We are the world’s leading artist residency program for healers, creatives and digital nomads. Our journey into the digital space is to explore new ways of living and thriving for creators and communities to become self-sufficient. We are starting this journey with our first experiment – a co-created NFT collection that supports our values and what we stand for. 



Our first NFT collection is a co-creation from our sound residency in which all artists/residents took part to learn, onboard and get experience with creating a collective NFT collection. As well as exploring and dialoguing about how we can find different ways of living in creator communities to create value together using the new technologies available to us in the most conscious way possible.IN


WHY? To embody our goals, and give back the revenue directly to our values: the earth (regenerating land organization Los Nogales), to art (all the artists who commited to transform themselves through the process of creation), and to community, giving back to you, and providing more opportunities and scholarships for locals and everyone to take part in Momentom Residencies. We are really exploring ways to share and manage value, ways for a new earth. And we’re taking action to increase diversity in the NFT space to educate and onboard the next generation of creators to create equal opportunities for all. The time is now.


MMTM NFT’s vision is to create tools and education to help artists and communities onboard into crypto and new ways of creating value that can support more abundance for all. We are on a mission to co-create collective abundance and allow artists to be supported in a community where they can realize their full potential of creation without needing to think of resources.


We are working on building a DAO for future residents and our inhouse organization.We believe decentralized organizations to be the way of the future. 

We are working on creating a MMTM NFT blueprint and structure so each residency can easily create collections and use our platform to sell individual and collective work as NFTs..

We are working on having a permanent MMTM location and tie this within the digital space we are creating.







Project Lead
NFT Coach
Crypto Channel




Project Lead
Concept creation
Design thinking & Management
Graphics, Spatial & Transformational Experience Design




Graphic Designer
NFT Artwork Creation




Momentom Co-Founder
Project Coordinator
Web & Graphic Design




Music Producer


j pool


Music Producer & Musician


shanty avy


Music Producer & Musician
Website Designer
NFT Producer




What is MMTM NFTs?

MMTM NFT is our first co-created community NFT collection that has served to onboard artists into crypto and NFT’s as well as explore how we can create collective value out of community based living. The NFT’s contain the essence of the residency, owning a MMTM NFT makes you own part of the magic.

What do I get if I buy a MMTM NFT?

The NFT’s contain the essence of the residency.
If you buy one you unlock the content which includes:

  • Recorded sound production class content (Jpool, Mose, Tamara)
  • Exclusive in residence created art (eltripador)
  • A collectively created song 
  • Community support on NFT Managing/Buying/Creation
  • Artist & Creator community network
  • Private cstatic dance set (Mose)
  • Supporting artists and earth-based projects
  • Application & voting for a full paid scholarship of a future residency 
  • Other juicy future benefits as the first to support our web3 initiatives

Why NFTs?

We believe NFTs are a technology which is here to stay. They are probably the best digital proof of ownership that the world has ever seen, and their programmable capabilities through smart contracts open doors to revolutionize how we create, manage, and exchange digital value. Not only do they open doors to fair community governance and new value exchanges, but they are also amazing tools for artists to support and empower themselves, and that’s all we stand for.

What is so special about this collection?

It is co-created. We are looking at how to package a community in the online space to create equal abundance and opportunity for all beings, the earth, the artists/ team who created it, and the wider community – YOU.

The blockchain technology allows us to explore how to create these new systems of value. 

How many MMTM NFTs are there?


Where does the revenue go?

After costs are deducted the revenue is split in thirds to support our funds of Art, Earth and Community. 

33% for the ART – All residents who participated in the co-creative process/contributed their time and energy towards the collection will have access to this collective fund. 

33% for the EARTH – Will go to our earth based project fund, for this collection we are donating to Los Nogales. 

33% for the COMMUNITY – This will be for You, the Momentom community fund. We will support one scholarship to fund a future resident within this collection. And have more things coming!

When can I buy my MMTM NFT?

From April 4th onwards you will be able to purchase a MMTM NFT. 

Where can I buy my MMTM NFT?

You can buy your MMTM NFT on the Areax Marketplace.


How can I buy a MMTM NFT?

We have many available options for payment.

You can pay with Paypal or whatever crypto and receive your NFT in your wallet, or you can fund your Metamask with $TLOS on the Telos EVM Network and buy it yourself at

Whatever is your favourite option, you must fill the form here: , where you will receive exact instructions and guidance, as well as all your content included with your NFT once purchased.


Can I resell my MMTM NFT?

Yes! You can resell your NFT on the Areax Marketplace.

What happens when I resell my MMTM NFT?

When you resell your NFT you get 90% of the revenue! 

10% goes back to the MMTM community fund.

You can resell your NFT at any amount you like. 

Can I make merchandise with my MMTM NFT artwork?

No, the IP rights of the image and all the art included in the NFT still belong to the original artists. Rights to use, play, display, and get inspired are granted to NFT holders.

Where can I interact with other MMTM NFT owners?

All holders will have access to an exclusive discord channel. There you can chat, support and co-create with each other. 

Why are NFT’s the future?

Nfts are tools to unlock new systems of value and abundance for wider communities. They can define and track ownership as never before, so every digital object can become virtually better by being an NFT. They also allow us to package assets that previously have not been able to contain value such as a community’s culture, inspiration, and good memories, which can now be worth economical value.

What can I expect as a future MMTM NFT resident?

Imagine yourself as a future resident, learning about crypto & nfts, living and getting inspired by co-creating with other artists. Creating art, having a platform to share it wider, inspiring more people around the world through that platform, being directly compensated back for it by the collective fund to then also support the earth and wider community. 

Sounds like Utopia?

We dream big, we believe this is possible and we are building the blueprint to make this happen.

What blockchain are MMTM NFTs minted on?


 (Check out our BLOG article)

We stand for our values, from the ground up. Telos, unlike Ethereum, is a Blockchain aligned with our values of community and ecology. It is faster, more inclusive (cheaper on gas fees), and consumes 100000 times less energy per transaction. What is more, it is designed to enable fairer models of community governance, and the projects built on it are aligned to our regenerative mindset. We are excited to create a better world.

Why are we using the Areax Marketplace and not Opensea?

Opensea does not support Telos, so we chose Areax as an operable and practical alternative.

What are you doing about the environmental impact of your NFT collection?

We are very conscious about the environmental impact of our actions. For it, we mint our NFTs on a Blockchain than uses 100000 times less energy than the industry standard (Ethereum). Additionally, 33% of the net revenue from primary sales goes to Earth Regeneration projects.

Where does the future of MMTM NFTs look like?

We hope to create further collections to grow the online community as well as offering support and onboarding at every residency.
We are looking to create a momentum platform where residents and the wider community can co-create together on NFTs supporting our ART EARTH COMMUNITY goal. 

How long does my MMTM NFT last?

The MMTM NFT as art and token lasts forever. The additional underlying media or utilities can vary depending on time variables, and Momentom’s availability.

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