The following document is aimed to provide clarity for residents and travelers wishing to travel to Momentom Residency during times of C19.

The pandemic has allowed for a global reset in our values and travel patterns. Isolation is rampant as the main protocol implemented by governments around the world, Momentom intends to be a place where community thrives and is considered an important element of optimal mental health and as a new way of living in the new world. That said, we are committed to providing safe spaces for our residents with efficient protocols in case of sickness in our quarters.

Our Community in Quarantine protocols during our Residency at Maderas, Nicaragua during the first outbreak of C19, in March proved to be a success. No sickness. We came together as a community and made decisions together to ensure that everyone felt comfortable, safe, and connected.

Covid-19 Policy & Protocols:

The countries we’re operating our Artist Residencies in this winter (Nicaragua and Costa Rica) require proof of a negative COVID test result within 72 hours of arrival. This will provide an important primary filter to ensure the safety of those that arrive in our isolated Residency bubble.

All residents on arrival must sign an agreement to confirm they have personal health insurance as well as abide by our community protocols to keep our collective health as a priority throughout the Residency. We will also have weekly community circles to update and keep communication transparent in case we need to lockdown our residency: no new guests or people from the public entering the premises.

Entering Costa Rica:

Tourists wishing to enter Costa Rica via a flight must comply with the following requirements:

> Complete the online “Health Pass” epidemiological form:
> *As of October 2020, arrivals into Costa Rica NO longer need proof of a negative PCR test for COVID-19
> Obtain travel insurance. This can be either a pre-approved Costa Rican policy from INS or Sagicor or an international policy that covers COVID-19 medical expenses of at least $50,000 and $2,000 for lodging.

> Here is the link to the document referencing Entrance Requirements to Costa Rica.

*There are no quarantines on arrival as long as testing is done in advance.
*All states of the USA are allowed entry as of November 1, 2020 

*As of October 2020, arrivals into Costa Rica NO longer need proof of a negative PCR test for COVID-19

Where to get Covid Tested in Costa Rica:

*if travelling to Nicaragua and other countries where it’s required

Liberia Covid Test:
*3-5 days for the result as they send it to SJO
*68,000 colones / $115 USD
Liberia Hospital 506-4000-6762 (Monday to Friday)

San Jose Test:
*48-72 hours for the result
*Payment has to be made via call or email in advance of the test
*53,000 colones / $95 USD

Entering Nicaragua:

> All passengers arriving in Nicaragua must bring a negative PCR test, taken no longer than 72 hours before arrival. This includes transits.
> While not a mandatory requirement to enter Nicaragua, it is a requirement for all Momentom Residents to have valid travel insurance.

*There are no quarantines on arrival as long as testing is done in advance
*All nations that could enter Nicaragua before covid are once again permitted to enter under regular visa requirements.

Options to Fly Direct to Nica:

> Avianca is the only commercial airline currently flying into Managua (capital of Nicaragua and only 1.5 hours to the ferry to Ometepe), Avianca’s covid policy is HERE
> more airlines are said to be announced to reopen flights but have been delayed due to covid*
> weekly charter flights are also available from Miami and Mexico City to Managua (possibly others) via Mango Travel (English speaking agent:, on Whatsapp +505 8885 2871) or Tour Caribbe (On Whatsapp +505 8989 8927)

*IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that residents travel to Nica via either Avianca, charter flight, or through Costa Rica. Airlines besides Avianca have been continuing to take bookings but then canceling to offer credit (especially Spirit Airlines). The government has not indicated when it will allow other airlines to fly direct into Managua yet. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Entering Nica via Costa Rica:

> Costa Rica has removed their covid test requirement for entry and many are flying into San Jose or Liberia (only 1 hour from the Nicaragua border) to enter Nicaragua (with either test taken in Costa Rica or before arrival and plan to go straight to Nicaraguan border).
> San Jose and Liberia airports are currently operating with all standard international airlines and can be cheaper for international flights
> Travel insurance covering covid is required to enter Costa Rica, for full info and options on insurance and travel into Costa Rica click HERE, *No quarantine on arrival is needed.

Getting a Covid Test in Costa Rica:

> There are many options for covid testing in San Jose, Liberia, and cities
> Expect 48-72 hours for the result, more info can be found by reaching out to them HERE
> Payment ($95 USD) has to be made via call or email in advance of the test: 506-2521-9595

*The main entry to Nicaragua is via Penas Blancas border crossing, 1 hour north of Liberia (via $4 bus), Costa Rica and is then only 30 minutes to Rivas/San Jorge (via $20 taxi) where the ferry to Ometepe is.

**Since we will have the majority of residents arriving within the same timeframes we will be helping with coordinating shared taxis and meetups best we can to have some of your Momentom fam along the journey! If there are any other questions please feel free to reach out to us!

~ Welcome to the new days of travel post covid. We appreciate your patience and sense of adventure that will make the cocreation and magic of getting together in a safe, and inspired community in nature all the more incredible! ~

Ground Transport Options in Costa Rica & Nicaragua:

Tica Bus: +506 2221-0006
Costa Rica/ Nicaragua/ Panama
*Current schedule to and from Nicaragua border is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

TransNica: 506 4404-0500
Costa Rica / Nicaragua / Honduras

Deldu Local Bus / SJO Terminal:
Whatsapp: +50660342578
> located in SJO at west side of Children’s Museum (Museo de los Ninos)

*Deldu options to and from the Nicaraguan border every day:

Buen Dia
Penas blancas – San Jose
6:45 am
11:00 am
01:30 pm
04:00 pm
Todos los dias

San Jose-Penas blancas
04:00 am
05:00 am
10:00 pm
06:00 pm
Todos los dias

Covid-19 Related Refunds & Cancellations:

If a resident has to cancel or delay their stay with Momentom due to borders being shut, flights being canceled, or other situations – OUTSIDE of the control of the resident* – Momentom will offer a 50% refund, or full credit for another Residency (valid for up to 12 months) minus a $300 administration fee, for the days booked that are missed. *Formal documentation from your airline or other agency is required.

If a resident has to cancel or delay their stay with Momentom due to circumstances – WITHIN their control – such as missed flights, personal health implications, lost interest, or not providing the correct documentation or tests to customs and health officials, there will be no refund or credit offered for the days booked that are missed.

If you need to cancel due to health reasons, including contracting COVID; or if you fail to comply with pre-outlined instructions around testing to get into the country, this will not be considered outside of your control. Nor will flying with airlines that have been identified as not honouring their flight schedule, such as Spirit Airlines. This more applies to government regulation preventing you from accessing the country.

Please continue to monitor this page for updated information.