Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on November’s Gemini Full Moon


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on November’s Gemini Full Moon

Words by Therese Lowton


This November’s Full Moon on Monday 30th, falls in Gemini, and will be extra special due to the Sun and the Moon being on opposite sides of the Earth, casting a shadow that can be seen on the moon’s surface, known as a Lunar Eclipse. This rare occasion only happens when the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are divinely aligned and will generate an intensity of the moon cycle that will be felt for the next three months.

On November 30’s Full Moon, we will experience a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which will be followed by a total Solar Eclipse on December 14.

This full moon and lunar eclipse gives us a chance to dive into the shadows and illuminate any areas of our life that have unnecessary emotions and attachments that have run their course and need to be released. 

It is a great moment to take the void of this release to set intentions around renewal and regeneration, particularly in 2020 where we have been witness to so much suffering. Now is the time to make space for the new. 

When we clear out old energies, we are creating a garden of opportunity for new seeds to be sown, watered and harvested. Tune into what no longer serves you, and what you would like to grow in its place as you vision a new version of yourself born onto a new earth. Nature is providing us with the opportunity for some powerful gardening of the subconscious mind – it is your chance to make significant changes!

The good thing about Eclipse’s is that you can trust the direction that they are taking you in. Now is the ultimate moment to trust what the universe is telling you and take action. 

This cycle also brings forth a strong feminine energy which we can channel to nurture ourselves through our cosmic shedding. The void found in the shadow of the eclipse may be challenging. It is important to remember this is a space of creation. Embrace this creative and nurturing life force energy and inject it into any new projects. 

As this Full Moon lands in Gemini, the sign of twins, we can draw on their symbolism to guide us through the lunar energies. The twins are considered to represent both the seen and unseen. The conscious and subconscious. One twin is from this Earth, and one is not.

It is a reminder that whatever we experience in our physical body is a divine manifestation of our spiritual body. As above, so below. One cannot exist without the other. We have an opportunity to come closer to witnessing the intersections between our twin selves and observe how our inner world is directly affecting the way that we choose to see things. 

Gemini is an air sign, which rules our mind. The mind attaches stories to events and has the power to be our worst enemy, or greatest ally. Use this time to consciously tap into the stories your mind created for you and how it could be influencing your human experience and ultimately your time here on Earth.  

If the Full Moon cycle brings opportunity to shed each month, consider the Lunar Eclipse the final purge, or cleansing of an emotional cycle. Embrace the changes that come from this pivotal moment, and trust in knowing the direction it is taking you in is toward your higher purpose.


At Momentom, we love to sync up with natures rhythms and we schedule many of our activities around the moon cycle. While in Residency this can be anything from intention setting, plant medicine ceremony, performances & larger events aligned with the stars above. Want to find out more? Check out our residencies page or send a reply email. We have upcoming residencies in Costa Rica in January, and Nicaragua in January and February. Stay tunes for dates for Indonesia 2021.

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