So you just completed an artist residency with Momentom Collective and you want to integrate your new knowledge into real life?

Here are some key habits/ principles that you can infuse into your life to help you continue to thrive outside of residency.

1. Practice meditation and pranayama every morning.
Whether its vipassana, single-pointed focus, or mantra, make a vow to meditate every morning when you wake up. Incorporate breathwork into your practice – Whim Hoff, Alternate Nostril Breathing, fire breath, ujjayi, etc. Pranayama affects the autonomic nervous system which controls your heart rate, glandular secretions, respiration, helps reduce anxiety, improves digestion and blood pressure, helps supply of oxygen or exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

2. Do something physical every day. 
Your body is your engine. It is your way of experiencing this form of reality. Take care of it. Move every day whether its circus, dance, yoga, partner stretching, fine tune your skills in your favourite discipline or release emotions stored in your fascia through stretching. Remember that anything you do every day you will eventually excel in, and the more devotion you have to your body, the more confidence and self love you will have for yourself.

3. Practice gratitude every day as often as possible. 
Embracing and maintaining the feeling of gratitude produces a high-frequency vibration, creating a perpetual petition for positive experiences. As we embody a living prayer of gratitude, we draw forth good things – like a magnet attracting success.. Really allow yourself to experience a deep sense of sheer thankfulness and gratitude. Keep a daily gratitude journal, or keep a list close by to remind you how lucky you truly are.

4. Continue to reduce your meat intake. 
Your time at Momentom showed you you do not need meat to train hard and to connect with yourself deeply. Continue to practice radical compassion for all living beings by being aware of what you choose to eat. Remember that you are influencing more people than you know and knowing about how reducing meat can contribute to the climate change along with living in a more compassionate world.

5. Engage with Acroyoga communities around the world.
Do you want to truly connect with like-minded people? Go to AcroYoga jams, they are everywhere in the world and such a great way to drop in with real people. Great way to find them: AcroYoga FB groups!

6.  Ask pertinent questions, real questions.
Do not feel obliged to engage in mundane conversations that don’t inspire you. Remember authentic relating exercises: speak your truth, explain how you truly feel, ask real questions and practice the art of listening to those that need it.

7.  Practice Eye Gazing as often as possible .
We communicate only 10% verbally. Eye gazing allows you to truly connect with people and with yourself. Break the barriers, bury the veil, and look intentionally into eyes of those around you. You can also send love while you are engaging in conversation which also dissipates good energy

8. Be at service to the world. 
Karma Yoga. Always. If everyone was to help one person, the whole world would be helped. Remember this and continue doing onto others what you’d want done to you.

9. Fine tune your perception.
We do not see the world as it is, but as we are. Continue observing the world as it comes to you, and notice what you are perceiving. Take note of any negative thoughts as tiny red flags of opportunities for you to fine tune how you see the world, return to gratitude for the little things, and install positive, expansive beliefs that do serve you.

10. Start / Nurture your business based on your art.
You may have a job back home that you are returning to, but take a few hours a week to develop your own business and to enhance your social media. Know that if you ever need help or are feeling stuck, Momentom takes 5 candidates every 6 months to develop their businesses. We also prioritize our residents before anyone else.

11. Journal.
Write your visions, write your thoughts, so that they take form in your external realities, outside of your mind. Practice “truth-writing” which is the act of allowing your thoughts to come to top of mind and writing free-flow. You can uncover nuggets of gold in your subconscious.

12. Practice Lucid Dreaming.
Write your dreams, and see how far you can go into becoming lucid in your dream states.

13.  Get involved with Momentom.
Want to get your name out there? Want to make a space for yourself within the collective? We’re always looking for help in social media, blog writing, graphics, website design. We can show you the tricks of the trade and also see your talents for any future positions.

14.  Make time to come to Momentom once a year. 
It’s in our greatest excitement to provide a space for complete recalibration for your potential.  A space where you drop in once a year to connect with your crew and with your intentions/visions. As we continue to build alternate realities for our generation to experience new ways of living, we invite you to continue spreading a new mindset around your own bubbles of reality.

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