Stock Take and Back to the Drawing Board : Full Moon in Capricorn by Francesca Annenberg


Artwork by @aephiclesjourney | Artists in graphic @juliette.carman @travelingtradesman37

This week has been big. We just moved through the Summer or Winter Solstice portal, and now here we are, halfway through the year with the Strawberry Supermoon in Capricorn. In a short space of time, we have and are experiencing massive breakdowns and breakthroughs – depending on your narrative.

The potency of this week is well-held with the stability, structure, and sensibility of the sign of Capricorn. Additionally, this moon glimmers within the watery season of Cancer, reminding us that as we shine light on what needs to be seen and released, we are to remain soft, to find moments of stillness, and to stay attuned to the sensitivity of the heart.

Cancer, a cardinal water sign, represents the archetypal good-enough mother whilst Capricorn, also a cardinal Earth sign, brings a grounded, rational masculine energy, showing us the importance of balancing our inner feminine (Cancer) and our inner masculine (Capricorn). Bringing awareness to the union of this inner duality will create ripples and depths of change throughout time and space.

This Full Moon brings an interesting intersection of emotions and ambitions, making this a charged time to reassess on what we value and hold dear to our heart – what is at the centre of our altar – and what we are dedicating our resources towards building.

This is the perfect time to do a stock take on what has happened in your life, these past six months, this last month, or even last week, and assess if you are heading in the right direction. Take some time to journal on this convergence of emotions and ambitions and ask yourself:

  • What do I really value?
  • What makes me feel alive?
  • What do I want to dedicate my life to?
  • Is my inner world aligned with my outer world?
  • What I learn from the first half of this year?
  • Are my goals manifesting in ways that bring me joy?
  • What do I need to change in my life to align more with what I desire to dedicate?
  • When I visualise aligning with the frequency of dedication, how does it feel in my body? 

Cancer offers the backdrop for expansive, open-hearted dreaming that goes beyond just creating for the self but for the benefit of the planet. Whilst Capricorn brings the clear, focused, and centred direction to bring these visions to life. This is indeed a beautiful moment in time to place yourself inside of your heart space, notice what is emerging and radiating, and then to create from there.


Words by Francesca Annenberg

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