Instead of the Christmas table where you see your loved ones once a year, we invite you to meet in the middle of the jungle, with a team of facilitators, that will guide you and those you love the most, into the depths of radical healing, meditation and expression of your individual selves.  


Momentom has been creating alternate realities to connect, up-level and bridge introspection and self expression for 7 years…and we are SO excited to finally open up the space in a container designed to share this magic with our parents!

Text message:
« Mom, I have a surprise for you! »
« What, darling?»
« We are heading to Costa Rica in October 2022 with Momentom Collective!!! »
« I’m sorry, what? »

Get prepared to have that conversation. It’s happening.

For 7 years, our residency’s demographics have catered to people between 25-40 years of age. We come again and again to these experiences that shape us into different beings and when we return home, we try to utter our thoughts to those who ask but – it’s very hard to explain. It’s left to those that were there. Many times, we thought, « if only my mother could see this, or my aunt, my neighbour » etc. That special person. You know who that is.

That’s why, this October, we had a crazy idea to cater to our parents’ generation and open up an exclusive event: LA FAMILIA REUNIDA.

Think – an original Momentom experience catered to that particular generation with dabbles of our specific magic so that they can harness some of the incredible wealth of resources and tools we have for spiritual resilience. Especially with the upcoming changing tides of our world, we owe it to them, and to us.

This is designed to be one of the most mind-blowing experiences you can attend with a parent or someone in your life that has shaped you into who you are. This is also for anyone looking for a solo deep transformational experience that is over the age of 45+.

I mean, you best believe we are bringing our parents too! 

As this generation helped guide us into this world, we are now inviting them into the nucleus of our own world: one of expression, expansion, and regeneration. Intergenerational experiences allow us to reconnect with our ancestors and expand our perspectives to create a more balanced world for all ages.

We want to show them the environment that allowed us to find our centre, and in a tune of changing tides, help them realign with theirs as well. This is a gift you give to yourself or to someone looking that is ready to break free from old patterns and see beyond their perceptions, to connect with nature, to meditate, to feel – fully.

For this reason, we have decided to open the door for the first time to share this unconventional, profound inter-generational experience- designed to bridge and connect

Pablo Gordienko – Owner, Macaw Lodge | Dedicated Conservationist and Land Steward


Macaw Lodge, Costa Rica

Visit – Macaw Lodge Website


Oct 13 – 19, 2022



Authentic relating
Jungle walks
Hiking trials
Off grid and sustainable living 
Indigenous wisdom 
Ecstatic dance
Delicious vegetarian cuisine
Deep dive into the heart of nature
Waterfall dips
Permaculture deep dive
Embodied movement
Yoga and meditation
Flow arts



Shared Accommodations:
(2x bed min per room. Come with a friend or meet someone new! )
Early Bird Rate $1750 USD per person
(Only until August 28th, 2022)

$1950 USD per person  


Private Accommodations:
( A Sanctuary Experience)
Early Bird Rate $2550 USD per person
(Only until August 28th, 2022)

$2750 USD per person 


What you and your loved one can expect when joining us for a week in this first ever Bring Your Parents or Loved Ones to Momentom:

  • Workshops on embodied movement
  • Authentic relating
  • Sound healing
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Flow arts
  • The experience of community living
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Performance and Improv 
  • Waterfall excursions
  • Plant based Organic meals
  • Ecstatic Dance 
  • Mycology/Permaculture talks/ experiences 
  • Farm tour – learning about the land of Costa Rica

This is going to be a jungle adventure meets deep dive into relationship dynamics, joyful expression, and personal awakenings. 

It’s time to really get to know and celebrate the ones that brought you into this life!


  •  Morning yoga and meditation
  • 3 x vegetarian meals a day 
  • Instruction from guest facilitators in artistic realms such as painting, fire spinning, aerial, and dance
  • Community circle, authentic relating, personal development and connection exercises
  • Access to waterfalls, hiking trails, and acres of pristine jungle

This brand new offering of Momentom experience is geared towards you and your loved ones  adventuring into a new reality together to help them experience new things for themselves and see the world through your eyes. 

 Here we get to be curious about deepening our relationships through the great experiment of pushing our comfort zones, and trusting the process of spontaneous choice.  So instead of having to explain… you can simply do.

And, not to worry, there will be tons of sacred silliness.


Here's an example of what your week with us will look like!

La Familia Schedule Sample


Yes! The idea is that this is a container to invite in a close relative or family figure to deepen your connection other than just talking about the weather on zoom calls.

  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat
  • Closed toed shoes for
  • Trail walking and
  • Any hoops or fire props
  • Anything you’d like to jam with on site
  • A journal
  • Some layers for the night

We will be working with cacao and other non psychoactive jungle medicines in a ceremony container with our local medicine man. We will also have other options available. Please book a discovery call if you would like further information.  

As long as there are no severe health conditions, then this event can be enjoyed by any adult age group.

After your application has been accepted, within the following week, we ask that you pay a 50 percent deposit.  Then we ask that you pay the remaining amount no more than 30 days before your residency. If you cancel before this time we will refund your deposit.  If you do not cancel before this time, you will forfeit your deposit and we will have to give the space to someone else.

We believe in the medicine of community so much that we want our experiences to be as accessible as possible. We can evaluate this on a case by case basis and we are open to working with you if you need support and we can come to a suitable agreement. After you apply, you can notify our sales team as to your specific inquiries around payment structure.



More to be announced soon.
Stay tuned! 

John Early

Momentom Co-Founder 

Community Leadership, Yoga, AcroYoga, Author, Musician, Podcast Host


Gabrielle Bonneville

Momentom Co-Founder 

Yoga, Mindfulness, Flow Mastery, Business Coaching, AcroYoga, Lucid Dreaming


Tony Tobias2

Tony Tobias

Content Creator 

Founder of Kinesis, Videography, Parkour & Tricking Artist


Adrián YoZéF

Guest Teacher

Founder of Beyond Dance Costa Rica, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Musical Journey Designer (DJ), Fire Dance, Ceremony Guide


Click here to view website


Guest Teacher

Founder of Kalapa Mushroom Co., Mycology, Mycotherapy, Microdosing, Tripsitting




Ceremonialist, Community Elder, Indigenous Wisdom, Devoted Father

Kevin López

Retreat Chef

Local Costa Rican and Permaculture Enthusiast, Chef & Baker



JP Saliba

Guest Teacher

Herbalist Wizard, Jungle Chef, Dancing Reiki Warrior, Community Prana Builder



More to be announced soon.
Stay tuned! 

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