The Momentom Collective lifestyle started when we shared our dreams and set an intention to create a wild new business model.
We set our intention to surround ourselves with the things that made us thrive. For us, it’s bare feet, sunsets, oceans, volcanoes, fresh coconuts, yoga, community and nourishment of the mind, body and soul. But its also, sustainability. 

As soon as we put our intention out there in its most pure form, it started coming back to us. But it took some work to figure it out how to build something with momentum on the business side . 

Today, we’ve housed over 700 residents. Momentom is proud to be recognized as a global leader in the travel industry, merging creative entrepreneurship and movement arts in one of the top communities out there.  


We work with a small selection of artists each year. Each client of the Branding Package will be personally taken through a series of one on one coaching sessions with Momentom Cofounders to develop a brand identity, logo, website, language style and marketing strategy.
The package includes:

3 x sessions with Life Coach
3 x sessions with Design Coach
3 x sessions with Marketing Coach
Website Design
Marketing Strategy & Vitality coaching
Social Media Optimization
Logo Design
Business Card Design


Momentom Collective believes in a world where there is no divide between your passion and your career.

With the amounts of mistakes and learning curves we’ve endured growing Momentom to where it is, we now feel confident about providing top notch coaching to our people.

When we first got started, we bounced from coach to coach, online seminars, to online courses to learn from the grassroots how to do what we do today. We realized 4 years into our business that nowhere did a full package exist for emerging artists to get the full support from start to finish, to get their careers up and going.

So we decided to create it.



The Branding Package is the Full Monty for creating a professional creative identity.

This package is a one stop-shop designed by artists for artists.

Momentom’s Professional Creative Package is specifically designed for graduated / emerging artists and new yoga teachers.

With 3 personal coaches, you will guided from from A to Z receive 3x personal coaching sessions to identify your passion, understand emerging trends, discover gaps in the market and create a project plan to launch your career. Your coaches will include Momentom’s in-house designers and content editors to build a visual identity and language that boosts your unique professional persona and targets your dream clientele.

We work with you for 3 months and you will walk away with a unique brand, project plan, logo, business card, written content and professional SEO optimized website.

Expedite the process of going from ‘emerging’ to ‘professional’ with a full team of coaches.


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