We all know it. There is something a tiny bit off about the current status-quo of our world today: War. Conflict. Famine. Global climate change. Donald Trump. Big pharma… We see it, but what can we do about it? How can we ourselves …our tiny beings, create substantial ripples to see change in the world?

Circus is probably one of the underestimated cultures to explore these answers.  But in reality, these are the people that are most in flow – practicing their passion as a career. These are the ones that speak their weird in the most authentic ways. These are the guys that redefine what most consider to be possible, and do it with effortlessness. These are the people that take the time to question the “what is” and shape shift and step into the reality of what they’d prefer it to be.

But how does the average person do this?

…..Through perspective and consciousness.

Circus is about redefining what’s normal. It’s about seeing the box and actively choosing to reshape it into whatever shape best appeals to you in that present moment. It’s about understanding the fundamental truth that the box itself is an illusion and was created only by the realities we create for ourselves and by the standards we choose, consciously or unconsciously, to uphold. The good news is – yes, you can breathe – that we choose, shape and create the realities in which we live.

Here are three ways in which circus consciousness allows us to up-level our realities and create real change in the world.


So, what happens when one is constantly questioning the norm?

For one, the dark sides of the norm come up to the surface.

When the dark sides of the norm come up, we can begin looking at life through a perspective on how things can be optimized for greater impact, where to infuse more consciousness, for the individual and for the collective well-being.

The thing is, circus culture has for long understood that what we choose to observe will inevitably become our reality. So, instead of staying put on autopilot, it’s better to be conscious about what we are observing and how we are observing it. It becomes a choice to become active creators of how and what we choose to observe.

If something about your experience is triggering you, then look closely at the norms and beliefs that are upholding this reality into reality. Once observed, you can surface the essence of what is triggering you. Then, it becomes an opportunity for you to speak it into field and create ideas to eventually spark inspired action to shift it.

The trick is that even in the darkness, circus artists are constantly training their perspectives to seek and observe the joy, the lesson. They take the time to refocus their inner lens so that you can see any experience, shitty or not, from the best perspective. It’s as if they have committed to an inner promise to learn the lessons but never let go of the enjoyment of  the ride – even when darkness surfaces.

This cultural perspective of the circus infuses a little joy into the mundane. Yes, this makes for a juicy show for spectators, but, this capacity to perspective shift ignites something so fundamentally powerful that it can ripple true change into humanity. Our biggest power boils down to our choices, and our choice exist primarily in perspective.

Life is a gift. Don’t take it too seriously. Remember to play, because you are always wild and free.


Each of us is wildly unique, with a nest of vibrant colours that populate our minds and experiences into who we are today.

Our collective diversity, even within the essential understanding of our shared collective vibration, is what makes us so powerful as conscious beings. Imagine that we live in an ocean of infinite vibration that encapsulate each and every one of our different perspectives. The collision of these vibrations is what sparks new ideas, new forms of thinking and fresh inspiration for new paradigms.

To spark these though, we must express our diversity while simultaneously exercising radical acceptance of others. Get it? It’s about feeling safe to express our inner genius, about being willing to risk being vulnerability by speaking your truth, in whatever form and shape that looks like on that given day. But it’s also about letting people express their own truth without trying to change them.

Circus is about mastering the confidence to express the version of your self that comes out most authentically in all moments.

When we are all safe to express our wild weird, then we transform the collective ordinary into the extra-ordinary. A space where more sparks can be ignited and new realities can be created.

Be raw. Respect and notice the beauty in authenticity is an art-form and skillset that sets the game-changers apart. Those that see the beauty in authenticity are flexing a muscle of judgement-release that allows them to see through a lens that focuses not on what sets us apart, but what makes us the same. Which leads us into the next point.


At the very baseline, circus is about community.

At Momentom, we joke that we are using the guise of circus to actually house the world’s most prominent energy healers, light workers, psychic readers and people who thrive on activating ancient codes of consciousness to create new realities in their minds.

Housing people who value consciousness and self-expression as a culture means that we have a huge array of people with different colours, experiences, textures, shapes and forms but who share one truth: that the “I” is a fabrication and that time can be used in non-dualistic ways to create better, more optimal present moment experiences.

There is no “I”. There is only this moment, and this moment can be spent digging for a deeper degree in which we allow ourselves to express our soul’s state in that moment, without fear of reprehension, judgement or not fitting in.

There is no “I”. There is only this moment, and this moment can be spent digging for more purpose, more joy, more intentionality, more peace, more love. When we release the other, we can see ourselves in all beings, bringing in love and compassion to everything outside of ourselves.

When you finally surround yourself with people who laugh, people who dive into deep conversation, who think it matters to express yourself authentically, who give you the space to be you, and who accept you for who you are – you are safe to return home within yourself. This is the magic, and a magic that can be harnessed into exponential and infinite potential.

This is the true power of conscious community.

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