Our goal is to make transformational residency experiences accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of color, gender, class or creed. For increased financial accessibility, we have several options including early bird rates, scholarships, & worktrade.



Momentom recognizes the importance of Solidarity and Allyship work. Having scholarships available is just one of the many ways we continue to open our residency for creators from all walks of life. We hope these scholarships allow those with financial restrictions and great ideas to have the opportunity to take part in a residency that will propel their careers as artists or thought leaders forward.

Momentom Collective offers a total of five (5) scholarships per Residency season. If selected, you will receive one month in your residency of choice.

Scholarship applications close November 1st, 2020.

Here are the 5 scholarships available this year:

  1. BOC SCHOLARSHIP: One scholarship for beings of color, including multi-racial creators.
  2. INDIGENOUS/FIRST NATIONS SCHOLARSHIP: One scholarship available for First Nations/Indigenous creators.
  3. DISABLED BEINGS SCHOLARSHIP: One scholarship for beings with visual impairment, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, Deaf/HOH, and/or chronic illnesses.
  4. LGBTQ+: One scholarship available to those identifying as LGBTQ+
  5. SHIFT MINDS SCHOLARSHIP: One scholarship for prodigies out there with radical ideas and artistic expression that can shift the mind of the masses.

What you will receive if awarded scholarship:

  • One (1)  month in the residency of your choice (availability pending) 
  • Access to all workshops and classes
  • Access to all residency training spaces
  • All vegan meals  
  • Epic shared accommodations

What you will NOT receive if awarded a scholarship:

  • Videography and photography services
  • Travel stipend

If accepted to this scholarship, we expect: 

  • During residency:
    • A virtual follow-through of your experience at Momentom posted on our & your IG story (every two days, unless otherwise outlined by organizers) 
    • 1 FB live post per week detailing your experience at Momentom Collective
    • 1 written article of your experience as an artist in residency (2 pages to be published) 
  • At the end of your residency
    • A completed art piece that’s conceptually similar to your proposal
    • A piece that can be shared open-source via Momentom Collective

To apply for a scholarship, submit the following on the form linked below:

  • A five sentence statement sharing your story with us; 
  • The scholarship you are applying for; 
  • In 2-3 sentences,  explain why Momentom collective resonates with you; 
  • A three (3)  paragraph project proposal describing what you want to create with us and why it matters; 
  • A 2-4 page article that describes how your unique identity drives you as an artist and/or shapes the projects you create (make this specific to the scholarship you are  applying for).
  • Let us know your preferred residency:
  • Let us know approximately when you’d like to attend (check our residency page for our schedule).
  • Your social media details:

2. WORKTRADE (5 Spots per Residency)

We have a mix of professional and emerging teachers who contribute to one of the most dynamic and iconic training schedules imaginable.

We are looking for:

  • Movement Teachers (must have at least 5 years experience)  
  • Videography assistant (for our lovely Tony Tobias)
  • Space Setters (cleaning, creating & curating all training and sacred spaces during residency) 
  • Tech & Sound Gurus (Setting music in all spaces, making sure speakers work for all classes & Workshops, ensuring WIFI is working)

We give preference to those with a background in a movement modality such as dance, acro, yoga aerials, etc that may be able to contribute to more diverse classes to our schedule.

There are positions considered on a case by case basis for each residency that include admin, helping to manage the residency operations, and social media.

Work Traders will receive:  

  • Accommodations
  • 3x meals a day
  • Access to our full schedule of classes and workshops

We expect a contribution of minimum 25 hours a week of work trade. 



Internships are offered by Momentom for students seeking extracurricular hours at a University or who are looking to grow their skills in a specific domain of business. Interns are looking to study, learn and acquire the skills to run a residency or create large transformational events. The difference between internships and worktrade are a) the amount of hours and b) internships are online with access to residency (Work traders work in residency). Momentom also sees internships as potential apprenticeships for those who are thinking to  to join Momentom in the long run. 

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