What are Residencies?
A Momentom Residency is a place where entrepreneurs and artists synergize and work on their crafts. It is a place curated by a team of artists to live out the extra-ordinary. It is a training ground for yogis, circus artists, movement junkies, writers, filmmakers, dancers, and other creative professionals to find inspiration and share ideas while they dive into their passion. It is also a co-work space for entrepreneurs to work on their sustainable business ventures and balance work with inspired play.

Do I have enough skills to join?
The short answer: Yes! Momentom offers workshops for all levels across diverse disciplines with top end teachers to supercharge your learning. If you are looking to step into enthusiasm, passion, drive and playful curiosity, then this is 100% the place for you.

I consider my skill level to be high, will I learn new things?
We accept all levels, from newbies to badass pros. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. As an artist and nomad residency, we encourage open training for you to develop choreography and skill on your own time. With the wide array of talents in house, you will find your crew to train with and likely leave the residency with new insights and expansions into areas you never expected.

What is the concept of Momentom?
Momentom merges yoga with circus. How? We believe that a daily ritual involving the practice of introspection and self-expression allows for self-transcendence and a clear understanding of oneself. Momentom is also built on the idea that community is the new Buddah, surrounding yourself with activated people who live and breathe with devotion to stepping into the best version of themselves.

How long should I come to Momentom?
We highly encourage 28 days in residence. Studies show that any habit can be broken or created in 28 days. With daily workshops in business, yoga and movement arts, you will come out an optimized version of yourself.

What do you mean by “the generation that woke up?”
Basically it’s anyone that is alive in this day and age that thinks outside the box and wants to shift the existing paradigm. We do not limit age. We do not limit socioeconomic class. Everyone is welcome and allowed to thrive in this waking dream.

What kind of people come to Momentom?
They say your vibe attracts your tribe. At Momentom, we see people from all walks of life sharing the same interest – to live a life of their own design and with as much passion as possible.  Generally, these people have an interest in circus, yoga, community, entrepreneurship, authentic relating, spirituality, and dance, or are just curious about surrounding themlseves with people who think and interact in a way that leaves them feeling charged.

Will I have to do things I don’t feel like doing?
Nope, we won’t force anyone to step outside their boundaries but we will encourage you to safely step out of your comfort zone. We hold a safe container for you to explore and to invite you to look deeper into yourself to see if its fear that is holding you back or if it is truly serving you to hold off. Usually, there is great resistance just before the magic happens. During the weekends we have no set schedule, open training times and often plan group excursions or other fun events and activities to balance the weekday training.

How will going to Momentom help me with my business?
We believe the combination of art and entrepreneurship with a spiritual foundation has the highest potential for peak performance for both business and self growth. Momentom houses a solid mix of yogis, circus artists, entrepreneurs and spiritual healers. The idea is to create an ecosystem that fuels growth for in-house residents. Artists can help entrepreneurs in movement practice, while entrepreneurs can help artists with tricks for creating a business. In-house Energy healers bring a sweet blend of spirituality to all residents.

What the difference between all the Momentom Residencies?
Although we base all of our experiences on circus, yoga, nomadism and community. each residency has its own unique flavour. Whether it’s on a private island in Nicaragua, a volcano in Guatemala, or a resort in Indonesia near 9 surf breaks, our team strives to create out-of-this-world, extra-ordinary experiences for extra-ordinary people. Check out our new locations coming up in San Blas, Panama and Costa Rica.

What does a ‘platform for shared learning’ mean?
We believe the best communities and grounds for learning are centered around a platform for shared knowledge. In our spaces,  everyone is a guru. With that we feel everyone involved at a Momentom Residency should feel like both a student and a teacher throughout their stay. Momentom strives to balance the weekly schedule of experienced instructors with providing opportunity to uplift new teachers. Whether it’s through a formal class, teaching new tricks in an impromptu jam or giving a dharma talk on a new subject, everyone has something to benefit from their neighbour’s knowledge.  

What are the guest speaker spots about?
Momentom invites thought leaders to discuss their unconventional projects and ideas. Speakers include shamans and influencers to world champions, and can range in topics of business, authentic relating, flow mastery, mayan astrology, and plant medicine. The world is our oyster. What we can guarantee is that you will step out with knowledge you did not previously have.


How do I perform with Momentom in International Festivals?
Artist Residencies are often scheduled around major international festivals in order to house residents who wish to attend or perform at them. Momentom is involved with Envision, Shambhala, Cosmic Convergence, Wanderlust, Kamp and the list is growing. Make sure to apply with the crew or attend the residency to take part of training for performance.

What if the price point is out of my budget?
One of our founding values is entrepreneurship and we encourage our residents to use our platform to thrive. If you are an experienced in massage, bodywork, pro service, coaching, etc there is an opportunity for you to offer services while in-house. You receive 80% of profits as the service provider, and 20% goes to Momentom for use of space and promotions to our network.

You can also ask about our referral program. Each person that is referred by you, you will receive a commission on.

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Ultimately, you have to commit to investing in yourself .

What results will I experience?
Everyone is different and it really depends on your intention. Do you just want to get your toes wet or are you ready to fully dive in?

In general, people experience; an upgrade in their physical strength, improved flow in their arts, greater confidence with performing and creating routines, a feeling of love with new family/tribe/community and ninja relating skills to connect to people on a deeper level, inner peace from meditation practice, grounding and more in tune with there emotional and physical body and a deep relaxation from being immersed in nature.

We will be coordinating some goal setting sessions when you arrive. We want to make sure that you have a tangible goal upon arrival and each week you will check in with your mentor to see how your progress is going along and if you could be coached to achieve your goals before you leave.

Why do I have to apply?
Momentom provides an application procedure which is open to artists from all nations, without deadlines as a means of curating the best possible container for residents to experience the deepest form of transformation in house as possible.

What are Certifications 
Certificate of Residency are certificates for your length of stay in residence at a particular location to demonstrate to employers or schools the amount of time you have invested in in residence working on a particular your craft. They work well as letters of recommendation, proof of experience and leadership, and are available upon request.

What is included?
Momentom provides all accommodations, all vegetarian meals, classes, workshops, guest teachers, all ceremonies or events on site. You will have access to training grounds and co-work space 24 hours a day, including the equipment and work space.

What does a Momentom Resident in Residence do?
A resident in a Momentom Residency trains their mind and body while working on their individual project or business. This means residents can drop into any classes or workshops during the day that is on the schedule at their leisure, or choose to work on their business. As a community, we eat dinner together. As an individual, you are highly encouraged to work on your spiritual evolution through meditation and yoga.

How does a Momentom Residency work?
The Residency programs give artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work. During a residency, residents can explore new locations, different cultures, and experiment with different materials.

Will I have access to a traditional Co-Work space?
Yes, we have high speed Internet and proper communal work space, albeit, you will be exposed to the elements. Some locations do experience some internet difficulties, but we do provide back up routers and encourage our nomads to buy their own inexpensive cellphone data chip.


As a Co-Work space with a thorough schedule, will I have time to work on my own project?
Our Monday to Friday schedule is a ‘buffet style’ of classes, workshops and talks. So you are free to attend things as you choose, while working on your individual progress, projects and tasks at hand. While many past digital nomads love the balance of movement and surrounding creative inspiration with their individual work, many also see it as a place to develop their skills and leadership to motivate new projects and simply soak up the wisdom and experience of the residency and all it offers.

What we are
We are a semi-professional training ground. 
We are a community of artists, spiritual healers and entrepreneurs.
We are an unconventional co-work space.

What we are not
We are not therapists.
We are not employers.
We are not a cult.