For 5 years, Momentom has thrived from opening nomadic residencies around the world. We embodied the transient lifestyle as we tasted many cultures, ways of life, and perspectives. We embodied the gypsy and we explored our beautiful planet.

Since the onset of C19, humanity has faced a drastically new shared reality that has ignited deep questions about life. We’ve been catapulted to really consider who we are and how we want to live in this world.

What does it mean to be free?
What does it mean to be ALIVE?

Despite the global pandemic, Momentom has continued to gather community all over. We opened up residencies in a permaculture farm in Costa Rica to learn about sustainable living, and we ventured to an isolated island in Nicaragua where we remembered the joy of living freely.

Even in light of vaccines, masks, forced isolation, lockdowns, severe sanctions, we knew it was crucial to retreat back to nature. We knew the greatest revolution was one where we would learn how to be independent from the matrix. These residencies have allowed us space and time to design, conceptualize and plan for our home base.

In the shadows, our tribe has been preparing to create a new world.

We have come to realize that it is time to design our own reality – one that mimics our most valuable truth: that we are free.

We are owning more than ever who we are: a visionary community that exists to exemplify a new template for humanity; a place of resilience, wellness, and living in harmony with Nature.


We manifest a community space outside of the matrix.
We manifest radical regeneration.
We manifest deep jungle.
We manifest clear water, pure air, rich soil.
We manifest lush waterfalls, organic food, safe spaces for prayer;
We manifest play spaces for training of mind and body
for our children, for elders, for animals, for all beings.
We manifest open-air playgrounds
We manifest the world’s most incredible artist residency


Momentom Collective has been actively looking for a permanent location for our vast community of incredible artists, healers and creative entrepreneurs to call home. We found it.

Momentom will invest in 10-15 acres of land in a larger community building a world class retreat center, lush organic farm, and wellness spa, along with an abundance of waterfalls. Momentom will be in charge of developing the artistic component of this community.

This “Art Hub” will host residencies, retreats, festivals, and ceremonies, along with designing and building high-end music studios, movement spaces, play spaces, ceremony spaces. All collective spaces will be accessible to all initial investors.

Initial investors will also have a return of investment whenever they have their home rented out while having access to all the amazing activities that are happening on site. Owners in the community will have the opportunity to be owners in the retreat center, organic farm, and spa.

We will open investors to:

* 10 investors for land
* 50 investors for tiny homes
* 100 memberships


1. Complete the questionnaire below
2. Choose your investment preference
3. Put down a 10 000$ deposit


* 3.5 hr drive from San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica
* 35 min to Dominical, Pacific Ocean.
* Infrastructure to each lot: roads, grid electric, municipal water, a conduit for fiber optic internet
* Private access to river, waterfalls & bathing pools 400-1200 feet above Sea level
Lush rainforest,
* Access to 4 x epic waterfalls
* Quiet, remote, and pristine farming region

Schedule a discovery call with the crew or complete our application below:

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