6 Must Do Travels After Envision Festival


After a 10-day passionately fun, life-changing, metamorphic, transformative, cathartic mind blowing sweat filled festival on the beaches of a jungle, you find yourself in Costa Rica with your bags and asking yourself, “so whats next”?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of our top things to do after Envision Festival 2020.

Train at a World-Renowned Artist Residency in Nicaragua.

Pretty much THE go-to decompression event after Envision Festival 2020; This is the place to be. Dancers, DJs, visual artists, sound producers, musicians, actors, content creators, clowns and many of the high-vibe tribe from Envision Festival will reconvene to hit up the treehouses of the stunning Maderas Village in Southern Nicaragua. Surf, music production, yoga, and all-around creative juices will be flowing among this dope community immersed in a tropical paradise. This is where we integrate, where we communicate, where we celebrate and where we chill out to recharge and elevate.

Nestled straight up a steep mountain, this artist residency is open to anyone looking to travel with a purpose. With a daily drop-in schedule in yoga, meditation, movement, sound production, the Momentom Collective residency includes access all classes, all plant-based meals, state-of-the-art music studio, all community events and access yoga shala. Kicking off March 1 and running all the way until April 15, guests are invited to stay for anywhere from 1 week to the entire month-and-a-half.

Apply today to join this all-inclusive getaway and for the chance to win a scholarship for up to 50% off.

Join a Music Production Intensive in Nicaragua with DJs from Envision Festival in Nicaragua.

Inspired by the soul-trembling beats you heard at Envision and want to give music production a try? Join some of the amazing DJs on stage at Envision at the Momentom Artist Residency that are coming together to provide classes and intensive workshops on sound production, Ableton, creating music, sound vibration, Join Tamara Montenegro, Mose, Inspirit retreat is a unique fusion of practical and theoretical production techniques combined with spiritual practices (i.e. meditation, breath-work, channeling, and sacred ceremonial rituals).

What could be better than surrounding yourself with dozens of insanely talented and awe-inspiring artists?

Slide down Nauyaca Water Fall in Costa Rica.

Imagine yourself diving off of a cascading waterfall into crystal clear waters in a stunning canyon, encompassed by the rainforest. If you’re an adventurer seeking your next thrill, head over to Nauyaca Waterfalls. Only a 45-minute hike brings you to this stunning canyon, where you can jump from the 45 m (148 ft) top or relax in one of the smaller natural pools. It’s a family business on a private estate, so you can get there by horseback tour, hiking, or a scenic 4×4 tour.

If you’re hiking just remember to wear proper shoes, and that you have plenty of water. The hike is 45 minutes but is well worth it as you encounter beautiful wildlife, and are met with cool, welcoming waters at the final destination.

Surf the middle of the ocean at Bocas Del Toro in Panama.

Bocas Del Toro is Panama’s number one eco-tourism destination and is considered the ‘Galapagos of the Caribbean’.

Bocas del Toro is also one of the most biologically diverse places on earth and is known as a surfing mecca of Panama, but it also boasts the best hotels and surf tour businesses in the country – without the price point. Whether its learning how to surf, staying at the best surf resorts in the isthmus or renting the best gear Bocas has it all.

Do a mushroom cultivation course in Guatemala.

Fungi Academy is a creative mushroom cultivation training center and educational co-living space at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

They are serious Mushrooms nerds and base their inspiration on cultivating a symbiotic relationship between humans, our community and the ecosystem of the planet. They can help us to regenerate soil, filter water, clean up chemical pollution, grow medicine and expand consciousness. Their student program consists of:

  • 6-Day Mushroom Cultivation Course
  • 4-Week Fungi Academy Apprenticeship
  • 12-Week Fungi culture Teacher Training

Get in touch at fungiacademy.com.

Go to a dark retreat and meditate like Tibetan Buddhists

Wanna do something seriously wild? Join an unparalleled experience of intense seclusion, deprived of all light and sensory distractions, and plunge into a deep witnessing awareness of the mind, and eventually experiences the perception of the inner light of pure Consciousness.

Meditating in the absence of light, which is an advanced practice in the Dzogchen lineages of the Nyingmapa, Bönpo, and other schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dark retreat at the hermitage is built entirely from natural adobe and bamboo. You can go alone or with a buddy, with prices differing depending on the number of days. For more information or to apply visit The Hermitage website.

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