Making the Revolution Irresistible


The Irresistible Revolution

“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.”

-Toni Cade Bambara 

Reaching back to these epic words of a radical, black feminist film maker and activist Toni Cade Bambara, she taught the world that the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.

We are in the midst of a global renaissance, a revolution. Revolutionary art demands that structures be questioned, it calls on individuals to think about the world around them politically and forces the observer to dare to imagine a fairer world. It has become clear that art is not only a medium, but an important tool for meaningful critique, reform, and reimagination.

Art influences society by opening minds to portals of thought that might not otherwise be accessible. Painting, sculpture, music, literature and the other arts are often considered to be the repository of a society’s collective memory, and artists bring this to the awareness of those who care to see. In this way, art affects the fundamental sense of self. Art humanizes both its creator and its audience, allowing us to understand issues beyond facts and figures

We are on the forefront of a new age artistic renaissance, powered by visionaries weaving the foundations of new earth. We have no choice. We either wake up, stand together, or fall behind with the oppressive and repressive system we’ve inherited. Artists are at the front lines of this revolution, and from where we stand art is our most powerful weapon. Art is energy and energy is currency. 

Artistic expression can be experienced as boundless when tapped into a flow state thus creating art that is powerful and timeless when intended as a vehicle for movement and change. 

When you can think creatively you can think infinitely. You can think way out of the box. Think beyond what “is” and when coupled with the true desire to create change – you have a winning recipe for revolution.

Art can create revolution or can be inspired by revolution. 

Tania Bruguera for example, uban performance artist Tania Bruguera has been arrested several times in her home country. The last of which occurred before she was about to restage her seminal work, Tatlin’s Whisper #6 in Havana. Bruguera planned to invite participants to come up to a microphone in Havana’s Revolution Square and speak freely for one minute each.

Or Yoko Ono, the Japanese artist has had a revival this year with her MoMA retrospective, “One woman show.” The 81-year-old artist, who transformed her 1969 honeymoon with John Lennon into a performance piece. The two held court in their Amsterdam hotel for a demonstration of non-violence that lives on today with the memorable song that emerged from that action, “Merry Christmas (War is Over)


Revolutionary art is infinite in how it can invoke impact to the observer. 

Momentom’s vision for revolutionary art starts way back – it starts with the design of a community in nature.  A space designed for arts by artists, that invokes flow stats just by being in the community, but also designed for lucid dreaming and altered states of consciousness. For us, the greatest canvas is in the jungle, hanging from trees, listening to the sounds of the jungle 

Our revolution is simple: creating a symbiotic relationship of sharing resources, empowerment, regeneration, expansion and harmony. As performers, musicians, dancers, clowns, circus artists, our realm is the body and the psyche. We dream of reaching deeply into these realms to liberate the human condition from the screen and the cell, and put us back in touch with our nature and the senses that inform us. The creation of these new realities, communities and concepts will become the infrastructure for a post capitalism collapse.

In the wake of such a broken, deadening experiment will arise something of irresistible beauty: a community model that lifts people up on the merit of their brilliance. 

Now is a time when humanity is being given the opportunity to shift into remembrance, finding and learning to wield our innate abilities to see, feel, dream, connect, and create the world again or continuing toward being suppressed for generations to come.

In our world, we see a humanity freed from the perpetual confines that conventional structures of modern commerce would consign humanity to. With the ability to recognize the consequences of our actions and taking affirmative positions in positive directions. Recognizing, honoring, and respecting everything as ourselves while continuing to ask “what is our role as a species?”

The question now is: which revolution are you fighting for?

One that merely perpetuates the outmoded paradigm of profits over people in a Cartesian, mechanistic view of the human condition that was fallacious to begin with? 

Or one that embraces and celebrates the wisdom and genius of the body mind as unified and demands we leverage that for the benefit of all life?

We must become irresistible. 

Words by Wren Lafeet
Gabrielle Bonneville
Madison Riser

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