Five years ago Momentom had a dream. We dreamed of a community based on authenticity and self expression. We dreamed of modern day ninjas and energy alchemists that could raise the vibrations of those around them. We dreamed of a tribe living in an existence of co-creation, where everyone can drop the mask and step into their artistic potential without fears or judgement. We dreamed that unblocking our energy, redirecting it from structures that do not serve the human existence, that we could start to redirect it to the things that really matter.

We didn’t just dream this. We believed in it. With that belief, we actualised Momentom Collective. A tribe of nomads who embody what it really means to be alive.

In 2021 we plan to re-open our doors to the CIRCUS ISLAND residency in a brand new location. We are moving into a Chocolate Factory and functioning Cacao Farm on the volcanic island of Ometepe, Nicaragua.

We invite YOU, our tribe, to join this experience in paradise. We invite you to find that spark of inspiration in every moment that will stay with you for years to come. To take the chance to be part of something bigger that will remind you of what it means to truly embody the human experience.

Ometepe is located in the largest freshwater lake in Central America, and once was the land that the tribes of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans would congregate to share medicine. This volcanic land is activated by spirit, with the energies of one active {feminine} and one dormant {masculine} volcano. The perimeter creates the shape of an infinity symbol and is protected as a bioregion. Over 90% of the island’s energy is green, and it has become a haven for permaculture with many farms established for over 20 years, and for natural building. It is also a hub for medicinal plants, plant medicines, ceremonies, energy work and community living. The volcanoes are literally littered with hundreds of petroglyphs of ancient civilizations, and it is rumoured to be one of the energetic hot spots and ascension points of our time.

Circus Island is home to the original Momentom family vibes, and it is our gift to you to join us for the most carefree, creative and inspired pockets of divine freedom in this period of global stress. Much of our team have been in retreat on Ometepe during the COVID-19 pandemic and have experienced a mask-free existence with tons of cacao and skinny dipping. We are ready to share this with you.

Our newest home, El Pital Chocolate Paradise, is building the Momentom community a gift of a brand new dance platform perched above the lake where we can watch the sun set behind Volcan Conception while the community swims freely in the fresh waters below.

Your days will be filled with magic! Meditation, yoga, aerials, acroyoga, ecstatic dance, contact improv, clown, theatre arts, mermaiding, ceremony, plant medicine, permaculture and events are all part of the schedule at Circus Island. We invite you to join us for all the activities on offer, while at the same time learning what it means to eat directly from the fruit forest that surrounds you, and live in an eco village of cabins. You can visit our neighbours who are building on virgin land using bio construction and growing food with permaculture techniques.

Our neighbours are harvesters and facilitators of some of the most sacred medicines on Earth, and we will offer opportunities to be in regular ritual and ceremony with natures gifts.

Did we mention that you can drink the volcanic spring water straight from the tap?!


El Pital Chocolate Paradise
Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

January 10 – March 11, 2021

PRICES (all on-site)
$2250 USD / month dorm
$3000 USD / month twin share
$3750 USD / month private

NOMAD SPACE (off-site)
$3000 USD / month pp Couples with AC 
$4000 USD / month Private King with AC 


Performance & Movement Artists, Clowns, Dancers, Aerialists, Acrobats, Object Manipulators, Stilt Walkers, Roving Artists, Choreographers, Body Painters, Festival Tribe, Yogis, Healers, Passionate Carnies.

ometepe circus island


In 2019 and 2020, Momentom Collective felt called to shift from performance into Prayerformance. Using ceremony and ritual as a leading tool to create dynamic performances that call on the energies of Pacha Mama and the unseen dimensions, bringing their messages to the stage. These powerful portals have become our signature offering. 

Typically we align our performance based residencies with major festivals including Cosmic Convergence and Envision Festival. This year, with Envision cancelled, we will focus our energies on smaller local events, and our Social Circus outreach project where we introduce new conscious concepts to the youth of Nicaragua. The place to plant seeds for true transformation.  

What happens when a group of artists from all over the world co-create something beyond themselves and their own ego? Tony Tobias captured the 2020 Prayerformance for Envision Festival in a short documentary.


Momentom’s Circus Island is moving to a Chocolate Paradise on the Bioregion of Ometepe. Surrounded by permaculture farms and off-grid living, you will find yourself home amongst creative nomads, movement artists and spiritual seekers.  The community on Ometepe is a beautiful one and our neighbours are harvesting medicinal plants, holding ceremony, and pushing forward the plant based movement.

El Pital is located almost directly between two volcanoes that make up the infinity shaped island called Ometepe in Nicaragua. One volcano is active with fire, and the other has a crater lake that creates waterfalls and natural springs. The island of Ometepe is surrounded by a fresh water lake and is home to a tropical jungle.

Our dream is to create and share quality cacao, live in harmony with nature, to thrive and to share our passion for human connection by creating space for people to share their gifts and connect while continuing to nourish our soil and plant trees for the future generations.


Momentom co-training, co-living and co-working retreats provide everything you need to connect with your tribe and step into the most optimal version of yourself. Circus Island is no exception. We offer all of our standard inclusions, while holding onto the original Momentom family vibes.

On Circus Island we will be specifically focusing on self expression through Circus, Clowning, Theatre, and Performance creation both by skillshare, and with our specially selected Guest Teachers. Opportunities to tap into your performer will be at Social Circus performances, Cabaret Shows, Circus Island Full Moon parties

Your stay on Circus Island will be in a Chocolate Paradise known as El Pital on Ometepe. Ometepe is a Bioregion, and home to many Permaculture farms. El Pital is connected to a working cacao plantation and produces fresh, raw & organic cacao on site! Accommodations are within the fruit forest and you will see first hand an oasis built locally using local materials. An eco-village hub. Your stay at Circus Island includes:

  • Shared or Private Accommodations
  • 2x plant based meals per day
  • Yoga, Movement & Aerial training spaces
  • Iconic Momentom Schedule of Classes & Workshops
  • Guest Teachers & Speakers focused in dance, theatre & circus arts
  • Co-working for Digital Nomads
  • Full Moon Party & Cacao Ceremony
  • Access to plant medicine journeys
  • Community Outreach / Social Circus weekly


Therese Lowton

Momentom Co-Founder

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation
Performance Coordinator
Aerial Silks, Events, Ritual & Plant Medicine Ceremony,
Design, Web & Brand Dev


John Early

Momentom Co-Founder

Yoga, Meditation
Chakra Toning
Published Author
Musician, Singer Songwriter
Podcast, Host, Marketing


Francesca Annenberg

Residency Manager

Free Form Movement
Synergy and Budokon Yoga
Published Author
Intuitive Eating
Dance & Choreography
ED Recovery Coach


Jonny Karroll Momentom Collective

Residency Manager

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation
Yoga Philosophy
Flow Arts



Guest Teacher

The Emerging Teacher
The Who-Man Experience
Dance & Choreography
Professional Conduct


Marlene Solano

Guest Teacher

Aerial Silks
Aerial Conditioning
Partner Aerial
Dance & Choreography


Alex Payaso

Guest Teacher

Sacred Clown
Hand Balancing
Cyr Wheel
Crystal Contact Ball



Guest Teacher

Embodied Movement Arts
Fire Dance & Props
Performance Techniques
Visual & Visionary Artist
Reiki Healer


Ricky Saenz Momentom Collective

Sound & Tech

Actor, Theatre, Clown
DJ, Sound Journey
Social Outreach Program
Local intregration lead


Javier Mora

Momentom Head Chef

Plant Based Chef
Farm to Table Cuisine
Microbial Nutrition


Garland Griff

Content Creator

Conscious Events
Social Media


Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 10.40.39 am

Content Creator

Content Creation
Tricking & Parkour
Fire Artist




Momentom Collective has a humanitarian initiative with a mission to give back to the local community through play, circus yoga and games. At our core, we believe in the power of circus and yoga as activities conducive for self, social and economic development. We encourage all of our artists to get involved to get to know and give back to the local community.

Circus Island has a focus on workshops for the local community to bring light to communities that have experienced significant unrest since 2018. One of the greatest gifts we can give to this community is to demonstrate play, collaboration and share laughter. To shine our light, and to show that adults don’t need to be so serious, and we can communicate from our hearts.


Circus Island Nicaragua Residency
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