After 6 years of nomadic traveling across the globe, Momentom Collective is ready to ground down and create a permanent base. We are inspired, excited, and devoted to designing a home base that is conducive to radical artistic expression, human connection and regeneration within nature.


A Holistic Micro Community Designed for Artists by Artists



Our vision is to build a micro-community and retreat center for artists, on a parcel of land of about 10 to 15 acres. We envision a space for the collective realization of our inherent wholeness. 

The artists district would include the following elements:

  • Movement Temple (circus, dance, yoga) 
  • Visual Arts Temple (painting, sculpture, graffiti) 
  • Sound Temple (jams, concerts, sound healing)
  • Main Community House (kitchen, lounge, co-working)
  • Founders Homes (residential) 
  • 30 + Cabins, dorms and campground


Our mission is to nurture well being and invite an integrated way of living 

Our mission is to design a world-class artistic village and incubator studio space in the jungle with everything you need to heal and create.  


In pandemic-era conditions, psychological and emotional fatigue has become almost a given for everyone.

We feel disconnected from the natural world, each other and our own internally calibrated way of being. 


We believe that new and diversified models of well being are needed for the health of individual society and our planet. 

We expect to see an unprecedented number of humans moving south and “out of the matrix”, seeking wellness, nature, and wellbeing in environments that boost mental, immune and physical health. 

While some will continue to lock down, many will start to seek three major factors in their lives:  human connection, technology and nature. 

We also know that the Global Wellness Tourism market size is expected to be worth around US$ 1.10 trillion by 2028

We are pioneering the  “new normal”. 

How? by designing a community haven for artists and digital nomads in the lush jungle of Costa Rica. 

We are at an embryonic stage of our project, and we are glad you are here to help us create it. The following is a mood board of what we envision. 


  • We manifest a community space outside of the matrix, in the jungle
  • We manifest radical regeneration and permaculture. 
  • We manifest clear water, pure air, and rich soil. 
  • We manifest lush waterfalls, organic food, safe spaces for prayer & art,  
  • We manifest play spaces for training of mind and body for our children, for elders, for animals and for all beings. 
  • We manifest open-air playgrounds and highline play parks

ARCHITECTURE  Inspired by : 


  • VanLife & Minimalism Movement 
  • Innovation Tech meets Zen 
  • Eco-Responsible & Leave no Trace Philosophy 
  • HIgh Quality meets sustainable , customizableLocal construction 
  • Constellation, Mandala & Sacred Geometry integrated in “Psychedelica Architecture” 
  • 100% Natural and Green Materials + Biomimicry integrated 
  • Configured solar panels , Natural lighting , Self Sufficient


  • Fiber Optic Internet
  • Studio Spaces 
  • Aerial Nets
  • Altar Spaces
  • Dry Toilets 
  • Outdoor showers
  • Overlooking the stars
  • Breezy Open concept

Our COMMUNITY SPACES will be able to host

  • Community events
  • Retreats & Residencies
  • Workshops
  • Summits
  • Studio spaces for residents

Main pillars of the Arts Community 

  • Authentic Relating (Conflict Resolution & Conscious Communication)  ; 
  • Holacracy (Alternative governance & consensus ); 
  • Alternative economy with decentralized currency ; 
  • Elders &  Aboriginal tradition/ Wisdom imparted in culture; 
  • Open resource education, wealth sharing of knowledge;  
  • Co-creation – all artists and healers share their skills;  
  • Built with the idea that it some solutions can be replicated in cities;


  • Join the team 
  • Project investors (10 000$+ )
  • Homeowners  (125 000 $ – 250 000$)  ** Depending on model 
  • Angel Investors (500 000 $ USD +) 

Our team is finalizing a pitch deck for investors and homeowners, while re-configuring the team to accomplish our permanent location vision. 

We will gladly share this with you in the next few weeks.
For now, register your interest and we will send you information shortly.