Five years ago Momentom had a dream. We dreamed of a community based on authenticity and self expression. We dreamed of modern day ninjas and energy alchemists that could raise the vibrations of those around them. We dreamed of a tribe living in an existence of co-creation, where everyone can drop the mask and step into their artistic potential without fears or judgement. We dreamed that unblocking our energy, redirecting it from structures that do not serve the human existence, that we could start to redirect it to the things that really matter.

We didn’t just dream this. We believed in it. With that belief, we actualised Momentom Collective. A tribe of nomads who embody what it really means to be alive.

In 2020/21 we plan to open our doors to the CIRCUS ISLAND residency. We are awaiting for travel restrictions to lift from the global pandemic to allow our residencies to flourish once again. In 2021, we will be offering a brand new location for our community!

Circus Island is all about discovering ways to tap in and then transmute our light to the youth of Nicaragua and remind them that living in a state of civil unrest doesn’t mean they can’t play, connect, co-create, and laugh. Be the reminder that adults can have fun too and that anything is possible.

We invite YOU to join the creation process to step onto one of the worlds most incredible stages of 7000+ people AT ENVISION FESTIVAL 2021 with a tribe of authentic, unconventional & artistic nomads. Be part of a movement that you will tell the next generation about, that you will have no regrets about on your death bed.

We invite you to find that spark of inspiration in every moment that will stay with you for years to come. To take the chance to be part of something bigger that will remind you of what it means to truly embody the human experience.

Beds are extremely limited. If you are thinking about it, don’t hesitate. Opportunities like this don’t come around every day. Drop the limitations of your mind, follow your heart and buckle up for one of the wildest experiences you will live this lifetime.






Performance & Movement Artists, Clowns, Dancers, Aerialists, Acrobats, Object Manipulators, Stilt Walkers, Roving Artists, Choreographers, Body Painters, Festival Tribe, Yogis, Healers, Passionate Carnies.


Momentom co-training, co-living and co-working retreats provide everything you need to connect with your tribe and step into the most optimal version of yourself. Circus Island is no exception. We offer all of our standard inclusions, while holding onto the original Momentom family vibes.

On Circus Island we will be specifically focusing on self expression through Clowning, Theatre, Choreography and Performance creation both by skillshare, and with our specially selected Guest Teachers. Opportunities to tap into your performer will be at Social Circus performances, Passion Shows, Circus Island Full Moon party and eventually Envision Festival.

Your stay on Circus Island includes:

  • Shared Accommodations
  • 3x home cooked vegetarian meals / day prepared by residents
  • Yoga, Movement & Aerial training spaces
  • Iconic Momentom Schedule of Classes & Workshops
  • Guest Teachers & Speakers focused in clown, theatre & circus arts
  • Co-working for Digital Nomads
  • Full Moon Party & Cacao Ceremony
  • Community Outreach / Social Circus weekly
  • Pre-Envision Festival Training for performers


Momentom Collective has a humanitarian initiative with a mission to give back to the local community through play, circus yoga and games. At our core, we believe in the power of circus and yoga as sports for development that are highly conducive for self, social and economic development. We encourage all of our artists to get involved to get to know and give back to the local community.

Circus Island has  a specific focus on workshops for the local community to bring light to communities that have experienced significant unrest since 2018. One of the greatest gifts we can give to this community is to demonstrate play, collaboration and share laughter. To shine our light, and to show that adults don’t need to be so serious, and we can communicate from our hearts.

We suggest that residents may start a fundraising account to help cover the expense of their stay and help to cover costs to buy supplies and transport to Social Circus initiatives in Nicaragua. Our stay in Nicaragua will include weekly trips to the local schools to share performance and workshops.


Each year Momentom performs in front of 7000+ people at Envision Festival. We will be curating a stage piece while on the island which will be curated by our theatre director. Select professional artists will be involved in this piece, and there may be support roles to get involved in for emerging artists.

For those not involved in the main show, you will be invited to work on solo or small or group pieces to perform on the Luna stage alongside internationally reknown DJs.

One of Momentom’s biggest visions is to make people’s dreams come true and we have emerged a number of aspiring artists on the Luna stage. We do not have ticket allocations for everyone on the island, and will only be able to grant entrance for those in the main show. All other people on the island will need to purchase their ticket to Envision, or obtain through other channels

For artists wanting to perform on the Luna stage, we will provide coaching with our Guest Teachers and encourage you to put your piece into action throughout the month at Social Circus, Passion Shows and the Full Moon party.

Performing at Envision is not only an incredible experience, but it means being backstage networking with the Performance Coordination team, performers from across the globe and musicians. All this while getting footage on one of the most beautiful stages in the jungle.




Circus Island Nicaragua Residency
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