Watch 10 Of Our Live Streams Since Beginning of Quarantine


Wow, it’s been about two weeks since countries began closing borders. In the midst of physical distancing, we as a species are becoming more creative to find healthy ways to connect.

At Momentom Collective, we feel blessed with the opportunity to be a Community in Quarantine with internet during these times, and we decided to use the tools of Social Media to share our unique experiences to connect with you: including numerous live streams.

We design a spectrum of experiences that allow us opportunities to facilitate self-healing, growth, and expression: From meditations, breathing technique workshops, yoga, deep truth talk conversations, and the list goes on!

Journey with us as we reflect and relive 11 live streams from these two weeks as a Creative Community in Quarantine:

Two weeks ago, we circled as a community sharing our honest thoughts and feelings about what’s been happening in the world. Borders began closing, there were more questions than answers, and we allowed ourselves to simply feel. After this intense conversation we chose to channel this energy with a sunset meditation. This was the best way to release draining energies and reenergize from within:

Envisioning a New You with Holly Clark

After dinner time, a beloved resident, Holly Clark offered a meditation named “Envisioning a New You”. This came at the perfect time, when many of us were questioning what is becoming of the world as we knew it. Her calming voice and nurturing words catalyzed healing from within for all of us who attended in person… and even inspired some to release tears:

Immunity Boosting Breath Work: Wim Hof with Julien Desforges

Here’s an Immunity Boosting breathing technique, courtesy of Wim Hof and Julien Desforges. Since learning about this highly effective and useful technique, Wim Hof has become a household name in this residency, and now we begin our weekdays with this breathwork! This benefits our immune system, and our overall well-being in general. Try this breathwork with us and let us know how it works for you:

Building Ecological Communities with Envision Co-Founder Stephen Brooks

Connection doesn’t stop at Quarantine, and we are grateful for our connection with Stephen Brooks who chose to connect with us from another country via Live stream and share his knowledge and wisdom of co-founding and building Ecological communities in various parts of the world. He is the perfect teacher to learn from in regards to envisioning epic dreams and making them into reality, including the legendary Envision Festival. Learn from the legend himself:

Managing Residency in the Midst of Coronavirus with Momentom Collective Co-Founders

Vulnerability. Authenticity. Expression. These are three of many aspects we believe co-create a healthy environment for a community to thrive in. Here are three of many beings who continue to inspire vulnerable, authentic expression during this global pandemic. In fact, they are the three who co-founded this collective that we are all thriving in!

We are so grateful to be in their presence to learn from them during these challenging times. They are a true epitome of resilience. Here’s a special glimpse of their powerful essence, and we sense you will feel just as inspired and motivated to express your authentic self – as we do:

Designing the New World with Gabrielle Bonneville

In this diverse collective, we share different perspectives of life. Rather than choosing to only converse with “like-minded” people, we choose to connect with “love-hearted” beings: who may not share the exact dreams as we do, yet are passionate in their love as we are. Here in this collective conversation, we dive deeper into the dreams we are designing. We invite you to share your unique perspectives with us after watching this, because although we are all experiencing different moments – we are still all in this together:

Tantric Breath Work with Gaia Ma

Breath is pretty important… very important actually, and there are so many techniques out there on how to utilize this breath we share to heal within. This technique is also powerful in boosting your immune system, and may possibly stimulate your senses in other ways ~ Do this exercise for yourself and let us know in the comments how you feel after! Thank you to Gaia Ma (Founder of The Tantric Way & Founder/Director of Inanitah Fire Season), for facilitating this safe space for us to explore our breath.

Yoga with Jonny Karroll

No one ever regrets starting their day with yoga“, especially with this clowning creature, Jonny Karroll, who shows us his gentle expression as he guides us through this early rising flow, reminding us that we are free to flow in any way we desire! This yoga flow will help you to remember how great this human body is, and you may complete this video with a thankful body, and a couple of laughs:

Conscious Communiation with Andrea Belén

We as a human species naturally communicate… yet how many of us consciously communicate? Communication is vital in our evolution as a species and we could all benefit from learning techniques on how to communicate more effectively with ourselves and those we connect with.

Here, Andrea Belén shares with us her techniques on how to communicate more consciously, inevitably improving relationships with yourself and with others:

Transformational Facilitation with Gaia Ma

This person has the power to heal themselves“;
A powerful reminder from this Transformational Facilitation talk with Gaia Ma. In a world filled with “coaches” and “therapists”, Gaia Ma eclectically combines her transformative methods from over a decade of experience, and shares useful ways to facilitate a healthy safe space for others to answer their own questions to life. This talk is useful for anyone who desires to nurture healthier connections to others:

Yin Yoga with Hannah Cunha

We complete this glimpse of our journey as a Community in Quarantine, with a restorative Yin Yoga flow, with Hannah Cunha nurturing our bodies with her calming energy, soothing voice, and gentle reminders that our bodies tell us everything we need to know – when we choose to listen.

Sunsets become an even more magical experience when Hannah guides us through a yoga flow. We encourage you to listen to your body, and if it’s in need of restoration, this practice will surely benefit your body for the better! Possibly even your mind and soul, just as it does for us:

From rooftop to rooftop, to all the places in-between, we continue to feel immense gratitude to be in a safe space co-creating in a contained community. We feel grateful to be with the tools to share these special experiences with you, and we hope to inspire deep connection during these physically distancing times.

If you resonate with the community we are co-creating and feel called to participate in more ways, we just launched our Patreon that offers more in-depth content of how we are consciously designing this world we are thriving in!

Gracias, thank you, for being here with us. We are so grateful to shift here with you.

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Cover photo by Misty Moss. Check out her full album from the first few weeks of our 2020 Nicaragua artist residency here on Facebook.

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