Momentom Collective Theme Camp Lineup at Envision Festival 2020


Can you feel it? Envision Festival 2020 is just a few days away and jungle circus magic is in the air.

We are ecstatic to return to our second home in the Costa Rican jungle to reunite with our family to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Envision.

Check out our Envision Festival lineup and what to look forward to with our theme camp below:

Over our week together you can look forward to daily sunset jams on the beach, contact improv, yoga, meditation and sound healing journeys and more. Join our epic lineup of international teachers including Momentom Collective Co-Founders Gabrielle Bonneville, John Early, and Therese Lowton as well as Hart Floe Poet, Cheetah, Jonny Karroll, Tali Tal, Holly Clark, J.Pool, Will Tipelt, Eran Abadi and many, many more special guests throughout Envision Festival.

Still figuring out your accommodations? We would love for you to join our family at the Momentom Collective Theme Camp at Envision Festival 2020. Feel at home with our family, elevate your vibration, immerse yourself in our circus jungle, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Check out more theme camp information and logistics on Envision Festival’s official website by clicking here.

The best part of our Envision Festival Theme Camp?

Momentom Collective Co-Founders Therese Lowton (left) and John Early (right) dance on the beach during sunset at Envision Festival. Photo by Eric Allen.

This is just a taste of what is to come after. If you’re feeling the call to explore Central America and wondering what adventure to take after you wrap up a magical week at Envision, our International Artist Residency at Maderas Village in Nicaragua is the place to be.

Our post-Envision decompression offers up some of the best surf in Central America, yoga, meditation, music production, ecstatic dance, sound journeys, embodiment, sacred clowning and mask work – and that’s not even scratching the surface.

Over our 1.5 months in residency after Envision Festival 2020, we will be setting up our next home alongside best friends, Momentom Family members, and all-around awesome individuals.

Guest teachers include Envision Festival Co-Founder Stephen Brooks, DJ & Producer Mose, Kristina Block and dozens of other insanely talented and awe-inspiring individuals who will be sharing their passions and their craft.

If you’re feeling the call, you can dive deeper into all the details surrounding our Nicaragua Artist Residency here.

See you on the dance floor in the jungle!

Edit: We are offering a special discount code to existing residents who will be at Envision Festival and want to join our epic camp space and crew (decorated by Gunel Eco Fashion!) They’ve only allowed 5 uses of this code for those who want to camp in our shady, centralized home base with showers and everything! Just enter code “EFMOMENTOMCREW” when choosing the theme camp upgrade to get your discount!

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