Human Spirit awakening is decentralized and community based.


Imagine a reality where people from all over the world could have access to not only our art, but to witness the artistic process, and to experience our spaces through the Metaverse! There is an entire universe of potential, and we are ready to walk through the door hand-in-hand with our community. 

Momentom is excited to announce that we are
joining the Web3 space in a vision to Empower Artists in our residencies.

We start with the Music Production Residency in Maderas, Nicaragua. 

Led by Will Barleycorn (aka YINDRA & Cripto Willy) & partner Celine, along with our web guru, Shanty Avy, Momentom will i
nvite artists to commit to their art by creating an original artwork during the residency by producing their own music track, and mint an NFT as part of the Music Production Residency experience. 

We are excited to shape and spotlight the process of creation into a shareable inspirational experience to our platform, and introduce our residents into the web3 creator economies. NFTs allow communities to own and be part of the magic that is created collaboratively. 

The residency will provide residents all of the tools and co-creative opportunities to produce your own music, and have your tracks mastered in-house. Our NFT team will be holding space to facilitate tokenization of the art produced in-house. 

You will also have access to the Momentom Collective graphic design team, and an in-house videographer for producing album art and music video content. 

We have a grand vision on how we can enter the web3 and metaverse space to uplift and be one of the leading artist communities in the space, by also enriching the lives of those coming into contact with our wild art.

We would love for you to join us on the adventure.

How do you participate?

  1. Apply & join the residency and participate the venture. In residency, we create a track and mint an NFT at the Music Production Residency in Nicaragua.
  2. Keep an eye out for the release of Momentom’s first NFTs, and support us by purchasing a Momentom co-created original. We are crafting buyers rewards, which may include:
    * Unique Graphic Visual and Sound Art
    * Support to Artist and Momentom Collective
    * Access to Momentom Artist residency
    * Whitelist (priority access) to other NFT or Services
    * Access to online community (Livestreams of classes)
  3. Let us know your interest and how you think we can evolve into the NFT space.
    Complete Survey Here

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