Momentom Collective tries to make Residencies accessible to all walks of life. This is why we offer earlybird discounts, internships, scholarships and work trade opportunities to help artists and yogi’s get their foot in the door of this thriving community.


Think ahead and save! It makes our lives easier if you plan your residency way in advance. In order to show some love for the early planners, we offer an Early Bird discount of 10% off tuition for any bookings made 3 months or more prior to start of residency.

Apply for Earlybird with any Residency deposit received 3 months prior to residency.


At Momentom Collective it is an integral part of our mission and vision to empower artists to ignite and explore their potential through professional training and community living. Momentom offers 1 scholarship per residency free of charge, all accommodations, food and training on us. The purpose of this scholarship is to allow those with financial restrictions to have the opportunity to take part of a residency that will excel their careers as artists or digital nomads.

Momentom also has scholarships of $200 off your tuition of a month.
​If granted, this is credited towards your stay at a Momentom Residency of your choice.

This scholarship is available to those with a passion for sharing their creative expression. Are you active on your social media and interested in sharing your residency experience with others? This is an opportunity to create content for Momentom’s website and social media platforms in exchange for a scholarship towards your Residency tuition. If you already have a blog and would like to partner up with posts, please share with us your link in the application to see if we can collaborate together! The amount of this scholarship will be determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on the amount of creative content provided. 

Social Media Scholarship Amount
​$1000-$2000 scholarship towards tuition 

Social Media Scholarship Expectations
2 Blog testimonials – written or video format
5-10 Blogs on an approved topic – Yoga, Circus, Digital nomad life, Energy healing, Ayurveda, etc
15-20 Social Media [ IG/FB ] posts of Residency with pre & during & post Residency Live Updates


We have a mix of professional and emerging teachers who contribute to one of the most dynamic and iconic training schedules imaginable. We are looking for one live-in yoga teacher to teach classes daily. We give preference to Yoga Teachers who also have a background in a movement modality such as dance, acro, aerials, etc that may be able to contribute more diverse classes on our schedule.

These positions are considered in a case by case basis for each residency and include admin, helping to manage the residency operations and social media . Yoga Trade positions include accommodations, 3x meals a day and access to our full schedule of classes and workshops.


Momentom Collective is a rapidly growing company and we look first to our community for help with tasks including Social Media, Graphic Design, Grant Writing and Blog Posts. Internships are completed remotely.