It’s a Yes, And | Full Moon in Aquarius | by Francesca Annenberg


It is certainly the age of Aquarius. This year we have two Full Moons in the air sign of Aquarius. This means a double dose of freedom, innovation, breakthrough, and truth. Pew pew! It means we will cover more new ground than ever before. The Full Moon in Aquarius 23/24 July 2021 will shower us with idealist, futuristic ideals, moving us from the old paradigms. This is a revolution spearheaded by the Waterbear, the one who has the gift of collecting water, the emotions of world, and alchemically transmuting them through the element of air, which then rains down back to the world, bringing a shift to our consciousness.

This is the only zodiac sign that is represented by two elements: water for the emotional qualities and air for the intellectual side. Aquarius lives in the reality of “yes, and”. It is always looking for ways to expand upon ideas, models, realities. And through this “yes, and” we have a sign that is both deeply individual and collaborative all at the same time, teaching us how to embrace this paradox. Aquarius encourages us to express freely and authentically, that is aligned with body-heart-mind, whilst striving for collaboration, activism and humanitarian efforts that are invested in seeing the big picture for the betterment of the collective’s well-being.

In what ways can you show up more authentically within your community? In what ways can you and your gifts serve your community? How is the vision of your life weaving into the tapestry of life?

Within the same thread of “yes, and” the Moon in Aquarius finds itself between Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn. This is an interesting battle: in the left-hand corner, we have Saturn, who rules traditions, the past and karma, finds himself in the sign of the future, technology and rebellion. In the right-hand corner, we have Pluto, who breaks down whatever is not prepared to look at its shadow, finds himself in the sign that loves structure and has a hard time going through change, especially if it’s something they have grown accustomed to. And then we have the Moon in the centre of it all, straddling the past and the future, exploring in the uncharted territory slowly making its way further into Aquarius. We are reminded that in this movement towards the future, we must push off the shores of the known into the unknown with fortitude, and a curious, exploratory attitude.

What are you moving through right now? How is your past self being stretched into your future form? What needs to fall away for you to experience the rebirth that is waiting on the other side? In what ways can you expand upon your vision of life? How much more can you dream bigger, more idealistic, quirkier?

We may be experiencing personal breakthroughs that feel ground-breaking. As we move from the past (the known) into the future (the unknown) it could feel like there is no ground to stand on; it just feels groundless. And in this space of groundlessness, we are reminded that this is how it has always been. We have always been existing in a reality that is always unknown. This is a fundamental truth of life: the only constant is change. It is all in movement and its always changing. And to embrace this truth means that we accept in the impermanence of life. Accepting this results in almost immediate presence because if there is no one same exact moment in all of history, each moment is unique and sacred, containing its unique set of gifts just for you.

In what ways can you practice nonattachment in your life? How can you stay in the middle of the river, non-grasping, allowing each moment to be? What are the gifts and the medicine of this moment?

The Full Moon encourages us to dream of a world where individuality and togetherness harmoniously flow. Where all creative expressions are welcomed and celebrated. In the collective’s acceptance for you to genuinely be yourself, it also implicitly implies that you have responsibility to respect and act integrous as a member of the web of life. #radicalselfreliance #radicalinclusion 

We are all welcomed under this Aquarius Full Moon. All of us are deserving to receive her silver rays of cleansing, purifying light that connects us to space and earth. We all can freely gather under La Lunar. What intention will you set for yourself and for our planet?


Astral Insights by Francesca Annenberg

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