. All of this is happening on the same day as the Solstice, which is not only the turn of the season, but is also the moment where we have simultaneously the longest, and shortest day on Earth. It marks the point of light shifting on the planet and is considered to be a time where the veil between dimensions is thin, and when we are more connected with the energies of Earth.
  2. This Great Conjunction occurs at zero degrees. In Astrology, a zero degree point symbolises infinite potential and hold the energy of limitless possibilities.
  3. The energies from Saturn and Jupiter are arguably the two most important because they are the largest planets and therefore have a great mass and force in our Solar System.
  4. The Great Conjunction between these two planets hasn’t occurred since the Middle Ages in 1623. It won’t come this close again for another 500 years.
  5. It occurs on the fixed Star Altair, also known as The Flying Eagle. A star about courage.
  6. It occurs just a few days after the powerful total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th of December
  7. The coming together of these two planets in the night sky will create a bright light from a double star that we’ve never seen in our lifetime before and is  likened to the Star of Bethlehem. 


Indigenous Elders Magic Box Ceremony in Uluru.

Aboriginal Elders in Australia have been passing on the same message of a Magic Box prophecy that will occur on this same day at Uluru. Uluru is Earth’s third Chakra, the Solar Plexus. The Dreamtime story is of a Rainbow serpent which sends creative energies across the planet from this sacred site.

Indigenous Australians say that a device from a Pleiadan spaceship was delivered to the sacred site Uluru. This device, which the Elders refer to as a “Magic Box,” is beyond the comprehension of most of us on Earth. It will feed off pure positive human energy and if there are indeed the minimum numbers still present (which runs into six figures) and unaffected by pandemics, economic chaos, warfare and terrorism and are totally focused on the positive, this box will absorb that powerful reservoir of pure energy then amplify and distribute throughout all the ley lines and Dreaming tracks on this the planet.

The prophecy says that without the critical mass of human energy to activate the Magic Box, that the Earth will tilt on to an axis that will cause the waters to swirl over the globe three times, wiping out everything on Earth. If successful, a new higher frequency will be activated on Earth creating an ascension to a new way of existence on Earth.

We are being called upon to assist in this ceremony by sitting in meditation with as much skin on the Earth as possible. It is important to be facing towards Uluru and holding the intention of LOVE and COMPASSION for all beings. Hold the image of Uluru within your heart centre, feel the love and compassion and visualise the birth of a new dawn. People all over the World will be joining in with this meditation & energy throughout the day

You can find out more here.

How to use the Great Conjunction to your advantage.

The Great Conjunction is an excellent opportunity to use Jupiters energy to bring in new ways of doing things, and Saturns energy to allow you to create the structures needed to make it long lasting.

On a global level, we have the power to come together and make great change on our planet with the powers of collective intention and action. Take time today to be in nature, to mediate on a healthy and abundant Earth and send love to all beings on the planet. At the time of the solstice, join the Indigenous Australians and pray with them, facing Uluru with both hands on the ground.

On a personal level, dreams which may have previously seemed a little out of reach will now be much easier to achieve, so set your goals upon your wildest dreams and don’t limit yourself during this period. 2021 will be a time of honest work to achieve these goals, but the structures offered by Saturn will make sure your achievements are long lasting. Be sure to be pure with your intentions as the energies of this time are working for those which are most pure at heart.


Sending so much love from the heart of Nicaragua,

Therese Lowton

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