How to Navigate an Eclipsed Full Moon by Landon Guinn



Yes, this upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius is also paired with a Lunar Eclipse — meaning the moon will be in the Earth’s shadow.

HOWEVER, this does not mean to water down or restrict your full moon ceremony.


There seems to be a belief that because the full moon is paired with an eclipse that the moon’s energy is “unstable” during this cycle. 

Let’s shift this perspective into one of Empowerment vs Fear

Just because the shadow of the Earth is cast over the full moon does not negate the fact that it is a full moon. 

This eclipse shifts the energy focus of this moon into one of deeper reflection!

You might ask then, 

“What can we do to maximize the energy of this cosmic alignment?”

Well, let’s look at each expression happening:

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius: 

    • This occurrence produces energies that encourage reflection of freedom and spontaneity. 
    • We are cocooned in beliefs that either support or hinder our safety. 
    • Follow your instinctive/intuitive nudges! 
    • The affirmation being desired is:

“All in my life is aligned to the frequency of prosperity and abundance.”

  • Remember that Sagittarius is a fire sign and when paired with a full moon (highly water) it develops characteristics of embodied Play, Firmness in Philosophy, and an Optimistic Belief Pattern.
  • Lunar Eclipse:

    • With the moon in the earth’s shadow this symbolism may speak to a shift in focus back to the self.
    • Where do you seek external empowerment? 
    • Do you see yourself as powerful, capable, and worthy of abundance?
    • An eclipse does not demonize the full moon’s power. 

It simply redirects its power to the Gaian energies. 

  • This eclipse heightens elemental magick — the magick found on Earth!
  • Sun in Gemini:

    • The sun is VITAL to an eclipse! Its placement is what casts the earth’s shadow to alkemize the moon’s properties!
    • By being in gemini we experience a full moon that increases understanding of stories, traumas, and differences while redirecting our abilities.
    •  We are being encouraged to embody our human elements more consciously.
    • How can we connect deeper with our physical bodies?
    • What environment do our bodies desire to explore? 

This question allows the sagittarius freedom to be experienced.

Occurring on May 26, the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse encourages us to feel empowered from an internal awareness. As these next few moon cycles remain in eclipse season we are encouraged to approach them with a feeling of internal renewal!


Feel the shift from external energy become what is innately within YOU!

Mother Luna takes on Gaia’s shadow as a reflection that the Gaian Collective is the embodiment of all elemental magick. We do not need to charge our Selves, our crystals, our water with anything other than our own intentions. 

You are supported to explore this energy how you feel called!

If you feel the desire for a guided journey through this energy I will be leading a Full Moon Eclipse IG Live (@energenetic.alkemy) on May 26 @12:22pm Central Time.

Enjoy the Infinite Abundance of YOU!


~ Landon Guinn

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua


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