Certified Permaculture Program. Taught by some of the industry’s top guest teachers, community designers and visionaries in the world. True wealth exists in a world of collective self-sufficiency. 

It has become clear that the planets shift in our collective consciousness has begun. It is time to reconnect to Mother Earth and take the future into our own hands. We do this by merging art and regenerative living. We call this earth arts. 



We are living through a time of our planetary extinction. This « tipping point » can be seen as doomsday or as an unprecedented opportunity to stay as we have always been or step up and build from a different level of consciousness. As artists, we have the creative power to lead and inspire masses, to explore the deepest part of our inner selves to create the wildest iteration of our world.

« We cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them » – Albert Einstein

There is a creative energy that wants to express itself through you. Everything about this intensive is designed as an incubator for creative source to flow through residents, from programming, to community activities, to food, to space design. We come together to express our source and channel through new planetary solutions. 

Our truest essence knows what is being asked from us: root down to rise up. Without self-sufficiency, without water, food or air, there is no art to be made.

To root, we learn how to become self-reliant, we start considering earth as the ultimate art piece and become her gatekeepers. We ask: what piece of our art do we want to create in our future? 

We have gathered the most skilled speakers, teachers, trainers and healers in the industry of herbalism, permaculture, farming, circus, plant medicine to teach us simple yet profound skills to enmesh within our lives. We attune to all aspects of ourselves in collectivity, deep in nature. 


Our new 2 week formats are called ‘Intensives’. Jam-packed with 5-6 hour days, we dive in all aspects with the world-class Momentom crew who teach us the ways to build ourselves from the inside out. 

All intensives are designed to cultivate habits that allow one to meditate more profoundly, listen inwardly along with jump-starting the body into movement and expression arts that allow you to become strong and freely expressed. We honour circus arts, so you will have the opportunity of training in highlining, aerials silks, dance, and yoga while learning permaculture. 

Experience community living with spectacular humans courageous enough to step outside the box. We eat together, we pray together, we live together, we learn how to hold space, take space and live in community. This residency will leave you seeing the world in an entirely new way, with relevant skills, while walking away with a calmer mind and stronger body and confidence . 

This is more than a certification. We get our hands dirty, we re-create, we question, we re-learn, we let go, we perceive shapes, we listen to nature,  we exchange new ideas, we move our bodies, we express, we pray, we dive into ceremony, we walk the line, we embody, we connect, we activate.

“Momentom’s green residency leaves residents not only the ability to vision and design our own sustainable project, but we train in the arts with some of the top guest teachers while doing it!”

― Sonia Baptise, 2022

“This residency changed my life.”

― Amanda Walter, 2022

“The most unconventional and multidisciplinary permaculture certification program in the world, plus it’s in an artist residency!”

― Jason Larson, 2022


Macaw Lodge, Costa Rica

Visit – Macaw Lodge Website


Dec 7 – 20, 2022



Permaculture philosophy
Tincture and salve making
Sacred geometry
Aerial arts
Movement and dance
Yoga and flexibility
Balance arts
Authentic relating



Twin Shared Accommodations:
$3500  USD

Private Accommodations:
$5000 USD



Movement Artists , Permaculture Enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to learn how to live autonomously off-grid, and help build a permanent community designed by artists for artists.



Along with the signature residency offerings such as yoga, meditation and community building, this intensive will have a special emphasis on:

  • Permaculture philosophy and an understanding on how to apply it to your life and your protect.
  • 2-3 classes a day in movement and meditation.
  • Herbalism classes that allow you to fine tune your relationship with the natural world around you.
  • Learning medicinal properties of plants for healing-
  • Sacred geometry and biomimicry , learning how everything is of divine design, including you and all plants.
  • Conditioning the body to overcome mind fear through highline and circus arts.
  • Learning how to move with your body in dance classes, and overcome the fear of judgement so you can be fully expressed.
Here is an example of a sample schedule for our Green Residency, to show you our commitment to development, and diversity, within the human experience.



  • A variety of daily classes in movement, meditation, circus, permaculture farming and eco-design.
  • TED style talks and round-table discussions.
  • Hands-on experience building community and farming the land.
  • Ecstatic dances in the jungle.
  • Solo time to reflect on your desires.
  • Organic food from an on-site permaculture garden.
  • Earth skills and optimization of creative processes. 
  • Music and Jams.
  • Highline sessions in one of Costa Rica’s only highline classes. 
  • Mud baths and jungle vibes.
  • Full Moon parties.
  • Professional Guest teachers and mind blowing workshops.
  • Cosmovisioning, lucid dreaming techniques, & actualization techniques.
  • Plant medicine & Cacao ceremonies.
  • Song sharing.
  • Weekly community circles.
  • Access to a network of creatives, entrepreneurs, & coaches.
  • Co-working & co-creation zone with Wifi in the jungle.
  • 24 hr access to training spaces.
  • Live with guest teachers, coaches, energy healers and business entrepreneurs from all over the world.
  • The ultimate barefoot lifestyle.


  • You are looking to rebuild your life.
  • You are looking for experience living off grid, and learning about regenerative living.
  • You are looking to meet like minded people and artists
  • You are looking for clarity and new understanding of the world around you.
  • You are a creative looking to work on your art while learning about autonomous living and permaculture.
  • You are an artist or entrepreneur and create looking to work on personal art projects in an off the grid natural setting.
  • You are seeking access to clean organic food fresh from the farm.
  • You are seeking a massive detox and to live in community.
  • You are looking to immerse yourself in workshops that allow you to design life out of the matrix.
  • You are seeking the hands-on experience of what it feels like to live off the grid.
  • You are seeking to understand the impact of space and environment on your state of consciousness.
  • You want to learn how to listen and communicate with your environment.
  • You want access to movement and meditation classes.
  • You are a slackliner or highliner.


Are you an artist, a digital nomad or someone trying to get their own projects off the ground? Hire our content creation crew to tell your tale. 

We believe that good storytelling is the precursor to success in our endeavors and in manifesting our visions. Trust, we work with the world’s best storytellers, photographers and videographers in residency.

Momentom content creators will be in house and offer add-on services available to residents. With this material, you can get your exposure and story on point.

Photography & Videography- book in a session. 

Communicate your vision directly to our team and they will capture your essence, with one of the most lush and beautiful permaculture farms in Costa Rica as the backdrop.

• Videography: Epic 2 minute promotional video – $550 

• Photography: 15 Professionally edited and polished photos – $250


Absolutely. For us, children and elders are the true teachers in residency. We believe the children are the future and with their little minds expanding so quickly, residencies may be one of the best spaces for a full scope of expansion that help them perceive the magic of a sustainable world, of community living and of what it feels like to be free to be themselves. The elders are the wisdom keepers and we want to learn from them. All ages are welcome. 

If enough children are present, we can prepare for specific classes for children at extra cost. Children can join dance classes. If parents would like to hire local help for babysitters, our team can help you set this up. 

Momentom certifies all their intensives with the hours completed by residents. This is backed by the academia from which the permaculture teacher is from, which is different in each residency. We have worked with Punta Mona, Tierra Selva and many more. All residents must attend all classes to obtain their certification.

The community is made up of a variety of humans from all walks of life. Diversity is kept. You will find healers, artists, performers, singers, acrobats, clowns, along with farmers, herbalists, tightrope walkers. The main denominator is that all people in our residencies are passionate about self-actualization and spiritual development.

Momentom residencies culminate with a plant ceremony at an extra cost for those who want to deep dive into the interdimensional realm. If you are interested, we will open the opportunity to residents in house. In green residencies, you can expect cacao ceremony, mushroom ceremony and Inipi with an indigenous wisdom keeper named Alejandro, and his family. 

After your application has been accepted, within the following week, you will need to pay a 50 percent deposit to book your place. Then we ask that you pay the remaining amount no more than 30 days before your residency. If you cancel before this time we honor 50% of your deposit as credit for a future residency. If you do not cancel before this time, you will forfeit your deposit and we will have to give the space to someone else.

We believe in the medicine of community so much that we want our experiences to be as accessible as possible. We can evaluate this on a case by case basis and we are open to working with you if you need support and we can come to a suitable agreement. After you apply, you can notify our sales team as to your specific inquiries around payment structure.





Stephen Brooks

Guest Teacher

Permaculture Design, Community Creation, Land Stewardship and Restoration, Visionary





Guest Teacher

Permaculture Gardener, Holistic Chef, Culinary Professor



Gabrielle Bonneville

Momentom Co-Founder

Yoga, Mindfulness, Flow Mastery, Business Coaching, Acroyoga, Lucid Dreaming


John Early

John Early

Momentom Co-Founder

Community Leadership, Yoga, Acroyoga, Author & Musician


tony guest teacher costa rica

Tony Tobias

Content Creator 

Founder of Kinesis, Videography, Parkour & Tricking Artist, Fire Artist



Adrián YoZéF

Guest Teacher

Founder of Beyond Dance Costa Rica, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Musical Journey Designer (DJ), Fire Dance, Ceremony Guide


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WhatsApp Image 2022-09-19 at 3.25.06 PM

Sacha McQuade

Guest Teacher

Highline, Slackline, Calisthenics



Fernando Blanco

Guest Teacher

Founder of Vequium, Sacred Geometry, Performance, Bamboo Craftsmanship



Miguel Garcia


Founder of Pyrodanza, Fire Dancer, Performer



Hazel Plá

Guest Teacher

Founder of Vol’ Air Studio, Aerialist, Performer, Choreographer




Alex CatLex - Cirque

Alex CatLex

Guest Teacher

Founder of CatLex Stretch Method, Circus Artist, Acrobat, Flexibility, Mobility Expert


Frankie 2

Frank Kemp

Head Chef

Permaculture, Musical Enthusiast, Community Living, Nutrition, Specializing in farm to table and sensory experiences



JP Saliba

Guest Teacher and Chef

Herbalist Wizard, Jungle Chef, Dancing Reiki Warrior





Ceremonialist, Community Elder, Indigenous Wisdom, Devoted Father


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