Momentom Collective and Punta Mona Presents


Season 3: October 2021
Permaculture Meets Artist Residency in the jungle.
Acquire essential life skills to live independently from the
Matrix and to step into your full potential.

Punta Mona and Momentom Collective come together to create one of the world’s most unique and nourishing experiences in embodied movement, community living, and permaculture design.

The residency is designed to provide a buffet-style experience where residents can get a taste of all of what Momentom and Punta Mona have to offer, as both are experts in their respective fields: Punta Mona in Permaculture and Momentom in Movement arts.

The residency is 4 weeks long. Residents will be invited to taste the various facets of what it takes to run and operate a farm, make medicine, and live off the land, permaculture style. Similarly, in movement arts, we will set the stage, offering a foundation in a variety of movement practices. After you have the chance to experience the buffet of  both the movement arts and the permaculture subjects, you’ll be given the option to specialize in the area of your choosing within the sustainable living and movement arts offerings.

Momentoms Workshops and Specializations will include workshops meant to cultivate our artistic practices and to guide us in our cultivation of the daily rituals, practices, and focuses that lead us toward the optimal mind, body, and expression. Fields of studies in Movement include Performing Arts, Aerial Silks, Flow Arts, Partner Dance, Slackline, or Kung Fu.

The permaculture Workshops & Specializations by Punta Mona will vary based on what kind of stewardship the land is needing, ongoing projects, and what is in season. Expect experiences in farm to table cuisine, fermentation, regenerative farming, nutrition, herbalism, gardening, eco-building, homesteading and wild crafting 

The 1 week specializations are deep dives for residents to go into weekly long progressive series in ONE theme in GREEN and ONE theme in MOVEMENT (see below) Residents will train specifically in these modalities and themes for one week straight in master workshops to deepen their knowledge and their skills.

The entire experience is customized to be based on play, permaculture, knowledge sharing, specialization and sustainable living. As we learn and grow together as a community, we will participate in weekly authentic relating, non-violent communication and conscious relationship workshops. Through these intentional community spaces, we will support each other in our journey of knowledge integration, project actualization, and finding oneself through community living and in relationship to the sacred other. We will invite new patterns of connection and realization of service to the whole.


Punta Mona, Costa Rica

October, 2021

Movement & Aerial Arts 
Sustainable Living
Conscious Cuisine
Regenerative Farming 
Community Living

Movement Artists , Permaculture Enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to learn how to live autonomously off-grid and learn the skills to live a life outside of the Matrix.

We are in a time of radical systems change. 

The global pandemic has shed light on decades of over-industrialization, alienation from nature, and an othering as some of the primary root causes of global inequality, illness, poverty and environmental degradation. 

In response to our world’s current state,  Momentom Collective and Punta Mona teams up to provide a one of a kind Educational Incubator for ART, COMMUNITY, and SUSTAINABILITY that empowers global creators in igniting a regenerative future of inspiration, conversation, and action – leading the transition into the new paradigm.


  • Mind and body practices (meditation, yoga, breathwork, dance, aerial silks, slackline (and more). BUFFET STYLE for the first 2 weeks and SPECIALIZATIONS for the last two weeks.
  • Hands-on Green workshops in community design, eco-architecture and permaculture for residents to gain experience what it takes to live this lifestyle and to acquire essential life skills to design their lives and visions out of the matrix.
  • Lots of free time for round table discussion to exchange ideas and work on personal and collective projects.
  • Healthy vegan meals made with fresh ingredients from the farm, detoxing (juicing, fasting, silence and more).
  • Access to one on one coaches to help you design your vision into reality and help gain clarity on how to create your own community.
  • 4 Plant (and other) Medicine Ceremonies.


“Punta Mona is more than a place, it’s a feeling”


Punta Mona is an off-the-grid farm and educational center on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Launched in 1997 by the world renowned green entrepreneur Stephen Brooks, Punta Mona is a year round community. It is home to over 300 different varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees, root crops, medicinal and flowering plants, herbs and vegetables. Punta Mona is a living classroom with a mission to practice and teach a simpler, more regenerative way of living. Momentom Collective is a micro community entering and working in conjunction with the larger macrocosm that is Punta Mona.

Punta Mona will be providing world class permaculture courses, and regular opportunities to connect with, work, and learn from the land.

We Certify our Residency.

With the Green Certificate, residents will disseminate their learnings and experience out of residency, into the macro and micro communities that exist in their world. The ceritification represents the training residents will have to step up as leaders with a unique consciousness in holistic arts, permaculture, and movement practices. You will be empowered in your discovery of how you add value and gain the knowledge needed to lead the cultural revolution of holistic and planetary regeneration. 

The certification provides an introduction in: 

  • 20+ hours of study with Punta Mona in Permaculture Design, Gardening, Harvest, Composting, Herbalism and Eco-Building to provide you with life skills to contribute or create sustainability in your project and community.
  • 20+ hours of study with Momentom Collective in Yoga, Movement, Dance, Balance Arts, Aerial Arts, Performance Arts to train mind and body.
  • 20+ hours in Community Living & Design with both Punta Mona, Momentom Collective, illustrating first hand experience in Community living, Authentic Relating, Conscious relationships, Non-Violent Communication and other people relational tools meant to aid in building a deeper connection to yourself and others.

The Momentom Green Residency Certification was designed based on a rising global need to train leaders on how to think in holistic and regenerative terms, and to empower them with the tools to design, lead, or co-lead artistic communities.


  • A variety of daily classes in movement, meditation, circus, permaculture farming and eco-design.
  • Ecstatic dance in the jungle.
  • Organic food from on site permaculture garden.
  • Earth skills and optimization of creative processes. 
  • Music and Jams.
  • Mud baths and jungle vibes. 
  • Full Moon parties.
  • Professional Guest teachers.
  • Cosmovisioning, lucid dreaming techniques, & actualization techniques
  • Plant medicine & Cacao ceremonies.
  • Song sharing
  • Weekly community circles and shares 
  • Access to an amazing network of creatives, entrepreneurs, & leaders


  • You are a creative looking to work on your art while learning about autonomous living and permaculture 
  • You are an artist or entrepreneur and create looking to work on personal art projects in an off the grid natural setting
  • You are seeking access to clean organic food fresh from the farm
  • You are seeking a massive detox and to live in community
  • You are looking to immerse yourself in workshops that allow you to design life out of the matrix
  • You are seeking the hands-on experience of what it feels like to live off the grid
  • You are seeking to understand the impact of space and environment on your state of consciousness
  • You want to learn how to listen and communicate with your environment
  • You want access to movement and meditation classes
  • You are a slackliner or highliner
  • HERE are more reasons to attend any and all Momentom Residencies


  • Private or Shared Accommodations
  • 3 x Plant Based Meals per day
  • Co working & co-creation zone with Wifi in the jungle 
  • Yoga, Meditation, Movement classes
  • TED style talks
  • 24 hr access to training spaces
  • Live with guest teachers, coaches, energy healers and business entrepreneurs from all over the world
Costa Rica Green Residency


Gabrielle Bonneville

Momentom Co-Founder at

Yoga, Mindfulness, Flow Mastery, Business Coaching, Acroyoga


wren guest teacher costa rica

Founder of Corea

Partner dance
Embodied connection
Danyasa facilitator


Julien Desforges

Founder of Slackline Montreal 

Kung Fu, Wim Hof, Slackline




Photographer, Videographer
Graphic designer
Mindful digital visual art
Content creator & Social media



Co-Founder Envision Festival, Alegria, Punta Mona

Permaculture Principles, Listening to Nature, Building Community, Growing your own garden, Superfoods


Experiment of design, magic and biology.

Genetic & tissue engineering, inner healing, ancient technologies, plant & animal medicine, shaman practices, mysticism



momentom collective green residency costa rica

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