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Do you feel the collective energy shifting?

The repetitive routines we once felt “secure” in are changing;

So many of us are now quarantined in spaces all over the world, alternating our lifestyles to help reduce our chances of spreading illness — truly realizing how connected we all are as a species on this Earth.

This is quite the fascinating time to be alive: we feel the connection and isolation simultaneously, the unknowns of how this global pandemic is, and will continue to, alter our “secure” lifestyles that we felt “safe” in.

I quote these words because the idea of security and safety feel more like mental constructs that we have normalized throughout our lives.

And now – it’s all shifting – beyond what many of us could have ever imagined.

In these times of chaos, we truly remember and experience how adaptive we are as a species. It feels like many of us are realizing how powerful connection is – and we seem to crave it in any way possible.

Here at Momentom Collective, we feel this shift happening. We feel it in the moments of deep meditation, when we think about our loved ones in other countries; in our heart-opening conversations where we vulnerably express our truth; in our intellectual talks about how we choose to contribute during these times of chaos…

And now – we want to experience this shift – with you!

We’ve chosen to open our weekly programs via live streams to connect with you, because we are remember how powerful we are – together.

We invite you to join us.

It would be an honor to experience this shift with you.

Be a part of our community by joining our live streams happening every weekday! Our schedule for week 5 can be found below but, as the weeks progress, you can find our updated live stream schedule from our Nicaragua residency by clicking here.

Week 5 Live Stream & Residency Schedule

Cover photo by Misty Moss. Check out her full album from the first few week’s of our 2020 Nicaragua artist residency here on Facebook.

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