Momentom Collective has been voted 2021’s TOP investment opportunity for Artists, Creative Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads, and we can’t be more excited. 


Momentom Collective has been voted 2021’s TOP investment opportunity for Artists, Creative Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads, and we can’t be more excited.

With our recent introduction of permanent location into the vision, we are shifting gears hard to trailblaze the future of co-living within communities in a sustainable way.

We’ve always been founded on the basis of radical art, mindfulness, and self-expression, but when C19 hit us in Maderas Village, Nicaragua, we knew that we were missing a massive component to our end game and that is: sustainability. 

The truth is, we’ve been inspired at creating epic spaces where artists, entrepreneurs and open-minded people can co-exist, co-train and co-live. The one thing that we all had in common was a desire to explore ourselves, the depth of human connection, our spirit and and our minds.

However, our business model was based on renting out others’ spaces and buying food we did not ourselves grow. We had no idea where our food came from, where our water came from and with the onset of corona, we were forced to ask ourselves: what is truly important? where is our food coming from? How do we survive?  

We started to understand that our way of life on this planet has to change if humanity is going to survive, and that we need to become self-reliant. 

The most important question has been:
what does it mean to be “sustainable?” and how can we continue to create impact while taking care of our planet. Hold and behold, when we started asking the questions, the answers started coming through and more and more, permaculture started appearing in our field of consciousness. 

Permaculture is a blueprint for the way we live our lives – it’s more than just some dry and dusty philosophy. It moves beyond theory and gives us a range of practical solutions that we can use in every area of our lives.

Permaculture was originally a word made up of the two words ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’. But now the scope is broader, and permaculture is more often defined as ‘permanent culture’.

Permaculture principles allow us to create a culture that can endure and thrive for generations to come. At its heart are three very simple tenets, or ethics:

1. Care for the planet
2. Care for people. –
3. Fair share.

So we began a MASTERPLAN for a permaculture vision of our own. A permanent location designed by artists for artists in full nature.

We began brainstorming a way of developing a world-class community for creatives, content creators and healers designed for optimal human connection, artistic creation and health. Our aim is to live in heightened flow states in calibration with nature while pursuing our artistic endeavours, setting roots for our creative projects and providing world class experiences.

Mixing in sacred geometry, and temple arts, walking into our community will be like walking into a live Alex Grey painting: Each detail designed with the awakening of the spirit in mind. Our spaces will ignite inspiration for creative expression while encouraging movement and contemplation. Components of biomimicry will be Integrated within the core design, allowing the jungle to guide the architecture for as much connection to nature as possible.

All core founders will have access to collective spaces and will each feed the commercial components of the project by providing workshops, retreats and residencies to the immediate and larger community. Four different artistic hubs will be built which will be accessible to the creative community including Music & Sound, Movement & Play, Visual Arts & Content Creation, Healing & Psychosomatic.

We are also working hand in hand with alternative finance teams to design and develop ways to invest that go beyond traditional investment and decentralized options.

When Mindfulness Media approached us to know more, they pitched it to Yahoo Finance who scored us as one of the top of investment not just for anyone wanting to experience an alternate reality outside of the matrix in one of our residencies, but for anyone wanting to invest in one of our home bases as it mixes everything we need as artists to express, as entrepreneurs to create and as healers to heal. 

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