Hart Floe is a Passionate and Powerful Performance Poet and Transformational Speaker – Inspiring and Exciting his crowds with the crafting of his acutely delivered messages. He takes the audience on a touching journey of heart-warming stories and anecdotes, his inspiring and exciting performances leaves his crowds uplifted and elevated. Using his words in various forms to help benefit others, he also practices as a life-coach and hypnotherapist. In recent years, he had begun to marry his life-long passion of music with his new found passion for words – fusing the two together to create unique sound healing experiences and out-of-this-world guided ecstatic dance journeys.


Blending his passions of music, poetry, sound healing, and hypnotherapy Hart Floe has created a completely unique spin on the ecstatic dance experience he calls ‘Hypnodanza’ – A truly unique and unforgettable experience into the power of the subconscious mind and the medicine of music and movement! Starting the experience with a guided hypnotherapy session – you’ll begin by going on a deep journey into the subconscious where magical things will happen by your own choosing. Following the hypnosis, you’ll be guided to movement and taken on a journey of sound vibration mixed with live poetry and breath work, and finished with a guided meditation and sound healing at the end of the experience. Although this is a whole new type of dance experience – it’s already proved to leave audiences in a state of awe, wonder and dumbstruck fascination at the power of their own subconscious mind.

Sessions will be announced and streamed live from Facebook.

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