Black Lives Matter | Spoken Word by Hart Floe Poet


Black Lives Matter

Momentom Collective’s resident poet Nial Mosharrafa aka Hart Floe Poet shares his words and thoughts on the current protests and issues arising within society today.


Black Lives Matter.
Of course black lives matter
It’s a matter of fact
For FUCK sake!
Can’t you see?
We are one universal family
We’ve allowed ourselves to be separated
Divided by borders
And walls
Both physical and illusory
The truth of all life is unity
It’s time to no longer tolerate anything other than a global community
Police brutality against innocent parties should amongst be the highest of all crimes
Failure to recognize your connection to the life force that you’re suffocating as your staring into their crying, dying eyes
And now with the wonders of modern technology
Nobody can claim to be blind
So its no surprise the world has finally woken up
Spoken up and taken the next step towards abolishing racism in it’s entirety once and for all
Ripping down those walls
Hearing the call of the Universe beckoning us towards peace
Reminding the world that the one is the all
It’s really is so simple to see
That we are all one human family
We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have enemies
But our only enemies are those that seek to control our minds through putting us at war with each other
By spinning a story that’s blinded us from recognising one another as sisters and brothers
But it’s too late
Humans are discovering the truth of it all
That unity of humanity and the creation of peace on Earth is possible
And when we come together as one unit they are probable
The wave is unstoppable
Preventing it is impossible
The tsunami of love and compassion that is washing over the hearts of humanity cannot be held back
We are totally on track
With each new apparent disaster its power and magnitude grows to more and more epic proportions
Distorting everything that we were told was true
And when this wave reaches the shores of humanities heart – it will wipe out all the old paradigms that have kept us bound
Paving the way for new ground
Saving the day from destruction and doom
Making room for new growth to come through
We know what to do
It’s the simplest truth
We Are All One
You and me and I am You.
This is our chance to finally break through


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