Sensory Dinner Circus Island Navidad Dec’ 21


Sensory Dinner Circus Island Navidad Dec’ 21
Written By: Gabrielle Bonneville & Madison Riser

At Momentom, we thrive on deconstructing and debunking what’s normal. Why do we do what we do? And where did we pick up our rituals?

Christmas is a massive opportunity for us to reclaim a collective belief that shapes a very potent morphogenetic field. Christmas was created by Coca-Cola as a means to push for capitalist consumption.

In an era where we hold a collective responsibility to take care of the planet, we start by re-imagining the rituals that shape our society.  This year, we did this with Christmas.

We are gathered in Ometepe, 50+ people at Totoco, overlooking the volcano at sunset. We were seated on the floor blindfolded and began a ride that would last all evening with a full sensorial experience that would blow our minds, and step into a variety of different worlds. 

Momentom started by sitting everyone on the floor and placing blindfolds on. Followed by a short meditation, we grounded into the space by bringing residents to their dinner seats one by one and putting on SoundOff Headphones kicked off by a live sound journey by Daryl Henderson and guided by the magical voice of Kawahe, Momentom’s in-house visual artist and flow artist.

The soundscape was a serious voyage of the mind, from Christmas carols to deep buddhist chanting. You can find this experience here.

An incredible four -course dinner followed suit by our chefs Luisma and Frankie from Punta Mona, and the help of the incredible Circus Island local kitchen team. It was a feast for all the senses with sparkles of touch, feathers, ice cubes, hand fans, essential oils, and a delicately curated taste palette.


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