Corn Full Moon Brings in Fresh Starts


September’s Full Corn Moon is at our door, and what magic it brings!

Words by Gabrielle Bonneville



Artwork by Momentom in-house Designer @aephiclesjourney 


Keep your eyes peeled just after sunset on Tuesday, September 1, as the magnificent moon rises high and reaches its peak illumination at 1:23 A.M. EST Time on Wednesday, September 2. Get yourself a view of a clear eastern horizon at dusk today to see the delicate orangey hues of a rising Full Moon. 

Why Do We Take a Moment to Discuss the Moon?

Just as life comes with a series of significant phases, so does the moon, waxing, and waning. The human experience is a mirror of the universal compilations of highs and lows. 

Once you’ve seen that majestic moon, ponder the fact that today an asteroid measuring 22 meters by 49 meters will sweep safely by Earth. When we sit to reflect how minuscule we are in the celestial soup of our galaxies, we find perspective in our small human problems. We become humble again. 

But let’s take a peek at the moon regardless, as understanding the energy can help guide our month’s intention and what energies we want to bring forward in our beings.

What Can We Learn from this Moon?

This Neptune-ruled lunation has everything to do with trusting the universe and surrendering to a higher power. 

This moon is a transitional lunation that takes us from the summer to the winter months, The corn moon is the final full moon of summer. This Moon is the closest to the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd – and in 2020 that happens on October 1st. Then we get a BLUE MOON on Halloween. Celestial movements are rampant this month with TWO full moons in one month.  

Loving Valerie’s Mesa’s article, she says “taking the essence of elusive Neptune — the planet of dreams, faith, mysticism, and the universal realm — into consideration, along with Pisces’ paradoxical zodiac archetype, is a priority when harnessing the power of this lunation”.

What Sign is the September Full Moon in?

This moon is in Pisces. And Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. All 12 archetypes have a divine Thanks to its highly receptive celestial ruler, Pisces is associated with creativity, spirituality, sensitivity, and perception. Pisces walks in between dimensions. Neptune dissolves all boundaries, which means you can use this magical energy to cultivate a relationship with spirit. Pisces’ zodiac archetype — a symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions — is a symbol of its infinite duality. Pisces born under this Neptune-ruled sign are known to be incredibly adaptable- and this is what this moon is asking for us to embody. This is typical for any Full Lunation, the subconscious parts of our beings coming to the surface.

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs that hold the kind of energy that helps us respond to life’s only variable: change. With Vipassana’s annicha resonating loud and clear, how can we become more masterful at letting things be for what they are and not what we want them to be? Change is inevitable, let death die, let life live.

What can we do? We lean on your spiritual side, nurture ourselves through creative activities we love, hop on aerial silks, go to kirtan, make yourself cacao, and observe. Through observation, be ready to fact-check your feelings when possible.

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