After 6 years of nomadic traveling across the globe, Momentom Collective is ready to ground down and invest in a land project. We are inspired, excited, and devoted to designing a home base or bases,  that are conducive to radical artistic expression, human connection, and harmonic regeneration with nature.


We are creating OUR future.

A community that is for artists by artists, a place to play, to pray, and to be fully immersed in the fullness of LIVING.

As our community has grown and expanded around the globe, holding residencies in multiple countries each year,  we are now dreaming of one or two locations where we can ground into a deepening of our roots.    

We believe that new and diversified models of well being are urgently needed for the health of the individual, of society, and of our planet.

MC is looking to partner and collaborate with individuals and organizations to co- create a place where we all can thrive and expand together.

Land Base - Momemtom Collective

We are dreaming of a community that would adhere to the following principles:

  • A community space outside the matrix in the jungle
  • Radical regeneration and right relationship with the land
  • Clean water, pure air, and rich soil
  • Permaculture design integration on every level, from natural building materials, to compost toilets, solar panels and an expansive farm and garden program
  • A place to alternatively educate children, and revere the elderly
  • Nurturing spaces for liberated artistic and create expression
  • Growing our own food, being fully self sustainable

In February 2022, at Macaw Lodge in Costa Rica, we held a Mastermind of 35 people to collaborate on what it would take to make this dream become a reality and to feel into the components of what permanent community living feels like and this is what unfolded.  This is the essence of our vision.  

Currently we are looking for the right piece of land, and we are getting very close.   If you would like to follow along on this journey and receive our monthly newsletter and further information on how you can get involved, please join us here.   

The future we are seeking, is always seeking us – we simply have to say YES.