Can you explain what you mean by “Artist residency”?  

Momentom’s Residencies are artist residencies designed for creative entrepreneurs and artists (You!).

Think co-working space meets ashram meets  movement arts training center. The only one of its kind in the world, artist Residencies are designed to house 40+ people to create an inspiring community, where residents have access to training spaces and daily schedule in arts and entrepreneurships. The idea is to provide the best space for you to work on your project, attend any workshops you want, meet partners or take the time to produce your works of art. It’s an entirely new way of living. 

What is on the schedule?  

Our core programming for all residencies provide training of the Mind (meditation, mindfulness)  Body (Movement, Aerials, Dance etc..) and Spirit (Ceremonies, Authentic relating, Non-Violent Communication etc.) All residencies have a specific focus on certain art forms – whether it be music production, on aerials, on dance and others on yoga, plant medicine, circus, or flow/fire dancing, without ever derailing from the core programming of mind, movement and spirit. 

Whatever the focus, an emerging artists and creative entrepreneurs can take part of the residency and find their space within it.  

Here is a video so you can see a bit more what residency is like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FZNLO9NXlc


When will you be opening, and which residencies?

Our tentative plan for the residency tour is as follows: 

December 1st – January 2nd Guatemala Spirit, Song, & Digital Nomad Space (4 weeks)

February 1st to March 1st Costa Rica Permaculture & Eco-Building Residency (4 weeks)

March 1st to April 1st Nicaragua – Music & Sound Production Residency (4 weeks)

April 1st to May 1st Indonesia – Aerial Silks & Mermaid Residency (4 weeks)

However, because of C19, everything is subject to borders opening.  This is why we have set in a $250 refundable deposit for the first to reserve their spot for any of our locations️. We are only accepting 30 residents per residency. 


How much does it cost?

We’re still working out the costs for upcoming residencies to make it as accessible as possible but it will be somewhere between $2000 to $3000 a month depending on your accommodation preference. That includes all vegan meals, housing and access to training/ workshops and all spaces .


When do applications close?

We accept applications on an ongoing basis, however our residency spots are first come first serve – and they fill up fast. Fill out an application and place a $250 fully refundable deposit to save your spot. 


Am I “good enough” to attend a residency? 

Yes. All residencies provide a variety of workshops from beginner level to advanced level. If you have a will to develop yourself and your project, residencies are for you. 


What protocols are you taking to ensure the safety of residents during Covid 19? 

  • We ask all residents to stay a minimum of 1 month. Some exceptions will be made for 2 weeks under severe circumstances. This is done in order to reduce the amounts of “ins and outs” and ensure that all residents in-house are healthy.
  • All residents will have to provide proof of C19 testing before arriving at residency.
  • All residents will have access to PEMF machines to help boost health and immunity. 


What is the OP room? 

When Covid hit we decided to work hand in hand with tech companies offering alternative and powerful health devices for humans to reach their optimal health. We believe in prevention before curing illness. We are currently discussing with potential partners such as hearth math, PEMF, Pandora Star to provide our residents access to incredible technology that can help them attain heightened states of consciousness and health. Read here 


Where can I send in my residency application? 

Application is here.

Is Momentom strictly vegetarian? Can I cook my own food? 

Momentom Collective is a vegetarian project. There are no animals served in residency. We also teach residents the benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet. It is in our hopes that you will experience a new way of relating to your food when you are in house.

No, residents do not have access to cooking their own food. <3


Is the deposit refundable? 

Yes. All deposits are fully refundable before November 1st, 2020. It is up to you to decide which location you’d like to attend. Residency is limited to 30 creatives per month. First come first serve. 


Are there scholarships available? 

Yes. Please apply here.


Are there work exchange opportunities? 

Yes! We prioritize past residents for our work exchange but we encourage anyone to apply if you feel your skill set matches our needs to operate residencies. 

We have a mix of professional and emerging teachers who contribute to one of the most dynamic and iconic training schedules imaginable. 

We are looking for:

  • Embodied Movement Teachers. Must have at least 5 years experience.
  • Videography assistant ~ to work with Tony Tobias
  • Space Setter for cleaning, creating & curating all training and sacred spaces during residency
  • Tech & Sound Setter for setting up music in all spaces, making sure speakers work for all classes & Workshops, ensuring WI-FI is working.

We give preference to those who also have a background in a movement modality such as dance, acro, yoga aerials, etc that may be able to contribute more diverse classes on our schedule.

Other positions are considered on a case by case basis for each residency and include administrative tasks, helping to manage the residency operations, and working on social media. 

Work Trade positions include accommodations, 3x meals a day and access to our full schedule of classes and workshops. We expect a contribution of minimum 25 work hours a week. 

Work Trade Application:



Do you offer any other opportunities? 

Yes, we offer internships. 

Internships are offered by Momentom for students seeking extracurricular hours at a University or who are looking to grow their skills in a specific domain of business. 

Interns will learn and acquire the skills to run a residency or create large transformational events. 

The difference between internships and worktrade are a) the amount of hours and b) internships are online with access to residency. I.e. the hours can be completed remotely. 

Momentom also sees internships as potential apprenticeships for those who are thinking to  to join Momentom in the long run.


What is the future of Momentom Collective? 

We are working hard at acquiring our own permanent location in central america for our community to build their own eco-homes and grow their own organic food. When we have acquired land, we will open up investment opportunities for you to take part in, if you so desire. If you are interested and want more information, please leave your email here and we will get in touch with you. 

View how we are adapting and responding to COVID19.