Welcome to the Momentom Collective Podcast: Truth talks that shift minds.

Join us as we drop into deep conversations and unconventional topics with some of our favourite guest teachers and influential minds of today.

Expect a fun and open discussion to invoke a positive shift in perspective and understanding of the human experience.


Creating Connection with Authentic Relating, Relational Intelligence & Human Design
With Amelia Broughton & John Early

Ask a Neuroscientist About Covid 19, How Fear Affects the Brain & 5G
With Corey Deacon & John Early

The Importance of Self Love & Vulnerability for our Creative Soul
With Adam Roa & John Early

Cacao & The Global Consciousness Shift
With Keith Wilson & John Early


Create Your Reality with Flow Consciousness
W/ Justin Faerman,  Jackie Knechtel & John Early


Covid19, The 5th Dimension & How We Can Shift Our Reality with Thomas Love & John Early

SEEDS a Conscious Cryptocurrency: How Seeds Can Heal the Planet & Benefit Artists
With Reiki Cordon & John Early

Understanding DMT and Bufo
With Holly Clark & John Early

Life Acceleration
With Jules Schroeder & John Early

How to Create Company Culture and Find Play in Everything with Rod Cooper & John Early

Mastering Mindful Movement
With Arian Levanael & John Early

Interdimensional Sound Alchemy
With Thomas Love & John Early