Taurus Eclipse & Full Moon November by Landon Guinn



Let us listen for a moment…

Luna speaks once again through her reflection in the night sky!

On November 19, 2021 she bleeds a reddish-brownish colour as what is said to be the longest partial lunar eclipse in centuries (580 years from what I have found)!

Without getting into the details of how this eclipse is lasting over 6 hours, disappearing 97% of the moon, and peaking around 4am Eastern Time the JUICY STUFF lays in the alignments of how and when this eclipse is taking place.


So let’s break this down…

First off we have a Full Moon which is traditionally used for “releasing what is no longer serving us”. This is still true. Yet paired with this Lunar Eclipse we may see a rise in shadows surfacing. 

This may be revealed consciously or processed subconsciously – meaning go about your day and just remain curious and aware that the moon is doing its ‘thang’ with your emotional body.

But this is still only the surface of what this one astrological event holds.

This partial lunar eclipse is the first of what many call “eclipse season”. 

Eclipse Season is the period of time where eclipses invite us to focus more on the essence of living and releasing of our old selves [rather than attempting to manifest while we are still clearing the clutter].

This is the time to allow the organic flow of what it means to be human to come forward and appear as the main experience, gifting the processing integrations their full required space to really sink into our renovated cells.

With this Full Moon being in Taurus we are given the opportunity to settle into a sense of coziness. Snuggle up with some comfort food and really listen to our physical human. Taurus energy also brings a kind of “snuff it” attitude where things that may have bothered you in the past seem to slide off your back with ease (this helps the releasing-process flow that much easier)!

Taurus is an Earth sign, bringing a deep love for Mother Earth.
This is beautiful as the Full Moon occurs on Friday with the Mayan Energy of 9 Tz’ikin. 

Friday being the day ruled by Venus (love, feminine, unity) which is soooo similar to the resonance of 9 – completion of cycles, lessons learned, etc

Tz’ikin is a day for supporting the feminine in the physical! This is reflected by Luna speaking more directly to us at this time to release the traumas, baggage, past incidences, and disagreements. She physically mirrors the energy of the divine feminine calling out for the support of our human creations.

See the vision Luna holds of what Gaia is becoming(a physical feminine embodied).

Through the relinquishing of our own individual shells, skins, and suppressions we support this co creative process of Gaia Becoming.


Quick things to keep in mind and suggestions to celebrate in ceremony with this energy:

~ Keep it simple.

Celebration of the Full Moon seems to coincide with ceremony, so this is a reminder from Taurus that ceremony doesn’t need all the fancy things, especially with this being such an intuitive & feminine day. As simple as a dance to your favorite song or a card pull for the day does wonders to amplify and attune us to this energy.


~ Keep it comfortable.

Taurus…we are releasing and integrating some major Scorpio processings so make sure whatever spaces you decide  to be in on Thurs/Fri are supportive to your highest desires.


~ Psychic connecting is PERFECT for Friday! 

This means meditation, tarot, and discovering the depths of the consciousness that is YOU!
How does this physical mirror [that is this eclipse] reveal to you Your deeper shadows?
What is being released right now?
Who were you? (this life/past lives/future lives)
Who are you now?
What is being integrated? (perhaps something you thought you’ve released already is resurfacing)

Happy Full Moon &
partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus!
Blessed Be this Hallowed Moon.


<3 Landon Guinn

Intuitive Guide | Alkemist | Wizard


Landon is one of the souls we connected with in 2021 during the Circus Island Residency on Ometepe in Nicaragua!

He is an Intuitive Guide for souls along their journey who desire clarity and empowerment as they process and integrate their soul remembrance.

Landon has training in Reiki (1, 2, 3, & Master), Cellular Release, Core Program Release Therapy, Subconscious Alkemy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, and Contemporary/Modern Movement.

In Landon’s life he utilizes Movement and Light Language as a way to anchor Source Consciousness deeper into the planet. He has been curating his personal movement practice over the last 6 years that combines traditional contemporary techniques with energetic awareness and is excited to soon be stepping up to offer this practice to the world!

Asking the question, “How can one embody even more the awareness remembered through meditation?”

If you’re really vibing with Landon’s insights you can listen to his podcast – Alkemy with a K – on Spotify or Anchor!


Connect with Landon here:
Instagram – @energenetic.alkemy
Tik Tok – @divine.love1222
Website – bit.ly/landonguinn
Email – [email protected]


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