Last Full Moon of the Astrological Year


Full moon culminating at 27° Virgo
March 18th 12:17 PDT

This full moon is inviting you to find the balance between your Pisces (Mystic/Priestess/Priest) and Virgo (Healer/Servant to Humanity) Archetypes – knowing when to take action, do something (VIRGO) and when to stop, reflect, soften into whatever is present, whether it be clarity or madness— and submit to the flow of your reality (PISCES).

Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo is getting ample attention as Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury and the Sun all meet in the watery spirit-led sign. The full moon, a point of culmination is SHINING IT’S LIGHT onto this Piscean stellium, which is pointing to ENDINGS & CLOSINGS of cycles in your life that have been playing themselves out the past year. Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac and we begin a new astrological year in just a few days. In other words, this is a potent moon to release (Pisces) what you know has not serving you (Virgo).

This Virgo Full Moon is about aligning to your ability to ground and actualize your dreams into 3D. This moon requires WORK and for you to step out of your martyrdom/victimhood and take responsibility for EVERYTHING. Results require work and integrity in Virgo land. It is time now to take aligned action and spirit is here to help you (Pisces stellium) but you have to go first by showing spirit that you can HANDLE the dreams you are calling in by taking care of yourself (Virgo). Virgo brings us back into our bodies and our reality and requires us to take care of our being- morning practice, daily self—care, healing processes, friendship, long walks, meditation, paying the bill you’ve been avoiding — ect.

Whether comfortable or uncomfortable, you are getting messages/downloads from Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune about what you need to do to live in higher responsibility (ability to respond) to your life and move forward with aligned action that connect you to your soul purpose. This moon is here to give you the kick in the butt you need to take action forwards (towards what you might ask? To determine this I look at the lunar nodes). The north node in Taurus over the next 1.5 years points you to build a life of self sufficiency by creating a sustainable life for yourself based on your talents and gifts and the South Node in Scorpio comes as a fierce ally to dissolve anything that is getting you in the way of that.

Full Moon Action Items Ideas:

– Commit to a daily practice – try 40 days, and start on the 18th in the am.
– Make a list of TO DO for you and then make a list of for the UNIVERSE TO DO *this distinction will help you to manifest properly during this lunation
– Clean your space
– Shift your space so you can experience more clarity and groundedness (move things around, clean your crystals, clean the space underneath your crystals)
– Have a “ending” ceremony for whatever part of you you are releasing in this yearly cycle. Write a page on where you started, what you learned, and now what you are letting go of then burn it in a fire!

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