Nima’s Testimonial


Momentom Collective experiences are like living many timelines at once. Many dreams at once. We create spaces that are equal parts playground and laboratory where we expand ourselves out to the greatest limits of our self expression.

When something is alive we listen, we open the doors and invite people in to connect and collaborate with those who have spent years heeding the call of their artistic passions within.

And when those two worlds collide – life knows exactly what to do.

“The effect the sound residency had on me.” – A testimonial by Nima Sepehr.

This residency was everything I needed to level up my music journey. 

It was like watching months or years of content all in one gathering. But it wasn’t all just technical, but also emotional and spiritual. Everyone there quickly became like a family. Supporting and holding each other all for the love of growth & sharing music. In harmony & different frequencies. 


The teachers were incredible; JPool taught us with all his love and years of experience. Mose gave his secrets and opened up new paths. Naomi opened our minds into new realms. Matute & Margaux shared their art of healing through sound and ceremony. And all the many other Momentom facilitators that just shared their own magic which gave birth to a new momentum for me. 

This is where I produced my first track. It was only appropriate to call it Momentom. Where the new path of music journey was paved for me. One where I feel touched in my heart & stronger in my knowledge.”

Thank you so much hermano for these words, for your insights, your energy, friendship, and the courage it takes to show up for yourself.

The definition of community is collaboration, and in the fabric of our interwoven creative energy- here we find new visions birthed. New portals opened. And a place to rediscover the magical essence of WHO WE ALREADY ARE.

Find Nima on Instagram – @nima.lives

Check out Nima’s track and all the of the music we have made together in residency. 


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