Black Lives Matter | Spoken Word by Hart Floe Poet

Momentom Collective’s resident poet Nial Mosharrafa aka Hart Floe Poet shares his words and thoughts on the current protests and issues arising within society today.


Black Lives Matter.
Of course black lives matter
It’s a matter of fact
For FUCK sake!
Can’t you see?
We are one universal family
We’ve allowed ourselves to be separated
Divided by borders
And walls
Both physical and illusory
The truth of all life is unity
It’s time to no longer tolerate anything other than a global community
Police brutality against innocent parties should amongst be the highest of all crimes
Failure to recognize your connection to the life force that you’re suffocating as your staring into their crying, dying eyes
And now with the wonders of modern technology
Nobody can claim to be blind
So its no surprise the world has finally woken up
Spoken up and taken the next step towards abolishing racism in it’s entirety once and for all
Ripping down those walls
Hearing the call of the Universe beckoning us towards peace
Reminding the world that the one is the all
It’s really is so simple to see
That we are all one human family
We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have enemies
But our only enemies are those that seek to control our minds through putting us at war with each other
By spinning a story that’s blinded us from recognising one another as sisters and brothers
But it’s too late
Humans are discovering the truth of it all
That unity of humanity and the creation of peace on Earth is possible
And when we come together as one unit they are probable
The wave is unstoppable
Preventing it is impossible
The tsunami of love and compassion that is washing over the hearts of humanity cannot be held back
We are totally on track
With each new apparent disaster its power and magnitude grows to more and more epic proportions
Distorting everything that we were told was true
And when this wave reaches the shores of humanities heart – it will wipe out all the old paradigms that have kept us bound
Paving the way for new ground
Saving the day from destruction and doom
Making room for new growth to come through
We know what to do
It’s the simplest truth
We Are All One
You and me and I am You.
This is our chance to finally break through


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We see you. We hear you. Black Lives Matter.

We see you. We hear you. Black Lives Matter.

We’ve taken a week to reflect, to observe, to listen, to be in utter silence and contemplate the happenings in our world as we awaken as a global community.

It is a challenging time to process our individual and collective thoughts. With so many layers and opinions to the issues being protested around the world, it’s hard to know how to process it all: Are we to stay silent and listen or march and shout out our stance? Are we to use introspection to reflect within or group together to evince as a collective? Are there political conspiracies at play or is that notion taking away from the issues at hand?

It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by the noise of confusion, blame, and finger pointing on social media and the news. The common thread we feel, is defaulting into using the word ‘They’.
THEY are racist, THEY are fear mongering, THEY have built a system to allow minorities to suffer, THEY aren’t willing to change. But… WHO IS ‘THEY’?!

For us, the real work we all need to process, starts with how we can shift as an individual and collective to replace the word ‘they’ for ‘we’. WE have racism. WE have fear mongering. WE have a system that allows unequal privilege to occur. So, where can we feel into our individual integrity in being part of the WE and where do we need to reflect, shift and change so we can be a proud individual with how we show up in life within the WE?

WE are part of the problem as much as WE are the solution.

So how can we best drop the ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality, challenge the status quo and break through the noise with our messages in a DIFFERENT way? In this rich tapestry of protests, whether peaceful or activist in nature, as artists we have the chance to bring our voices forward through our ART.

Picasso once said, learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them as an artist.

It’s time to inspire new ways of communicating through art. Inspiration instigates more inspiration. We are creators by nature and it’s time to share our voice with creativity. Creativity is the soil for new thought forms. New and inspired thought forms lead to energized action. Actions lead to revolutions and renaissance. It’s time.

The real revolution is to speak out in your own way while simultaneously planning to disrupt the system by taking your energy out of where you don’t resonate with the collective ‘WE’. Protest if you will. Write poetry, if you will. Have an opinion and speak LOUD, if you will. Do you. Whatever you do, EXPRESS yourself. There is no right or wrong way to protest if it comes from your heart and it is of our opinion that the same message delivered in many different ways has the potential to be more impactful.

As Einstein said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So what can you do? Dive deep inside, activate that Sacral Chakra and turn it into your super power. Amplify your message through your creativity. Make yourself heard. Feel the expression of your truth.

We love you.
We honour you
We see you.




1. Momentom’s Passionately [UN] Talented Cabaret Show.
All profits of our next show will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement AND the show theme will be focused on this pertinent topic.

2. Stand with Bandcamp to Support Racial Justice, Equality, and Change.
This coming Juneteenth (June 19, from midnight to midnight PDT) and every Juneteenth hereafter, for any purchase you make on Bandcamp, we will be donating 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a national organization that has a long history of effectively enacting racial justice and change through litigation, advocacy, and public education.

3. Here Are 25 Organizations You Can Donate to That Support Emerging Black Artists, Thinkers, and Change-Makers.
These organizations across the US aim to foster the careers of aspiring black creatives in a variety of ways.

4. Follow and support black artists on IG with @supportblackart
Find content produced by Black Artists with links to their accounts.

5. Follow Black Lives Matter on
Stay in the loop with what artists are publicly saying across the globe in relation to Black Lives Matter.

10 Best Moments of Momentom Maderas Residency in Nicaragua 2020

Maderas was a Residency that reset the bar in terms of professional art spaces, a next level guest teacher line-up and WTF moments collectively experienced. We boil down the TOP 10 moments that made the Momentom Maderas Residency our top pick for a semi-permanent residency location for 2020-2021 (link to apply)

1. Final Blindfolded Dinner for the Senses

The kitchen crew kept it secret until the moment we arrived for our gratitude circle at 7 PM.  All they said was to bring our blindfolds. So we did. We collectively accepted although we had no idea what was about to happen.

As we sat, we were then asked to place our Sound Off headsets onto our ears, and so began the sound journey with Tamara Montenegro on her DJ decks behind us.  Blindfolded and activated by sound, we were served a three-course meal. We used our hands to put the mystery food in our mouths – each bite a vibrant adventure of taste, texture and intention. At the same time, feathers tickled out bodies and ice cubes drizzled down our arms.

The dessert was off the chart. We removed our blindfolds, and opened our eyes to a table full of scrumptious gluten-free and home-made vegan desserts with more toppings handed to us to drizzle on the table like an edible community portrait! We stood, still with headphones on ears, to feed each other and ourselves while we danced the night away.

2. Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Fast becoming the annual signature event at Momentom, the catamaran adventure is simple yet extremely potent. Put 30 amazing dancers, DJs, and life -loving humans on a water device. Add live music, a sunset and bomb guacamole and we have what most say was one of the most memorable days of their lives.

3. Masked Ecstatic Dance with Mose & Kristina Block

Welcoming Kristina Block to the circus familia – a goddess who teaches the art of embodied mask work – felt like a long awaited warm hug. Kristina works with those courageous enough to explore the mechanics of how we build our own masks, and the methods to remove them. Together, we spent time discussing the potent magic of infinitely re-creating ourselves through masked work, we then painted our own individual masks.

At our weekly Friday morning ecstatic dance, residents walked to the dance floor to find Mose masked and in full throttle into his signature beats. Residents put on their masks to dance the morning away and participated in a once in a lifetime experience that truly has you asking “is this even real”? Yup. It sure was.

4. Rooftop Full Moon Parties 

Let’s be real, we like to get down and silly – consciously of course. Over the years, we’ve made it a thing to stop to celebrate the full moon. We decided to invite the curious locals and expats of San Juan Del Sur, who may or may not have heard about the frolics of Momentom Collective. Why not invite them in for a taste?

This one particular Full Moon at Maderas Involved a delicious opening cacao ceremony and DJ set with Mose over sunset, with a succession of not one, not two, but FOUR DJ’s throughout the night including, J Pool, Tamara Montenegro and Mexico’s Cedro. While we ate the crazy yummy food by Javier, our performers decided to put on a show, but not just any show: hair hanging and slacklining by Julien Desforges, Singing  by Melissa & Arya Interpretative Ninja-ing with Tony and his friends. Basically the crowd went from “oh, this is cool” to “WTF is happening” … just how we like it.

5. The Roast by Guillermo 

Probably the funniest man ever to walk in residency, we introduce to you Guillermo – a comic in disguise. Guillermo came in as a social media assistant helping the collective spread the word about the magic that happens in house. Low and behold, the guy is also a stand up comedian and the roast he put on for 20+ people left half of us peeing our pants. From one of the founders being a decoy dominatrix, to the hilarious subtleties of “Momentom problems” ( “What’s the deal with so much ‘holding space’ for each other…I mean in all reality, space is holding YOU!”), the guy got every single one of us GOOD.

6. Sunset Flow Jams and Tam Tams on the Beach

As if training in music production, dance and yoga every day wasn’t enough, the residency is also steps away from one of the best surfing beaches in all of Nicaragua’s stunning coast. Maderas Beach is home to its infamous Maderas Rock, and intermediate to advance waves, soft sand and gorgeous sunsets. Every week, we conglomerated there, brought our instruments, our voices, our bodies, danced, and played practiced handstands (um, sandstands?) and acroyoga. One particular time, the vibe ambassador himself, Dakota Thompson, brought his djembe to the beach and ignited a drum beat dance off on the beach which left observers with their jaw to the ground.

[See it here]

7. Bodyscape Photoshoots with Misty Moss 

You all know her, Misty Moss, that sexy photographer and burlesque babe that Momentom brings in for photography purposes, but really it’s about the empowered sexuality she brings forward in basically everything she does.

Misty had an idea for women’s day to bring all of the female residents onto the beach to create shapes with their bodies as a collective, empowering residents to take part of an art project that de-sexualized the body and turned it into a powerful visual art. The resulting images speak for themselves.

8. Naoba aka Tamara Montenegro’s In-Studio Boiler Room Set

Another very empowered woman in the Momentom tribe is Nicaragua-born DJ Tamara Montenegro aka Naoba. A sound producer and a biologist in one, she is able to take listeners into extremely deep, subliminal sound journeys that ignite the reptilian core in all of us. She set off the entire residency with the first ecstatic dance and took us on a journey of understanding sound shapes within our human experience. With a world class music studio available to all residents, Tamara invited residents to a Boiler Room style set where she captured the live movement to some of her amazing unreleased originals mixed with the weirdness that Momentom brings to an intimate party – lasers included!

[See Tamara’s Boiler Room Set here]

9. Sunset Yin Yoga on the Rooftop

The Momentom Residency in Nicaragua consists of various art hubs in loft spaces, including a jungle yoga deck, a visual arts palace, a digital creation hub and a meditation space. One of our favourites however, is a rooftop overlooking the ocean. Start with the mesmerizing orange hues of the sun dipping into the ocean’s endless horizon, sprinkle in some yin yoga with live music mixed in and magic is sure to be experienced. The idea is for you to fully immerse within yourself and to tap into that silent space where all answers lie. Our favourite session was led by Perry, with live music by Mose, Melissa and Dakota. Luckily we just so happened to have a documentary videographer, Jerome of Kommune.TV, fly in from Florida to capture some of it:

[See Mose’s rooftop session here]

10. Bringing in Community Building & Permaculture with Stephen Brooks & Andrea Belen  

Momentom has set intentions to gear the brand towards more permaculture, green-building and sustainability-based education as part of our residency program. We’ve always envisioned a community that is based on festival culture and transcendence of the self through art, now what happens when you bring in the deep understanding of biomimicry and natural cycles of nature in the mix.

We decided to bring in the wild, the wacky and the extremely inspiring Stephen Brooks, along with his empowered partner Andrea Belen to talk about their experience creating business, festivals and self awareness through their individual projects – namely founding Envision Festival or NonViolent Communication with the Infinite Self.



*** A Community in Quarantine

We can’t not mention that half of our Residency was spent as a community in quarantine. Going through a global epidemic on your own is one thing, doing so as a community, away from home in a developing country is a whole other experience. It was a test of how a true community makes decisions together, sets policy and holds each other accountable. Living in uncertainty and having to make difficult decisions that pertain to whether or not you might be stuck abroad for the foreseeable future (many of us are still ‘stuck’ in Nicaragua) was proven to be much easier with the support of so many beautiful reflections within the ‘opportunity’ (which we chose to call it) and seeing the positivity in these changing times.

[Watch our experience here]

*** Johnny Becoming a Real Life Turtle

One afternoon, John Early, Co-Founder of Momentom decided it would be an interesting experiment to mimic a turtle on the beach…. For hours on end. At first, we thought he was kidding. Had he lost his mind again? Let’s observe. It didn’t stop, not for a very long time. As he dragged his pretend baby turtle legs onto the ground, we tried to figure out what exactly he was trying to reproduce. As he finally entered the water to face the waves head on, we realize, oh dear god -Johnny has become a turtle.

The end.

Art + Creativity: How Art Expands Human Consciousness

Art is an echo of the creative force that birthed the galaxies.” – Alex Grey

An abstract representation of our connection to the galaxies

Do you believe you are an artist?
Do you think you are creative?

If you answered ‘no’, we invite you to read further and maybe your answer will change.
If you answered ‘yes’, these words may resonate deeply and inspire an expansion of personal consciousness…

Art expands Human Consciousness, and art involves expressing our unique creativity.

Alex Grey defines creativity as “the way the Cosmos evolves and communicates with itself“.

Artwork by Alex Grey
Artwork by Alex Grey

In this sense – we are all creative beings.

Alex Grey is a Visionary Artist, best known for his paintings that represent humans in their cosmic, biological, and technological evolution. From beginning his career in medical illustrations at Harvard Medical School to creating a Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM)- and all of his revolutionary art in between – he is the epitome of how art expands the consciousness of humanity.

CoSM is a visionary art sanctuary for a community that “honors and practices art as a spiritual path” with a “mission to inspire and evolve the creative spirit”.

Grey says, and we agree:

The great uplifting of humanity is the redemptive mission of Art.”

Alex Grey shares these perspectives and some of his evolutionary art in this inspiring Ted Talk.

Here at Momentom Collective, we believe everyone is an artist and has the power to create a life they design through intentional focus of introspection and integration of self-expression – which is how we feel our creativity flourishes.

Momentom Collective Envision Festival Performance 2020 Luna Stage
Momentom Collective after their performance on the Luna Stage at Envision Festival 2020

Creativity is defined in the dictionary as: the ability to use or produce original and unusual ideas.

Creativity is as individual as it is universal.” – Jonathan Tilley

Jonathan Tilley spoke at a Ted Talk about “What Creativity is trying to teach you” and he’s quite the credible creative with many titles: singer, dancer, actor, playwright, direct choreographer, author, voice over artist.

In his Ted talk, he speaks of how people describe creativity as a feeling, force, love, God, Source, energy.

Creativity begins with a thought, then we play with these thoughts, reflect on our experiences, and share our creation.

Creativity is also with “requirements”, such as a sacred space, to make mistakes, embrace failures, whilst truly listening to what Creativity is trying to tell us.

Cheetah Aerial Silks Momentom Collective Guatemala Artist Residency 2020
An Artist Resident named Cheetah on Aerial Silks during our Residency in Guatemala 2020

As we share our creativity, we allow others permission to express their creativity – creativity is a cyclical process.

This cyclical process of expressing creativity and sharing art is one of the many reasons why we love doing Artist Residencies;

Kristina Block Mask Work Momentom Collective Artist Residency 2020
Kristina Block with her Mask Art Work during Artist Residency 2020

Through creating sacred spaces to create, whilst living amongst other passionate artists, we continue to experience first-hand how creativity and art catalyzes human consciousness.

However, you don’t need to do an Artist Residency to reap the benefits of creativity and art! If you’ve ever cooked a meal, decorated your home, or put an outfit together — you are already expressing your creativity!

Creativity and Art happens in all of the moments – even the ones that seem mundane, even in the moments of stillness.

As Alex Grey says, “Once we understand things in a new way, we can create a new world”. 

As the world is shifting to new versions of “normal”, we continue to thrive with intentionally designing our “new world” through creating safe sacred spaces for artists to express their creativity. If you feel called to be a part of our digital movement, we are preparing to post heaps of exclusive content for our generous supporters on Patreon.

Artwork by Louis Dyer

Artwork by Louis Dyer, a Visionary Artist

Healing Breathing: 5 Benefits of Wim Hof Breath Work

Breathing: A concept that comes naturally to us.
Yet, how many of us – consciously – breathe?

As human beings breathing, we share similar experiences in our daily lives including:

Stress. Movement. Creativity. Rest.

What if we could use one breathing technique to improve our performance in all of these experiences?

And also… be a natural anti-inflammatory?

As we are collectively shifting towards more time to ourselves, in contained spaces, with more free time to explore different ways of experiencing life, this breathing method aligns with us at the perfect time and now Wim Hof has become a household name at this Artist Residency in Nicaragua.

When we first learned this breathing technique from Julien Desforges, we became inspired to utilize this technique in our everyday lives. We then integrated this practice in our weekday schedule before morning yoga and continue to reap the positive benefits of this method. This method is so simple, that we are now able to incorporate it whenever we feel called to “boost” our daily performance in life — and we aren’t just talking about circus performing (although we do find circus performing to be fun as well!).

In this post, we share 5 benefits of how this simple breathing method improves our daily lives with some helpful links for you to explore more.

And the best part? All you need is: Your breath. A safe space to practice. A simple technique with minimal equipment necessary? Count us in!

You may be wondering, “Who is Wim Hof and how credible is this?”

Wim Hof, also known as ‘Ice Man’, has broken 62 Guinness Records with multiple stunts including one where he stands in a cylinder filled with ice for over an hour… he certainly walks the talk of his nickname. He is also known for walking with bare feet in the snow with minimal clothing using this method. This method has sparked scientific studies which prove how effective this method is, and now artists, athletes, and people of all professions benefit from this technique!

Although many of us aren’t planning on walking in snow with bare feet anytime soon, we can all relate to stress defined as: a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.

With this method, we are able to navigate stress in a healthier, more controlled manner, simply through consciously controlling our breath.

Another concept that we share as humans is movement. Sometimes we exert more energy through movement, which requires our body to recover from this extensive effort. Recovery can sometimes be longer than we expect it to, resulting in decreased performance in other areas of our life and accumulated stress. This breathing technique helps our body disperse toxins and relieve stress, resulting in improved body – mind – spirit recovery.

Creativity: the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative. We as humans utilize creativity in all professions of life, whether we realize it or not. Creativity allows us the ability to perceive challenges as opportunities and we can actually improve our creativity.

When we navigate our stress in healthier ways, we are with more energy to tap into flow state, thus improving our creativity.

Rest. Every body needs rest. Rest is how our body rejuvenates after a day of movement, creativity, and stress. Do you ever wake up feeling groggy, not as rejuvenated as you wanted to?

This technique helps us to take control of navigating stress, improving body recovery after extensive movements, and improves our creativity – which results in improved rest that helps us to feel more energized as we rise for another day.

This particular phase in our lives is quite unique, as many of us are choosing to explore other natural techniques to self-heal while we self-isolate and physically distance. We are more aware of how disease affects our bodies and we are choosing to be proactive about this – simply through consciously breathing.

This particular breathing technique is a natural anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is defined as a vital part of the immune system’s response to injury and infection.

There was actually a scientific study conducted in December 2019 involving patients with axial spondyloarthritis, a chronic inflammatory condition, and utilizing this breathing technique, along with meditation and exposure to cold, enabled the patients to voluntarily modulate their innate immune system.

To learn more about the science behind the Wim Hof method, you can click here.

Ahhh, breath. A concept that all of us naturally do, and now we know how this breathing method helps us to heal in various ways; We’ve chosen to list a few benefits here and the list goes on!

Practice this method for yourself and let us know in the comments how you personally benefit from this technique! We are grateful for techniques like this to help facilitate self-healing, as we collectively heal.

If you’d like to explore more ways we’ve been healing individually and collectively since being in quarantine, check out our recent quarantine live streams.

The Future of Community & Alternative Financial Systems

In the uncertainty of today’s climate there is a lot of fear when projecting into the future. The veil of our current economic climate which was founded in the Industrial Revolution is dropping and many people are standing in the middle of uncertainty wondering WTF just happened and where to look next.

There are many groups that have been predicting this moment in time, and consider that we are moving into the next revolution of humanity. In our recorded history, we have already witnessed two major phase shifts.

First, the Agricultural Revolution resulting in writing, mathematics, and the birth of ‘civilization’. Next, we had the Industrial Revolution where science and technology led us into a new state of existence on our planet. At some point on this journey, science and technological innovation splintered off from spirituality and humans disconnected from nature itself to the point that the new geological phase, or epoch, on our planet is considered to be Anthropocene. The first conscious altering of the planet’s geological state that we know of.

It’s now time for us to own up to this knowing and to make conscious action toward healing our relationship with the planet we call home before it becomes an inhospitable place for humans to live.

Now we have a moment to consider some key concepts of our time, and consider new ways that we can come together, reforming community structures and at the same time restructuring the way we deal with economy in a healthier way, a regenerative way.

Alternative Financial Systems, Community & The Future

The Anthropocene

It has been considered that the earth has shifted into a new epoc, where we have moved from 12,000 years of the Holocene epoch since the Ice Age. Now we are in the age of humans. The rise of fossils fuels as an energy source. The Industrialization of agriculture. The urbanization of more than half the world’s population. Altered the landscape, climate, plants & animals, lifestyle of humans species as a whole. Throughout history, there have always been shifts in climate and extinction of species, but what makes this different is that everything is being driven by one species alone, and that we have the ability to be conscious of what we are doing. We’re the first species that’s become a planet-scale influence and is aware of that reality. That’s what distinguishes us.

Prof Chris Rapley, a climate scientist at University College London and former director of the Science Museum in London said: “The Anthropocene marks a new period in which our collective activities dominate the planetary machinery… Since the planet is our life support system – we are essentially the crew of a largish spaceship – interference with its functioning at this level and on this scale is highly significant. If you or I were crew on a smaller spacecraft, it would be unthinkable to interfere with the systems that provide us with air, water, fodder and climate control. But the shift into the Anthropocene tells us that we are playing with fire, a potentially reckless mode of behavior which we are likely to come to regret unless we get a grip on the situation.”

The collective karma of our actions is presently rising. We are experiencing large scale global events. The fires burning through the Amazon, Africa & Australia. Political crisis. Health pandemics. The effects are going to become louder and louder until we all hold each other accountable to wake up to our own consciousness in this environment. Our future lies in living in an awakened state, acknowledging our current predicament and looking to regenerative models to ensure a stable climate for our species to continue survival on this planet.

The Regenerative Renaissance

Regeneration is a design principle that works to ensure that all inputs and outputs, upstream and downstream, people and planet, are conducive to the health of the whole system. It is thought that we are shifting from an Agricultural, to Industrial to Regenerative Renaissance. This is a natural transition that homo sapiens are waking up to as a suitable response to the overall destruction of our environment caused by the start of the Antropocene epoch.

What is Regeneration? In biology, regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth that makes genomes, cells, organisms, and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage. Every species is capable of regeneration, from bacteria to humans.

Blockchain Technology (Cryptocurrency)

How can we use regenerative systems to inform our response to our current global climate? Blockchain is one technology that is considered to be conducive of regeneration. It gives us a chance to crowdsource the future.
In the words of Daniel Christian Whal

, author of Designing Regenerative Cultures, “A regenerative human culture is healthy, resilient and adaptable; it cares for the planet and it cares for life in the awareness that this is the most effective way to create a thriving future for all of humanity.”

Blockchain has several features that go hand-in-hand with regenerative models. At once, it allows us to reevaluate how we determine ‘value’. Blockchain frees us from the constraints of fiat currencies. We can now redefine value in whichever way we choose, as well as the infrastructure to exchange the agreed value. So, to regenerate the planet, we may assign economic value to natural capital such as the sun, trees, wind, soils, and more, that produce energy, clean air, water, and food. The inherent value of our environment is obvious if you’re looking at it through conscious eyes. We have been labelling environmental impact an “externalized cost” of doing business and excluded its profound value from company balance sheets. Blockchain technology allows for us to base our value on regenerative resources and to come back to the fact that nature is intrinsically regenerative!

One of the core values of blockchain is that it is building an infrastructure for trust. This is achieved because different actors on the network have access to the data which makes it almost impossible to manipulate or cheat the system When every stakeholder on the blockchain-based peer-to-peer network has their own copy of the data and their own copy of the rules (i.e., smart contracts) by which the state of the data may be affected, everyone can feel assured that there is no opportunity for improper manipulation of the system by rogue system administrators or hackers.


Decentralization is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group. It plays a significant role in the solution. For example, climate change and environmental degradation are international opportunities that haven’t been solved by the international community. Blockchain allows people to make ecological agreements human-to-human and bypass politics and bureaucracy. Farmers, ranchers, distributers, brands, and organizations that care about regeneration should be able to collaborate directly and blockchain allows this to happen.

Decentralization is actually nothing new for homo sapiens. It first began with the social organization of ancient human societies. They lived together in small Neolithic decentralized communities of less than 100 people where everyone was accountable for one another. Small populations simply made management easier. Such small communities could easily trust one another and the close relationships maintained by individuals made it hard for any of the group to get away with bad or selfish behavior.

It was the rise of the Agrarian revolution, where agriculture rose and created scarcity that we saw the structures of centralized governance emerge.

In that sense, we are coming back to our roots on how to structure the way in which we live together.

The Quantum Civilization

A world where we focus on finding a holistic and integrative way to interweave these multiple dimensions in a non-discriminative and non-segmented manner. To move from a non-linear way of thinking & education system, where we cater for multi dimensional thinking.

The aims to provide a multi-perspectival, trans-traditional and integral approach to today’s issues, an approach which will lay the foundation to the Quantum Education System. They aim to put an end to hyper-segmentation, dis-identification and the indulgence of corruption by actively engaging those interested in the latest models of education and research, models defined by their trans-disciplinary approach. For the first time in known history, there is an opportunity of unifying the two main aspects of this world: The Modern – the scientific, which masters the exterior, the matter, the objective (the structures of consciousness) and the Ancient – the mystical, which masters the interior, the spirit, the subjective (the states of consciousness).

What alternative financial systems are you exploring in the context of community, or in your daily life? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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Cover photo by Misty Moss. Check out her full album from the first few weeks of our 2020 Nicaragua artist residency here on Facebook.