The Blockchain Revolution And Why Technology can Save the Human Spirit by Will Barleycorn

The Physical, The Digital, The Awakening

“Any sufficiently advanced technology must be undistinguishable from magic”

Introduction. The Digital Dimension is Key to Our Development

Let’s reflect on the role of the Digital among the Physical towards the purposes of human transcendence. If we think of the Digital as a Space that is analogous to the Physical dimensions, we can easily discern two of its purposes:

Telepathy by artist Elena Georgiadi
Distributed Systems in Sacred Geometry. Art by Danny Wilten

One. Blockchain, the Infrastructure for Decentralisation and Digital Realness.

Two. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, two Blockchain applications that change everything.

By Will Barleycorn
Art-based Researcher, Data-AI-SignalProcessing Engineer. I study ~rhythms through aesthetics.
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