In GREEN RESIDENCY SEASON 3, Momentom Collective x Punta Mona cocreate one of the worlds most unique and nourishing experiences in movement arts, mindfulness, green life skills, and embodied community living, empowering the problem solvers of the future in a simpler, more regenerative way of living.

Launched in 1997, Punta Mona is home to over 300 different varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees, root crops, medicinal and flowering plants, herbs and vegetables. Punta Mona feeds the community from their farm, heals with medicine from their lab (created from plants on the land), cooks with boundless creativity, and finds opportunity for creative reuse through fine arts.

This residency will provide a space for body and mind regeneration through healthy organic eating straight from the farm, fresh water, healing arts, and a packed movement schedule.

Residents will have the opportunity to learn relevant life skills such as permaculture, herbalism, conscious cousine, nutrition, regenerative arts, and other aspects of autonomous living.

At all times, artists and creative entrepreneurs will have access to inspiring co-working and training spaces to develop their own projects.

The full length residency is designed to provide a buffet-style experience where residents can get a taste of all of what Momentom and Punta Mona have to offer, as both are experts in their respective fields: Punta Mona in Permaculture and Momentom in Movement arts.

After the first two weeks of buffet style scheduling, residents then have the opportunity to specialize and go deeper in their prospective fields of interest. 

For the 3 & 4th week intensive, residents will choose two areas of focus per week, one movement and one permaculture specialization. Expert teachers will lead residents  into their specialization of choice, with a series of progressive courses designed to provide a deep dive into the experience & skill acquisition.

We will focus our attention on the essential needs of our communities and design our future world in harmony with nature. We are stepping outside of the matrix. We are creating the new earth.

To apply to join the Green Residency in Costa Rica, please complete the application form to the right, and then complete the booking page with $100 deposit. Applications without deposit will not be accepted.

***SPACES ARE LIMITED – To reserve your spot, following the link at the bottom of the page to place a $100 deposit***

Applications now open! This is a two step process. Please complete your details in the form below, and complete your refundable $100 deposit on our booking page. Applications will not be processed until a deposit is placed.
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Momentom is a community movement motivated to progress the world forward with alternate and decentralized economies that create value beyond capitalism and the extraction of natural resources. There are many cryptos out there but we especially align with Seeds, a cryptocurrency that creates value by how much we give back to the environment. We encourage all of our residents to sign up. If you are interested, please let us know:
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