New Moon in Scorpio | Coming Soon to All on Gaia’s surface…. by Landon Guinn


Graphic by @cosmiccollage

Coming Soon to All on Gaia’s surface…. 

On 04 November, 2021 we will experience a New Moon in Scorpio combined with the Sun in Scorpio!!

“So what? It’s just another moon…”

This is where we are challenged to see the beauty, magick, and uniqueness of this time!

For those listening to this ‘ascension journey’ the human collective is transitioning through, you may have noticed that this year there have been these potent Moon/Sun alignments multiple times in the recent months (aka Virgo Full Moon with Virgo Sun).

By Scorpio aligning the Sun and the dark moon we are guided once more to see how the external reality originates from our inner selves.

Scorpio is a water sign and yet there has always felt an underlying fire in its depths. We see this in our present as the Sun ignites our motivations to see and welcome our emotional bodies back into the Self.

  • What emotions are surfacing?
  • What is being avoided?
  • How can gratitude be the usher for deeper embodiment?


Through the Scorpio moon we are shown the unseen within our sensual nature and emotional bodies. During the New Moon this darkness allows us to see the fractals of light that are scattered through our inner universe. 

Through the Scorpio sun we are shown the reflection that others see as our separate self. We discover a layer beneath the wounds, lessons, and lens’ – something that only Becomes as we welcome the power that Scorpio guards.

A scorpion is a messenger of defeated fear – an embodiment of empowerment. They appear as guardians of new faith and warriors of promise. 

While Scorpio blazes as the Sun and dark moon this November we are asked to go within and see the unwindings that are still cycling through our subconscious minds.


The New Moon has traditionally been a symbol of manifestation. 

  • What newness are you welcoming into your life?
  • What do you desire to experience?
  • Who are you as a/the Creator?
  • Where are you on your journey?
  • How can your awareness of your present encourage you to peel YOU open?
  • What fears are surfacing for Scorpio to transmute?!


As humanity continues through astrological time it seems that the potency accelerates. Take care to ground through this watery season and rest as we prepare for the coming leaps.


With deep love and gratitude,

Landon Guinn

Intuitive Consultant | Alkemist | Wizard


Landon is one of the souls we connected with in 2021 during the Circus Island Residency on Ometepe in Nicaragua!

He is an Intuitive Guide for souls along their journey who desire clarity and empowerment as they process and integrate their soul remembrance.

Landon has training in Reiki, Cellular Release, Core Program Release Therapy, Subconscious Alkemy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, and Contemporary/Modern Movement.

In Landon’s life he utilizes Movement and Light Language as a way to anchor Source Consciousness deeper into the planet. He has been curating his personal movement practice over the last 6 years that combines traditional contemporary techniques with energetic awareness and is excited to soon be stepping up to offer this practice to the world!

Asking the question, “How can one embody even more the awareness remembered through meditation?”


If you’re really vibing with Landon’s insights you can listen to his podcast – Alkemy with a K – on Spotify or Anchor!


Connect with Landon here:

Instagram – @energenetic.alkemy 

Tik Tok – @divine.love1222

Website –

Email – [email protected]

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