1. We are encouraging new systems of economic autonomy  ▲

As the world starts to transition from more traditional economic models, we are staying ahead of the game by opening to receive payments in major digital currencies, as well as partnering with the conscious Cryptocurrency, SEEDS, to back the global regenerative renaissance we are experiencing. Seeds is a payment platform and financial ecosystem to empower people and heal our planet. It is built on a decentralized human organization system called Hypha. We’re in full pledged allegiance to this platform – reach out if you would like to know more about getting involved!

2. Launching a permaculture-focused Eco Residency and working with like-minded earth based projects ▲

Due to C-19, we’ve reestablished our priorities. Our newest residency: the Green Residency in Costa Rica will continue to provide our signature schedule in mindfulness and movement arts, with the addition of permaculture. Intention for self-sufficiency means providing opportunity for residents to learn how to build their own HOME and grow their own FOOD.

We pledge to only host experiences at centers that have proven their dedication to sustainability and reducing carbon foot print.

3. Covid health and safety policies in place for each Residency and country ▲

It is evident that we are currently in a different global state for monitoring health and safety of our communities. Momentom will ensure individual policies and protocols in place for each country we operate in as well as stay transparent in regular community check ins for the progress or change in local and international updates in how it relates to those in Residency with us.

4. Providing access to state-of-the-art health devices for optimal health for all residents ▲

We are on a quest for a healthier humanity. We seek a future with prevention instead of treatment – elevated consciousness instead of pharmaceuticals. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we will now have a room with tech for boosting mental, physical, and spiritual health, folding deeper into themselves as they unlock higher levels of embodied awareness that ultimately lead to breakthroughs in their creative practice. Hint: PEMF, PANDORA STORE, WIM HOF!  More info soon.

5.  Increasing financial and demographic accessibility ▲

We want our Residency experience to be as accessible to as many people and demographics as possible. We are revising new pricing models and scholarship opportunities to be able to sustain accessibility for a greater diversity of budgets and internationalities. Stay tuned for further announcements.

6. Rooting down: a home base ▲

We’ve started taking the preliminary steps toward building a permanent residency in the jungles of Central America, and are working on an investment plan for our community to get involved.

7. Momentom COVID refund policy applies in the event of any circumstance that is outside the resident’s control (not including not having correct documentation at the border, missing a flight, etc) to receive either: ▲ 

1. 50% cash refund; or
2. 100% transferable credit to a residency of their choice within 12 months period, less a $300 administrative fee.

Help us co-create the Residency Season ahead and be able to hit the ground running once it is safe to do so.

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