Full SUPERMOON in Scorpio by Landon Guinn


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[ Mischievous, Sensuality, Connection ]


[ Wholeness, Completion, Overflow ]

Astrological Insights by Landon Guinn

On April 27, 2021, the Full Moon resides in Scorpio. This occurrence holds space for deep emotional clearing and intimacy to help the human race develop a more fluid relationship with our sexual energy.

Now, now, now let me explain…
At its core, Scorpio is a water sign which like Pisces and Cancer holds special cosmic keys to unlocking the depth of the human emotional potential. Scorpio specifically allows for sexual energies to often surface as a structured experience to unwind, unpack, and deprogram fears.

When the moon is in Scorpio this is like a “double-whammy” of emotionally charged mystery. We know the full moon creates an easier space to see emotions more clearly and we know Scorpio enhances our every emotion. It is safe to say then that this upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio might be experienced in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Intense physical discomfort around your pelvis, heart, or shoulder areas as these are major storage houses for emotional trauma.
  2. Emotionally heightened. (Higher highs, Lower lows)
  3. Noticeably sexually charged as opposed to other times.
  4. Disassociation from intense emotional experiencing, equaling a detached approach
  5. Desire to be desired
  6. Glossiness in external relating
  7. Subconscious processing so you don’t actually feel any different

While this Scorpio moon alone quite potent, its landing this year during Taurus season allows for us to feel comfortable and safe in this emotional wave. The pairing of Taurus as the grounding center for the experiences to take place is like the arena for what I view to be a gladiator match between our ego and our emotional expression. Our emotional expression has this Scorpio moon in its corner for this month and is going to use every ounce of power to progress the match as far as it can!


Are you ready?!

Scorpio asks us to contemplate:

~ What do we desire in the physical world? Emotional? Spiritual? Mental?

~ How can we better express our urges in healthy communication?

~ Who in the external world provides a sense of safety? (This can be a pet, stuffed animal, person, or really anything)

Enjoy this ride! 

It may be internal or it may be an externalized manifestation of the internal. Whatever experience you have is perfect for you and we as the human collective continue forward through this journey of existence as One.

Happy Scorpio Full Moon!!

Allow the fantasy to awaken!

Astrological Insights by Landon Guinn

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