halloween 2020 full moon

This October has not one, but TWO Full moons, with the second occurring on Halloween on October 31st at 7:49 AM PT. Because it’s the second moon occurring in the same calendar month., this moon is called a BLUE moon.

This Blue moon will be in the sign of Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio, pushing us to balance our love for collecting (Taurus) with sharing (Scorpio).

Ruled by Venus the energy of Love and Luxury; Taurus energy basks in the splendor of all things beautiful. Taurus energy is a builder and will work together with other energies, connecting to build something of greater value.

Scorpio energy is intense and powerful, but it isn’t loud; rather, it has a deep, thrumming core of determination. Scorpio has a laser-sharp focus, a powerful drive, and a strong desire to probe and get to the bottom of things. Scorpio is about depth.

Taurus loves the simple, beautiful, and pleasurable things in life—meanwhile, Scorpio loves the complex, deep, and transformational. At odds with one another, as they are for this Full Moon, these contradicting forces will push us to find the best balance between both.

In setting lunar intentions, ask yourself, what in your life are you seeking more beauty in? Invoke the Taurus.

In setting lunar intentions, ask yourself, what in your life are you seeking more depths in? Invoke the Scorpio.

Happening on Halloween, a day that to many is considered a portal to the invisible side, to our ancestors, and to the Spirit World in general, the connections that come during the Full Moon, and in the days that surround it, are potent.

Halloween is an opportunity to essentially be a stranger in a strange land. For a night you can inhabit a new self. That might mean the wish-fulfillment of a child’s dream to be an astronaut, to be a dancer. If you could instill new personality traits in yourself, who would you be? For one night, practice being this person.

From an astrological perspective, a Full Moon gives us a chance to reflect and reap the rewards based on intentions unconsciously or consciously set on its corresponding new moon. In this case, you can look back on April 22, 2020, when the New Moon in Taurus took place earlier this year, to see what you initiated or set an intention for.

Each new moon represents the start of a new cycle, and the corresponding full moon represents the culmination or fruition of that cycle (here, the New Moon in Taurus and Full Moon in Taurus).

This is also a great time to release habits related to stubbornness and focus on balancing your personal power. Moreover, you may find yourself given an opportunity to better understand how to balance your needs versus the needs of others.

Like most full moons, you will want to focus on cleansing and releasing energy that is counterproductive to what you want to accomplish during this Taurus Full Moon. We must find ways to simplify the complex, beautify the messy, and use pleasure to transform.

Use this Full Moon energy as a chance to assess how in alignment you are with your intentions, and make adjustments as needed. Also, this full moon will be closely tied to Uranus, the ruler of freedom, revolution, and surprises, so it’s best to expect the unexpected on Halloween. If you find that you feel a strong urge to break free of relationships that no longer serve you, maybe this full moon is the sign you’ve been looking for.

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