Momentom Collective and Whales and Waves 2021 bring you a professional training playground for aerialists, mermaids, yogis, calisthenic fanatics and surfers alike. Set on a private coconut plantation on a secluded beach, each day is your own to carve out. 

All residents will have 24/7 access to our training spaces which cater for: aerials, aerial yoga, yoga, dance, acroyoga, calisthenics gym, and water sports. 

At all times, artists and creative entrepreneurs will have access to inspiring co-working and training spaces to develop their own projects.

We have infused this residency with the connective practices of tantra and conscious relating to keep you feeling connected throughout the experience. One of our villas is set up as a connection zone throughout the residency, and our tantra teachers will be leading workshops in consent and boundaries for you to safely explore energetic and physical connection.

The full length residency is designed to provide a buffet-style experience where residents can get a taste of all of what Momentom has to offer.

After the first two weeks of buffet style scheduling, residents then have the opportunity to specialize and go deeper in their respective fields of interest. 

For the 3 & 4th week intensive, residents will choose two areas of focus per week. Expert teachers will lead residents  into their specialization of choice, with a series of progressive courses designed to provide a deep dive into the experience & skill acquisition.

To apply to join the Indonesia Residency, please complete the application form to the right, and then complete the booking page with $100 deposit. Applications without deposit will not be accepted.

*** If you cannot complete the deposit right away, please complete the application form here and we will email. you the link to complete your application deposit.

*** If you have any trouble submitting your application, please email us at

Applications now open! This is a two step process. Please complete your details in the form below, and complete your refundable $100 deposit on our booking page. Applications will not be processed until a deposit is placed.
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