Our 7 Favorite Memories From Envision Festival 2020


The 10th anniversary of Envision Festival is a wrap and we are feeling the love after a week of festivities and being reunited with our family in the Costa Rican jungle. We laughed, we cried, we fell in love, we elevated, we shed layers, we connected, we dove deep, and now we’re on our way to 1.5 months of magic at Maderas Village in Nicaragua.

Here are just a few highlights from Envision Festival 2020 that fill our hearts:

Theme Camp Family

In the midst of all the individual journeys flowing throughout the festival ground, our theme camp provided a safe space where anyone who felt the call could come to connect, take in one of our daily workshops, silent discos, and workshops, or simply relax in the shade. All-in-all, over 60 members of our tribe fused together to create a capacity container under the Costa Rican canopy.

Wednesday Freak Show

Before the gates even opened for the 4-day weekend experience, over 100 people found their way into the weirdness for Wednesday night’s freak show at our theme camp. Authentic expression was in full force with our cabaret-style performance (including Julien Desforges with a stunning inverted hang, fully suspended upside down by his hair) which elevated the energy leading into Thursday’s full-throttle festival opening.

Saturday Morning Abundance Hypnosis

We’re all about centering and finding balance, and that’s exactly what was offered during a potent Saturday morning abundance hypnosis session with Momentom Family member HeartFloe Poet (Nial Mosharrafa). The beautiful thing about Envision Festival (among many) is that the festival calls forth what is you truly desire in your heart, whether you necessarily want to hear the words or not yet receiving the clarity and trusting it is all for the best.
Our HeartFloe brother was tapped into this energy, amplifying this theme with his space holding session before transitioning into a Sound Off Experience Silent Disco allowing everyone to integrate what it is they were calling in through movement.

Jungle Sound Production with J.Pool & Inspirit

Inspirit Holistic Music Production Retreat Co-Founder and Instructor J.Pool joined us for the week, crafting the soundscape for our 20-minute performance on the Luna Stage (see below) along with facilitating a workshop on organic music music production in the camp with a group of amazing aspiring music producers.
He was gracious enough to share insight into his creative process, how to incorporate samples from nature into music production, and how to set up a track for a live performance. In just 1-hour, J.Pool led everyone in attendance through a collaboration of recording vocals, percussion and organic sounds to birth an awesome track right in the middle of the jungle.

Check out this clip from J.Pool’s sound production session below:

…and take a listen to his set from our theme camp:

Cacao Ceremony & Kirtan With Kula Collective

A yearly staple at the Templo Armonia stage in Envision’s healing space, Kula Collective gave us the honor of shifting into our theme camp space, providing a grounding reunion with Mama Cacao, opening our hearts before dropping into a collective sound journey of devotional chanting with kirtan.

Roving Performance

The circus came to play. Donning our best attire and fully stepping into our sacred clown, we hit the festival ground to sprinkle some Momentom magic and spread smiles from Templo Armonia to the Luna Stage to the beach for sunset and everywhere in between.

‘Gravity Is Optional’ – Luna Stage Madness

Gravity is optional as we ascend into the 5th dimension, and that’s exactly what we tapped into at the fire-fueled Luna Stage. After weeks of rehearsing on Circus Island we fully dropped into the weekend festivities at 10pm on Friday where everything came together, culminating with a 20-minute performance of tightly choreographed movement, clowning, fire and high-flying acrobatics for a full on flow state before Of The Trees took over the decks on stage.
Though the fire was fully burning for a full 20-minutes, this was just the tip of the volcano as our family kept the sacred flames lit with performances accompanying the sets of Envision Soul Sister Clozee, Rufus Du Sol, The Human Experience (David Block), Gone Gone Beyond, ATYYA, Emancipator & Random Rab sunrise sets, The Funk Hunters and dancing as a dirty circus crew at The Lazy Syrup Orchestra sunset set.
Community is what it’s all about and we undoubtedly felt the love where the ocean meets the jungle.
We still can’t believe it’s over but are grateful to be underway with our post-Envision Festival decompression at Maderas Village in Nicaragua. From now until April 15 we will be jumping into the 5th dimension with our family of like-minded freaks, entrepreneurs, and all-around inspiring individuals and creators.
We’re nestling up on the Pacific Coast where cotton candy skies give way to sunsets bombing into the ocean. If you’re ready to elevate yourself, recharge, or simply connect, we invite you to our Nicaragua Artist Residency at Maderas Village to explore guest teachers, daily access to music schedule and art spaces, yoga, acro-yoga, meditation, clowning, theatre, content production, circus arts, contact dance, mask work, plant-based food and much more.
Scholarships are still available along with a special discount for our friends and family who were at Envision. Check out our official residency page for all the details and, whether you’re looking to join us for just one week or one month, apply today. https://www.momentomcollective.com/residencies/nicaragua/
Stephen Brooks (Co-Founder of Envision Festival), Mose (DJ/Producer), J.Pool (DJ/Producer/Co-Founder Inspirit Holistic Music Production Retreat), and Kristina Block (Movement & Mask Work) are just a few of the family members making their way with us from the Costa Rican jungle to the coast of Nicaragua. We invite you to join our family in paradise.

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