Full Moon in Leo 2021 | Step into the wind and shine your light by Bodhi Samuel


Artwork by in-house Momentom Designer @aephiclesjourney

Step into the wind and shine your light

Words by Bodhi Samuel

Welcome to the first Full Moon this year! We’re opening the new year strong with our Full Moon in Leo. As we step into a profound year of integration from 2020, as a race, we are beginning a new and exciting chapter of growth. Through the restrictions of this past year, Leo is asking us to jump into play.

The full moon in Leo this January 28th is placed square of Uranus and Mars, and sits opposite Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun. In this quite frictional placement we’re seeing a lot of strong energies asking to be expressed, yet may be interfering with one another creating blocks in our way. Let’s look at how this might play out.

Our moon lands in a fixed fiery Leo. Leo is the campfire that everyone sits around on a cold night. It’s the loyalty within each one of us and the warm and generous lion that lives in our hearts. Leo lights up those around it and radiates joy into the world. It’s the performer within us, that playfully expresses creativity, spreading love everywhere it goes. Leo is the king who cares deeply for his kingdom and the lion that cares for its cubs. Leo is one of three fire signs (alongside Aries and Sagittarius) and is considered a fixed sign, meaning that it holds a certain strength and stability. We can look at it like the hearth fire that lasts throughout the entire night.

Now, with the moon sitting square the strong and fiery energy of mars and the powerful and restrictive energies of Saturn pushing against the stable Leo, we may be finding obstacles arising in the form of frustration, passion, anger or annoyances. These frustrations may act as barriers in the way of us expressing our love, our joy and our souls deepest creative expression.

What are these challenges asking us to step into?

These energies are asking us to pause for a moment, let the heat cool, and then search for Uranian, original and unique ways to express ourselves fully. Through this discomfort, like a pressure cooker, we have an opportunity to transcend beyond these restrictions with Leos resilience and determination. The sky is the limit in the world of our creativity, and while tensions might be high, we’re being asked to level up.

The Full Moon illuminates that which we may have been hiding from, in the world of play, creativity and in our joy. Now is the time to witness these challenges rise so that we may find alternative solutions to finding our creative outlets. Leo asks us to lead with our heart, to lead with generosity especially in times of great challenge.

As our world moves through these unparalleled and astonishing times, we can look to the world of play and warmth, not as an escape, but as an embrace of the love that lies beneath the challenge, in seeing each situation as an offering of limitless love from this divine universe, asking us to step forward and grow into our fullest and most benevolent expression of loving consciousness.

How can I navigate the rising tensions with love?

How can I express myself uniquely?

How can I step into divine play in this moment?

How can I grow from my experience and share the wisdom that comes, with those that I love?

We here at Momentom encourage this play, as a means of bringing our world together in creation, in artistry and in full expression.

We invite you to step into your fullest, most creative self, no matter what the situation, how many smiles can you inspire in a day? 

Start with the one on your face, and the rest will simply waterfall.


From our big Leo hearts in Ometepe

To your beautiful homes

A full moon to remember


A year of great change, of great harmony, and of great integration

We’ll see you on the dance floor

Bodhi Samuel
Momentom Collective
Ometepe, Nicaragua

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